Thankas for all the love n support!!!! Have started penning down a new FF with lot of interst, the idea had long kept me captivaitng , and now gave form to it, i see my readers are not interested in reading so thought will pen down n keep when ever i have time, once i get to know from u ppl that u want to read it then ll start posting! I know ve been away for 2 months but am i not showering with updates daily 😛 Believe me my life is not easy, n still i come here to relive maaneet! aage u ppl decide… the new story is about how maan falls for geet, who is from a differnt religion, circumstances get them married (god my first story where maaneet are getting married so sooon hayeee) but then the barrier of religion is what they get crumpled too at all times, its a differnt style of writing n if u wnat to read do tell me for that i need to see 175 likes at my future updates n the ni start posting the new FF! love ya …

PART 12 :







            She cuddled around her baby for comfort, Maahi spoke, when will pappa come maamaDead� A dagger hit her heart, she turned away still caressing her baby I told u na beta, he’ll come on your 4th Bday� u know na pappa wont get visa to come to India, pappa misses u so much believe me! But mamma y then pappa never speaks to meAngry, tears flowed down from her eyesCry, she spoke with great difficulty, Maahi its night for pappa wen its day for us, so its difficult n wen pappa calls u are asleepCry, Mamma next time plzz wake me upAngry, she couldn’t speak furtherCry, Maahi got up and came over the other side to see Geet’s eyes tight shut, oh Mamma has slept Tongue??? She took the cordless and holded it to her ears and dozed off expecting to hear her pappa in her sleepCry. Geet kept wondering how long would she lie, she couldn’t see her princess carve for a fatherly love she then decided to break the news to her that her pappa was no more , and thought would brush up with some incident very soon to avoid the endless lies she confronts dailyDead. She would put an ened to it once and for all.Dead





          A week almost passed in a blink, Geet was very much engrossed with her work, her first project and she gave her 200% into everythingLOL, never gave a chance for maan to Qn her or stop her at her works, she never bothered to take his decisisons she did what was right and all her works proved itEmbarrassed.. Meanwhile Sam had succeeded in convincing Maan for the Paris Fair!Angry




         The day had arrived and they checked out at Charles De Gaulle Airport, it was a busy affair, they peacefully drove to Hotel Lutetia, It was late night and they had their dinner and slept waiting for the next bright dayEmbarrassed, alas he never saw any bright day in his life atleast on the personal front.Angry Next few days he stayed locked up in his luxury fidgeting with his assignments and other projects, he didn’t have to attend any meeting here so was trying to work for KM from Paris, he had to just accompany Sam for the sake of dadiAngry.. How many commitments he had in life for her sake, her one word and he wouldn’t deny be it against his principles he always succumb under her pressure. He was working that night wen he got a call from Mumbai Branch of KMEmbarrassed, they had few deals to sign, he gave the consent and agreed to drop in there in his return from Paris, he called up Geet and informed about the deal which was the next step of NxtG and ordered her to take flights for a two day business trip to MumbaiEmbarrassed, she wanted to resent but knew it was futile, the project ahead demanded her presence, she unwillingly gave her nod and cut the call, she made arrangements for Maahi and with help of Adi booked for her stay at Mumbai.Embarrassed




            It was not the issue of Maahi itself, she dreaded to step her foot to the place which bore her destructionAngry. She had vowed to never return to that landDead , she had decided come what may she wouldn’t go back to the place she had spent her days of freedom which proved utterly fatal for her but then again she wasn’t at fault, was sheAngry???




          She landed at Mumbai airport and the cab took her to Khurana Hotels, she entered in and kept telling herself, that it was just a business trip and not to worry much, but the past started to haunt herAngry, her thoughts drifted she locked herself in her room and didn’t appear till late eveningCry, her fears lead to shivering and fever had gripped her bodyCry. She was burning hot with fear and fever.Cry



PRECAP : MaanEet at HospitaEmbarrassedl! The Earth slips away for the Dr incharge � was the lady Geet with Maan Embarrassed??? He trembled with fear!Dead


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12 thoughts on “JAB WE MET – PART 12 – TRYST WITH DESTINY –

  1. Ur new ff,seems very different nd interestng,will love to see maaneet in such love story,a thumbs up frm me 😀 hope u get good response 🙂

  2. Felt really sad for maahi.. :(precappp.. 😮 waiting 4 da next part..
    The concept of ur new ff is fab..would love to read that..best of luck.. 🙂

  3. Awww..Maahi is craving to hear even a single word of love frm her father..it actually brought tears to my eyes..
    Hope Maahi’s sufferings will end soon…

  4. Awesome update awww my heart goes out to poor Maahi she is craving so much for her father 😦 geet lying to her 😦 Oh emm gee geet decided to tell maahi abt her dad 😦 😦 hmm geet so busy and sam grr :@ convinced maan for paris :@ :@ oh oh meeting again in mumbai 😉 but oh mumbai her past which she dreaded omg poor geet got fever all due to the stress and fear of her haunting past oh no 😦

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