PART 11 :




              It was late at evening when she winded her work to go back home, the weather seemed stormy, the colleagues had started leaving one by one, n geet too thought of leaving early as she had stayed late last night for today’s presentation, as she walked out to  cross his cabin she saw him staring at his drawer ‘ was he really looking at her pic n planning to shout at her ? God the thought made her roll with laughter at his so thought baby antics n before she could stay longer n confront him she ran away, took a tab to her home.




             Maan had been searching for the logo in his drawers when his eyes fell upon the file, it was a sacred file for him, he shivered to turn papers o read them again n again , god knows how many times he had read those contents trying to live the mistake he had done 4 years ago, why had he to give consent to Sam, was the situation so important that he had to let go off his principles or was he so madly in love with her that he nodded to all her useless demands ? no definitely not, may be his love for his family his dadima was much more which made him commit this. Had things been different tat day may be today he would be a proud father but still, the thought itself bought tears to his eyes. May be he didn’t deserve such happiness.



“If alone the stars could sparkle
Up our lives, Then we would tackle
All problems, as there’ll be a solution at night
Even still in those surpassed heights.

If alone waves can wash away
All our problems, we’ll be standing at bay
Those troughs and crests with it
Our problems will go down pit.

If alone roses can spread love
And not pain from thorns raising above
Everyone would gather them in plenty
As our boxes with fear are now empty.

If alone we could hold back our tears
Never let them flow in front of our nears
We all would seem to be happy for ever
Pretending things were always right ? Clever.

If alone a tree could go seedling
And revolve this earth past time speeding
We would all stand in THE GREAT COURT
With all our sins abort.. “


  – A.M.S.







            She got down one street ahead n was walking wen it started to downpour heavily,

It’s raining at odd times!!! A sudden prang hurt her heart, she loved the rains once upon a time, her thoughts lingered ‘ the sky can’t see my sadness, tears betrayed me long ago they don’t take refuge under my lashes, so the clouds pitied me n shedding drops to console n make me smile, but they don’t know, smiles betrayed me much before than tears did !!!!’ Tears made way down her pink cheeks n no one could make out, or there was no one who would read the pain in her eyes, she had forgotten to smile long back, or probably she did it just for her daughter, she couldn’t deny her princess anything.





            She walked into her home fully drenched, her thoughts drifting to the days , wen a single drop of rain tat would dare cover her would face the wrath of her family, her mom dad sisters surrounding to cater to her needs lest she catch cold, she was the apple of their eyes, those golden days of her life wen she never bothered to care about herself cos there was the entire army for her, but life changes topsy turvy. All her dreams shattered n out f sight..


“Surrounding shelter searched my eyes
Refuge was quest in my sight.
Why only colours appear in my eyes?
Reflection is always lost out of sight.
Why peace is the answer to my eyes?
Yet smile of satisfaction is hard sight.
Why love speaks the language of eyes?
Yet only broken hearts are my sight.
Why truth is the sparkle in my eyes?
Yet treacherous way is the heading sight.
Why then just white appear to my eyes?
And the rainbow lost out of sight.
Why negligence is the answer in my eyes?
And freedom of life a hard sight.
Why tears are the pearls of my eyes?
And lovelorn are my sight.
Why fear is hidden in my eyes?
And murking thoughts heading sight.
Why then the vision of my eyes?
Is diploped? Is blurred so dull a sight
Why then the vision of my eyes
Can’t see above the sorrow’s heart’s sight
Is it just because my heart guides the eyes?
And censors those interrupted sights?”



–  A.M.S.


PRECAP : Paris with Sam n Mumbai with Geet! Bechara Maan 😛


n haan someone asked me where i stole the poems am posting!!
guys so far have given out 2 poems in Love Vs Ego n now 2 more here…. all are my own creations 🙂 
AMS is my my name ka short form!!!!! 
Thanks for ur support! 
But i see all readers gone off 
No one reading 
I would like to first time put a condition though am scared *Puppy faces*
I have written 10 parts of DHS n 15 parts of Jab we met!
Next update will come only if likes cross 175!!!!!! n yes i will give double updatesss… pakka promise!!!
plus add urself into this group, to get all linksss…

16 thoughts on “JAB WE MET – PART 11 – TWO LONELY HEARTS –

  1. I do not even know how I ended up right here, but I assumed this publish was great. I don’t recognise who you are but certainly you are going to a well-known blogger in the event you are not already. Cheers!

  2. Hmmm geet leaving early 🙂 cos she was late last night for her hehehe revenge :p she saw maan staring at the drawer hehe she thought he is staring at her pic for his outburst lol :p geet n her wierd thoughts :p oh maan searching logo files but found something else? What was in that file which made him so much regretful 😦 what was his mistake 😦 did he even love sam or was that just for sake of daadi 😦 poor maan 😦 hmmm geet feeling lonely and deserted 😦 she is so heart broken 😦 what was the mistake she did that her family left her if not for her Maahi then she would have already broken down poor geet 😦 hope her misery ends soon 🙂

    • yep leaving early!!!


      staring at pic pagal ladki…

      yep he found something else

      that file has some apst

      just for sake of daadi dear!!! how many times me bolling 😛

      her mistake well there is none!!!

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