LVE – PART 35 –


Thankas for all the love n support!!!! Have started penning down a new FF with lot of interstLOL, the idea had long kept me captivaitng , and now gave form to it, ! I know ve been away for 2 months but am i not showering with updates daily 😛 Believe me my life is not easy, n still i come here to relive maaneet! aage u ppl decide… ll be starting the FF on APRIL 5th, our 3 rd anniv day! it will be entitled THE BARRIER – MY VEIL!!! the new story is about how maan falls for geetEmbarrassed, who is from a differnt religionDead, circumstances get them married (god my first story where maaneet are getting married so sooon hayeee) but then the barrier of religion is what they get crumpled too at all timesCry, its a differnt style of writing n if u wnat to read do tell me for that i need to see 175 likes at my future updates n the ni start posting the new FF! love ya …

PART 35 :



               It was Pari’s 3 rd Bday, The Rathore Mansion was all very excited, the day was auspicious in many ways, Mohinder had signed few Foreign DelasLOL, Khurana’s where going abroad to set up business thereWink, the kids where as usual pulling each others legs, 3 years and nthing had changed in between the families nor the kids, late night Geet Anni calls were on full swing to be only stalked by MaanROFL, Dev was as usual going deep into his studies LOL, Rano and Beena where making sweets when Geet stormed out of no where little drops of water threatening to fall, Maan behind her as usual taunting her and reminding her how she felt insecure about Pari the days when she was bornWink, and what all maan had to do to make her relax, he would always keep black mailing her, she went and was about ot lock herself when he entered on time and close the door behindEmbarrassed. Geet please don’t behave like a baby, you are 12 years old stop being a kidConfused, how will you take care of my kids if you are like thisWink, there was a spark in her eyes, she smirked and turned away he caught hold of her, Maan let go, its paining, he loosened his grip, she said naaCry… not there.. Well he understood it was her PMS, he should have seen the signs previously her mood swings from 2 daysEmbarrassed, he laid her on bed and closed her eyes, Mishty sleep now ll see  to the decorations, she smiled thanks pakkaWink?? Haan baba pakka… cant I do this much also for my saaaliROFL??? Or wait cant I do this much also for my jaanEmbarrassed… he bent kissed her cheeks and before she could hit him back he ran outsie the roomWink, he dashed Anni on her way, who came into play with Geet and they started their usual talks, anni I hate it.. I know Geet me too… but we cant help na… ummm.. she hugged her and help her sleep….Embarrassed




        The summer holidays were going super fun, when nano was suddenly hospitalized one day after a sun stroke, his health deteriorated , Beena once again shifted to Rathore Mansion, taking care of the kids while Rano stayed at hospital with MummijiCry… Th e days turned week and there was no recovery, one day Geet n Maa n went over to meet nano, he used to lay on bed all dayCry.. The stroke had made his muscles weak, the moment he saw baby Geet he was very happy, Maan sta by the side of Nano… He hugged him and tried kissing him, Geet’s eyes welled with tears she couldn’t see her nano so silent and stillCry, she started talking nano, you know what I keep watering your garden dailyLOL, don’t even pluck a single flowerCry, maan kills me even if I think to do soCry, and you know what now a days we don’t even wet each other like beforeCry, we are well mannered she told all in one go, he had silent tears, he looked at maan, maan… yes nano… he kissed her … keep her smiling always, I cant see tears in her eyesEmbarrassed… its my wish and prayer to god to keep her away from all painsoflife, he silently nodded yes nano I will, I cant let my princess cry any time, don’t worryTongue. Ll take complete cae of her, little did he knew that he was making a breaking promiseCry, he would always fail to keep her happy and he would always be the sole reason for all her tears, destiny played games Angryor say they became pawns at hands of fateAngry, actually love is not the only thing in any relation. In fact its what people relate to and make mistakes…Cry




      2 months passed by, when Mohinder got the dreadful call, he was to travel to Portugal that evening, Brij had called him to inform that Nano was very critical and Drs lost all hopeCry, he immediately made arrangements to go  to HP, Rano was no where near being consoled , nor Geet , she stopped eating for how long, the sad demise of nano had put their lives at halt, Rano was out of emotions hse had become silent and had stopped responding, Mummiji was deeply upsetCry, it was Beena and Kunal who had take care of all the arrangements and then the last rites were performed, unlunkily Maan ncouldnt make it, he had fractured his legs durin the tournounment last week and was in castCry, he couldn’t even move, he kept cursing himself for his fate of not being able to perform the last rites, he was shattered in all ways, his role model his nano who had ben a pillar to him at all times, and he failed him failed for the last journeyDead


              Maan’s health started deteroitaing and he never complained, it was 3 weeks after the incident when he got another setbackAngry, he and his friends went on bike race, he was almost healed and his friends bet him to joinAngry. He couldn’t deny, as they were driving their bikes at full speed his best friend met with a crash, they were driving uphill, his bike had skidded and fell down the mounty terrians and yet again he saw his best friend lose his life in front of himAngry. Probably it was the End for his friend, but it was the beginning of the end for his mental traumaAngry, at such a tender age of 13 he witnessed 2 shocks of incomaparable situation and fate changed their life after this,Angry



PRECAP : EmbarrassedMaanEet studying for BoardsEmbarrassed !!Embarrassed studies walla loveEmbarrassed! The end of the love story poisoned with ego…Cry

Guys am sorrieee… i know am pretty late in giving this updae, but believe me i was in fix what to write in this FF, i had loads of ides but didnt knew how to give words to them, finally i started writing the story which i had in mind when i first dtarted this FF, believe me guys after 2 parts the story will change drastically, all the warnings i had been giving from first update will come true now, i know u ppl will throw slippers at me, but please i cant change the story, i had lot of demands from u all to modify the storyline, may be because of it i couldnt concentrate to change to your wishes am sorry guys, am really sorry, life is not full of good things na??? so this F F will have d bad phase now, am sorry but does not the sun rise evry morning, so i pakka promise after the drastic change and all downs u will see loads of ups in the story!! i just am assuring u all, i will write the story the wasy i had initially decided too, n would appreciate if u lall shower me love like before…
thanksss…n sorry for making wait, now that am back on track will give frequent updates, this part was kins fast fast the situations and all na, but i had no go, didnt watn to leave any cliff hanger… thanksss…
plus add urself into this group, to get all linksss…LOL
gUYSSS do leave feedbacks how is it… need to know 🙂 silent readers do get active!! 
i have a doubt is there some condition that either u should LIKE or COMMENT > since i have seen ppl who have commented had not hit the like button n vice versa… Peeps… dnt d othat to me Dead HIT LIKE n COMMENT!! i wanna know how u liking the story >> ??? 

10 thoughts on “LVE – PART 35 –

  1. Sad for nano & maan’s friend..:( Superb update.. Sabar ka phal meetha hota hai & yeh tu sach mein bht meetha tha..;) waiting 4 studies walla loveeee.. 🙂

  2. Maaneet totally broken after Nano’s demise..
    OMG..Maan witnessed the death of his frnd in such a tender age..
    Hhhaayyeee..studies waala love..
    Eagerly waitinv for it..

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