Thankas for all the love n support!!!! Have started penning down a new FF with lot of interst, the idea had long kept me captivaitng , and now gave form to it, i see my readers are not interested in reading so thought will pen down n keep when ever i have time, once i get to know from u ppl that u want to read it then ll start posting! I know ve been away for 2 months but am i not showering with updates daily 😛 Believe me my life is not easy, n still i come here to relive maaneet! aage u ppl decide… the new story is about how maan falls for geet, who is from a differnt religion, circumstances get them married (god my first story where maaneet are getting married so sooon hayeee) but then the barrier of religion is what they get crumpled too at all times, its a differnt style of writing n if u wnat to read do tell me for that i need to see 175 likes at my future updates n the ni start posting the new FF! love ya …

PART 14 :





  He dialed Sam again but to his bad luck it was out of reachAngry… He was panic striken, he walked back to her VVIP room, and saw Maan walking up tensed up n down, Aditya came over and spoke. Maan I suggest you take her back to the Hotel, Maan gave a deathly glareAngry, he spoke, Maan I know Geet, she did her graduation from here and she’s an old patient of ours, she a phobiac and dreads hospitals, am afraid to say that the moment she sees herself here it’ll become difficult to manage her, so take her backDead. She is doing perfectly fine and ll send the reports to you, and will prescribe some medicines that will do,  proper rest is that she would require, Maan simply nodded.Evil Smile




              Arrangements were made and they shifted Geet back to the Hotels, this time Maan resented and carried her to his Luxury room, lay her on bed and ordered the servants to get her luggage here, he saw to that some of the lady attendants changed her and sat at the corner of the bed, his thoughts troubling him..Angry After so many hears how can Aditya recognize his old patient, what would have been a striking illness that he couldn’t forget the patientDead. His thoughts lingered and he didn’t know when he dozed off on the bed near her footside.Cry





             She walked like a maniac to her hostel, tears spilling all over her faceCry, she was out of reach to anyone’s words or deeds, she strode to her room locked herself and cried for hours unknown when she had slept, she got up to the bright sun but the brightness of her life had already evaded awayCry. She then realized the gravity of her situation, she was pregnantDead, she was virginCry, she was unmarriedAngry how could she explain this to her parents. After deep thoughts her hands shivering she called home, her mother’s cheerful voice stabbed herCry, How r u Geet Beta, itni savere savere kya hua… sab teek hai na… Words failed to reach her tongue she stood mumAngry, Geet What happened sab theek hai na…. Tere reports sab normal hai na… Dr ne kya bolaOuch… She was in a fix, Dr didn’t say anything momCry, Her mom didn’t understand.. Geet kya??? Dr is not telling anythingCry, he ‘s not telling the name… Her mom lost it nearly, she couldn’t understand anything.. She tried to calm her daughter as she could feel her crying, Mom got tensed and was worried as what had happened she made a mental note of telling Mohinder to get the next flights to Mumbai and check for themselves what happened to their princessCry. After what seemed eternity she spoke, Mom am Pregnant.LOL





            The dagger would have been a smooth hit, but the words that escaped her mouth where no less than a life taking bullet, she shiveredCry , Geet spoke again, Mom its not my fault, I didn’t do anything am as pure as u sent me hereCry, believe me mom I didn’t do anything wrong, but nothing registered in Rano’s head, she spoke again Mom Hospital made a mistake, that instant Rano sprang to life, Hospital made a mistakeAngry? Was her baby manhandled ? Geet spoke no Mom its not what you think, I was not tarnished in any ways, it all happened 2 months back, remember ma I used to get infrequent Periods, I had gone to check up and they advised for some tests, I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, I didn’t tell you to scare you out, I was taking my tab normally but had been for check up every 15  daysCry, once they told I had to undergo some Biopsy tests, I agreed , that time they did a mistake, he r voice was shaking now, they mistook me for some other patient and carried out artificial inseminationCry , Mom I had become pregnant then but I didn’t know, I kept taking my tab regularly and still I went to collect my reports when I found out this truth, Rano was shivering, she now saw a plan, she spoke silently, Geet ll come to Mumbai telling am missing u, no one will know anything, once am there we’ll get an appointment done and get ur abortionShocked, no one will know anything. Geet shuddered to hear what her mom spoke, she silently nodded for a no, Rano was sure she would convince her once she was there, and took promise from Geet not to speak about this to anyoneCry, Geet just yelled no mom, am not doing this, no, Rano knew she’ll convince her and cut the call, her yelling got louder and louder when Maan got up and shook her out from her nightmare, she was no where to responding, he shook her again only to hear her yell, no mom no ll not do thisCry, please mom understandCry, am not going to do thisCry. He didn’t understand this but knew she was living a nightmare, he unfilled the jug over her legs, to realize her out of the nightmare, with the sudden cold contact she immediately jerked out from her sleep, and hugged him tightHug.. No please no.. don’t do this to me… am not wrong.. please….Cry



PRECAP : Panic stricken Geet n Sam! 

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20 thoughts on “JAB WE MET – PART 14 – THE HAUNTING PAST –

  1. Awesum update dear. The reason fr Geet illness is sumthing new…a different angle dear,feel sry fr her. Hope Maan understands that. Waiting fr the next update Mali!hurry cos I want to kno Maan’s reaction

  2. Awesome update..yesssss Maahi is Maaneet’s daughter.. 😎 these pics add even more life to da story..gud attempt Mali.. 🙂

  3. Oh god toh uss kamini sameera ne apne faayde ke liye Geet ka istemaal kiya…
    Poor Geet..had to go thru so much without any mistake of her..

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