Maan was shattered and tried to control, he immediately called up his Insurance Clients and briefed him over the issueDead, the line then got connected to the Personnels involving licensed partnership, the clients involved for Doctors under their care , Maan with full hatred narrated the incident once over again, Lilly was driving silently listening to all the versions what Maan spokeDead! Finally it was the man on the other line who spoke!Angry




      Dr.Maan , there is no situation to worry, we have handled hundreds of cases of medical negligence and as our colleague we would see to that you come out free from this case but for that you need to first learn to control your temperLOL , n yes make some changes as how we direct you to. He silently nodded his headSleepy…So first we start, have you discussed this incident with anyone, I mean after you got the court notice Sleepy, Maan spoke to my Nurse LillyShocked ,n he continued did u speak anything , yes I spoke I vented out my angerWink! The man on the other line smiled ,Dr I told you to control over your angerEmbarrassed, Maan interrupted you told me now Roger, not wen I got the noticeROFL! The man smiled again, This man is going to screw him, it would turn out to be a tough case indeed.




       Roger spoke again, I want you to not discuss the issue with anyone except family members in case u have any.Maan said ok, I have a sister who lives nearby and I dnt want to include her so forget it, ll manage by myselfAngry! By this time they reached Lilly’s home he signaled her to get down he’s got work and is driving outWink, Lilly looked upset and went off storming inside! Roger next suggested in fact ordered maan to close his apartment n shift to his sister’s place! Maan highly objectedShocked! He could never agree, he couldtn stand Vikram.. How could he stay at their place, Roger explained to him that the Court trial would be extremely bothering and he would need assistance later so it was best he stayed with them, also this way he could keep away from his nurseAngry , Roger spoke Good Drs don’t affair with their nursesROFL, it would stand a huge point in the Court so plz rethink before u go against shifting! Man damm it, that guy had a pointAngry, Maan half heartedly agreed! Roger gave him a set of rules to follow all which was so unlike Maan but he had to as he was left with no choices!!!Angry






        He drove home with his lost thoughts, there were buzzing in his head to spun out anytime, Damm it this lady he thought, Neither she let him at peace when she was alive n neither now when she’s deadBroken Heart! He packed all his essential belongings, and left to Anni’s place!Angry





The days at clinic were getting hectic, Maan couldn’t couldn’t concentrate on the patients any lonerCry,  all the patients appeared potential criminals who might go to court against him, this case had taken a toll over him. He started growing in a nut shell, avoided meetings unless otherwise needed, avoided social gatherings, n slowly had cut off from all his acquaintances and friends too, this case was eating him inside out!Unhappy





              2 months had passed by without any positive outlook of life from his sideD'oh, he as usual started his day at Handa’s , his sister Anni would try all means to keep him happy but nothing worked  , sometimes Pinky would be the only source of his smile, the 12 year old girl with her fatso size was the only person who could make him forget his problems and be back to normalDay Dreaming. Things were taking violent turn his life.Dead




PRECAP :Embarrassed Maaneet Meeting!!!!Embarrassed

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  1. This peter has made Maan’s life hell..
    Hehehe…Thank god tht Roger suggested Maan to stay away from lily…

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