Thankas for all the love n support!!!! Have started penning down a new FF with lot of interstLOL, the idea had long kept me captivaitng , and now gave form to it, ! I know ve been away for 2 months but am i not showering with updates daily 😛 Believe me my life is not easy, n still i come here to relive maaneet! aage u ppl decide… ll be starting the FF on APRIL 5th, our 3 rd anniv day! it will be entitled THE BARRIER – MY VEIL!!! the new story is about how maan falls for geetEmbarrassed, who is from a differnt religionDead, circumstances get them married (god my first story where maaneet are getting married so sooon hayeee) but then the barrier of religion is what they get crumpled too at all timesCry, its a differnt style of writing n if u wnat to read do tell me for that i need to see 175 likes at my future updates n the ni start posting the new FF! love ya …

PART 8 :



             Mr. Rafal spoke again, Dr has breached his duty, the primary element of Medical Negligence could stand if we could ask him to witness himselfAngry, Maan walk over and stood at the Witness box, He was handed over the Bible to Sworn that he would speak nothing but plain truth, so Dr. Maan do u agree that you were the authorized Dr of Mrs.Patricia, Maan nodded for a yes, Yes my Honour I was taking care of Mrs. Patricia for last 1 year.Tongue


          Mr.Rafal spoke Honourable Judge Dr Maan owned a duty : A duty was owed: a legal duty where he was supposed to take care of his patient and he admits to them., The papers which told that Maan was her Physician, who was legally responsible to take care of her health, were submitted in the court, the Judge took those papers and started to scan them and kept aside for further study.Smile


          The Judge spoke, the Court is adjourned today, The First Element of Medical Negligence Trial against Dr Maan is taken to notice, where the Dr himself has accepted of being a Legal care taker for her and would henceforth fight his case to prove himself either guilty or innocentCry. The court shall meet tomorrow with further details to this trial. Both the parties can leave.Embarrassed


         Maan got down and left , Anni went up to him without knowing what to talk, Maan was silent all through the travel, they dropped at a nearby Restaurant for Lunch , ordered food , Anni dialed Geet, Geet where are you, the proceedings are over for today Embarrassed, I can join you if u want or u better get back home we shall shop together at eveningEmbarrassed, Maan was fumbling with angerAngry, here his life was at sake and this people get to discuss about shopping, he couldn’t control his anger and walked outAngry, poor Anni cut the call, paid the bills and ran behind him and drove back home. Maan was all the way silent but then who cares, it was his life and probably he thought he shouldn’t be expecting anything from others, staying at hteir place by itself was too muchCry… He couldn’t concentrate now to go back to clinic atleast he thought till the trial is over he’ll take official leave, but he needed to confirm with Roger for that.Angry






     They reached home, and he went up to his room dialed Roger, Roger I want o ask something, I was wondering if I could take casual leave for few days, Roger started his monotonous dialogueLOL, Maan literally hit his head for calling up, look Dr, u cant be taking such decisions , u know what u just cant take leave when ever you decide, ll tell ya later he cut the call telling he had to attend some case now.Cry


    Get went into his room trying to speak something, Anni had told her about his foul mood she couldn’t help but thought would lessen his burdened by a small talkROFL, the moment she entered she stood still, the most magnificient site awaited her visionEmbarrassed, Maan had just walked out from his shower bare chested half nudeROFL, she was hyper ventilating alreadyROFL, small drops made their escape from his wet hairsDay Dreaming, she gaped at them as some Niagara Falls Party, Gawd the scene was even more beautiful! Dancing




                She just stood still lost track of time , place and position, he turned over feeling uneasy to see her knotting her dupattaAngry, a usual scene for his eyes, he walked closer to her and she felt her heart jump out from her ribcageLOL. Geet…… ummm Maan she was moaning his nameROFL, he barked at her GET OUTAngry!!! She stared at his face, oh I wohLOL…. She was stammering, Geet pls dnt make things difficultAngry , I want peace pleas go carry on with your so important shopping dnt disturb me hereOuch. It hit her hard, ok so he wasn’t shouting at her for staring at his nude form but shouting at her for indulging in some backwaas shoppongROFL, she immediately smiledEmbarrassed! She knew what to do nowWink! Tomorrow she would surprise him , yep it would be a new hope !Wink


PRECAP : DAY 2 : The Witness 😛Angry


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12 thoughts on “DARK HIDDEN SECRETS – PART 8 –

  1. Nice update,lovd d maaneet scene,n now wht suprise wud geet give to maan?? 😉 i think i can guess it,bt lets see.. 🙂

  2. n waitng fr ur new ff,quite unique name.will nt b online at dat month due to exams bt aftrwrds wil read it fr sure 🙂

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