Thankas for all the love n support!!!! Have started penning down a new FF with lot of interst, the idea had long kept me captivaitng , and now gave form to it, i see my readers are not interested in reading so thought will pen down n keep when ever i have time, once i get to know from u ppl that u want to read it then ll start posting! I know ve been away for 2 months but am i not showering with updates daily 😛 Believe me my life is not easy, n still i come here to relive maaneet! aage u ppl decide… the new story is about how maan falls for geet, who is from a differnt religion, circumstances get them married (god my first story where maaneet are getting married so sooon hayeee) but then the barrier of religion is what they get crumpled too at all times, its a differnt style of writing n if u wnat to read do tell me for that i need to see 175 likes at my future updates n the ni start posting the new FF! love ya …







                Morning turned to evening , her fever had gripped more and her weakened body to an extent that she now lied unconscious in her roomDead, the house keeping was worried tat their customer hadn’t turned out for lunch and neither dinner. Maan’s flight landed and he made way from Shivaji Terminal, and spoke to Sam to take the transit en route to Delhi, her tickets were ready and she leftEmbarrassed. Maan went back to Khurana Hotels and dialled Geet to see her and discuss the presentation for upcoming day but no reponseSleepy. He enquired about her where abouts to find out that she hadn’t stepped out of her room, he finally went to knock out only to find her non responding, getting the keys from the manager he barged into the room to see her sleep peacefully.Cry





                The sight in front of him split him, he was anger beyond wonders, how  could she not take her callAngry, he wanted to literally blast at her , the manager left them n went out, he went close by her to wake her up, but she lay still, the motionless body gave him shiversOuch, he hesistatingly touched her hands to feel them hawtROFL, he checked her forehead and was shocked she was throbbing with feverAngry, may be 103 or something, he immediately realized she had fainted out of the fever, he panicked called up Hope, The Branch of Khurana’s and informed them about her, they suggested tat she may need IV infusion and recommended she be hospitalizedShocked, Maan carried her to his car and drove to the hospital.Ouch





             It was 9 when he reached there and they took her admission, the MD Dr Aditya Kashyap, came over to meet Maan, and was told about he being with a lady, thought of what had happened to SameeraAngry, he went over to the VVIP room to see Maan seated and went over to the patient to check on when he suffered a Heart AttackEmbarrassed, Geet he whispered not audible to himself. He almost lost balance wen Maan walked over to ask Dr what has happened to herEmbarrassed, words failed his tongue, he looked at the duty Dr, who told that they have taken blood samples and would get report now, they told it might just be a normal viral fever and she would be fine in couple of daysLOL, Aditya nodded his head and gave a weak smile, he made an excuse to run to his room and dialed Sam only to find her mob out of reach, he tried numerous times frustrated…Cry





           He finally sat down waiting for Sam to call back when he remembered the last time he had an encounter with Geet!Wink



G: Dr, I have been told to meet you and I need an explanation.Angry

A: Ms.Handa we owe u none.Dead

G: oh Really, am Pregnant and you owe me nothing ?Angry

A; Mam we cant help much our hands are tied.Dead

G: To hell with you, I have the every damn right to know whose child am carrying.Angry

A: Mam we would like to offer you something, u aren’t married and definitely cant give birth to this child, we offer you free lifetime treatment at any hospitals’ of Khurana, we would plan a safe Medical Termination of your fetus now and would take complete are of your health, you need not pay us anything, we are extremely sorry for what ever has happened, and we are not at faultAngry , I hope u understand tat Ms.Handa. There was a mistake and we can rectify tat, we suggest you get admitted now itself, lets not delay this abortion.Dead

G: shot him an angry glare, I want to know who the father is ?Angry

A:  this kid was not planned and neither u are married , so ther is no qn of Father Mother, it’s a mistake understand that,Ouch

G : Who is He ?Angry

A : Mam we cant disclose.Dead

G : What is His name ?Angry

A: Mam those things dnt matter ….Cry

G : am going to sue your Hospital if u dnt divulge his name.Angry

A : Mam plz dnt over react, go back home and take rest, u are now vulnerable and not in the process of thinking right, please go back home, thik over it, and come tomorrow we shall discuss this out.Shocked

G : will u tell me his name ?Angry

A : Am sorry , Never.Dead




She walked out . He dialed Sam and told her the entire story, sam shouted on the other line, take what u want , Maan’s name shall not come naywhere, even if she sues the hospital ll take care, we can force an abortion she cant prove or find out who it isLOL. And thanks Aditya, do let me know when she visits tomorrow.Wink



          God he was shaking nowAngry, she didn’t return after that dayCry, one month he didn’t sleep, was waiting for her to come and what not nightmares he hadAngry, off all the threatenings he got from Sam and what not, but Geet seemed to disappear into thin air, they had searched her everywhere, all her details were investigated, she hadn’t gone home, her hostel had been vacated, the length n breadth of Mumbai was searchedOuch . after 3 months they had concluded may be she committed suicide after knowing about the pregnancy…Angry



Precap : little more truth coming out!!!! Broken Heart

Yes will clear little more doubts in next part!!! LOL
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16 thoughts on “JAB WE MET – PART 13 – BLAST FROM PAST –

  1. Oh!poor geet…she hs fever [:(]

    Meine pehle din hi kaha ki mahi is Maan’s daughter bt Mali u wer like i told u na she is Geet’s!!!! [:P] lolzzz..ab mahi kiski h….Maaneet ki [:P] !!!!

  2. Yeeeeeeee…So Maahi Maan aur Geet ki hi daughter hai..i knew it..
    Geet was burning due to fever…thank god Maan came on right time…

  3. Awwhh my poor geet was sufferring so much due to fever 😦 and here maan calling her with no response 😦 glad sam left :p no disturbance 😉 omg maan so angry to find her sleeping :@ but glad b4 blasting he found she had fever 🙂 poor geet 😦 glad maan took her to hospi 😀 but omg the doc why shocked :@ past 😮 the doc didnt disclose who was the father oh no 😦 grr sam said not to :@ poor geet 😦 so she left since then 😦 hehehe sam didnt receive the doc call :p and so maahi is maaneet’s daughter 😀

    • hayeee geeet


      yep he got angery…

      how can he blast her he knows na how she will reciprocate!!!

      doc shocked past coming up!!!!

      maahi is maaneets


  4. Hi there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after browsing through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Anyways, I’m definitely glad I found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back often!

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