PART 15 :






                No please no.. don’t do this to me… am not wrong.. please…. She kept repeating these sentences many timesCry, his embrace was smoothing, but the fear of her past lay fresh in front of herCry. With a sudden shiver she regained herself and pull apart from him, it was an embaracing situation to hug your Boss is a room while you have slept the last night togetherEmbarrassed, though not in the practical sense but yes in the literal senseCry! She made way to the washroom, and her thoughts lingered when she saw herself changed, how could heAngry ?? OMG! All guys are like tat only, she didn’t remember last night, all that she could remember was she sleeping in her room, and now she was here in his room and hugging him her clothes changed, she could imagine may be there was a weak moment, as the waters washed her body her thoughts got worsened.Wink






               She hurriedly had the shower and walked out to see him engrossed in the laptop, how could he behave like nothing happenedAngry. As he felt her , he turned and asked how are u feeling now Geet, tat is it, he felt her cold palm striking against his cheeks, so soul less , physically there was no pain but emotionally manyCry, how could a mere employee take it upon herself to harass himAngry ??? His anger reached unsurmountable heights when she slapped the other side too, theek hai abhi where the words she left in a trance.Angry






                 How dare you take advantage of my situation ? He was confused, what was she talking about , What adavantage ROFL? Poor Maa nwas fuming in anger and dint comprehend any of her accusations, Geet was always drastic in her life, drastic in making decisions and implementing, she just blurted out in anger Angry, First MaahiCry, and now God knows what will happenCry, it was neither the fault that time, and now all thisCry, have I not suffered enough that I should get this more tagCry, she was shattered and couldn’t go on more, then is when the door knocked and the waiter and a maid entered, Maid spoke Maam last night while changing over you, your chain has slipped out and we found it in laundry, saying sorry she handed over the chainLOL, that is when he realized she was accusing him of some imaginary physical relation hse had made off with him, he felt like laughing at how her thoughts taken her to believe he would have forced her in her unconscious stateROFLCry, the maid left taking orders for bfast, she turned to speak to him when her eyes fell on the Prescription laid on the table, Hope the name itself send shivers down her spine, she trembled picking up, still thinkingCry “If I had a time turner I wouldn’t be living with my sufferings, but dealing with them :/ why is it when u feel low nothing can make u better , nothing to embrace your sorrows , nothing to hold on n nothing to move on, stuck up , and stuck in forever.”Angry









                 He immediately remembered Aditya’s words, “she’s an old patient of ours, she a phobiac and dreads hospitals, am afraid to say that the moment she sees herself here it’ll become difficult to manage her, so take her back” Yes she was getting worried, forgetting the slap, and her accusationsWink, he spoke Geet, who u had fever, so I called up the hospital they prescribed some medicines and sent it over here and my helpers got the meds for youLOL, well he didn’t know if she was even listening, She holdthe prescription tight and tears rolling down her cheeksCry, he stood numb not understanding what to do.Ouch






              The morning sun brought new hopes and new sense of security each day , but the world slipped under her feet, when she got up to Adita’s call so early in the morning, it was after many years he had tried to contact herAngry, she trembled as she spoke over the phone. Was she living a nightmare or had he really called up ???


A: Where u Sam, I called u like a Maniac last night, where the hell are u ?Angry

S: Aditya what happened, speak..Sleepy

A: Sam where is Maan?Embarrassed

S: Can u please stop asking Qns and speak out ?Sleepy

A: well then listen, Maan came to the hospital last night.LOL

S:OMG, what happened to him is he allright. She sat bolt straight now tensed,LOL

A:He’s perfectly fine, but…..Angry

S: He came to enquire about that incident is it >?Shocked

A;No, Sam I want to speak. She s alive.Dead

S:I know.Cry

A:You never told me, when did u know ?Angry

S; I saw her 2 weeks back in Maan’s office.Angry

A: Yes she’s here in Mumbai with Maan.Wink

S:Got the worst nightmare now, what was she doing with Maan at Mumbai.Cry

A: she had fever, he carried her here, I gave some meds and sent them back giving some excuses, though maan was not satisfied he took her back . I just hope she doesn’t know she came here last nihgt/Angry

S: what u mean she wont know?LOL

A: Sam she was unconscious unless Maan tells her she wont know she came her.Dead

S; Ok good, well is she a mother now ? her mouth was trembling….LOL

A; How will I know that Sam.Wink

S: u r a DR Damm it.Embarrassed

A: yes not a face reader! I cant look at her face and tell shes a mother or not.Angry

Sam realized may be she was going too much demanding in her nervous state. She apologized and cut her call thanking him for informing n requesting him to keep her updated!Angry



PRECAP : Sam at KM!LOL Why is she in officeEmbarrassed??? 

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18 thoughts on “JAB WE MET – PART 15 – PANIC CONSUMING –

  1. This geet na.. for no reason slapped maan.. she and her imagination.. when will she understand him… poor maan.. will geet atleast now believe that not all guys are bad.. what will sam do.. will maan meet maahi again…

    • ummm…kida yes.. .for no reason :/ she was upset na so dear! when will she understand him when he understands her 😛 Hopefuuly she has to understand :/ Maan n Maahi will meet once he’s back to Delhi 🙂

  2. Yaar yaha toh poora situation hi ulta ho raha hai..
    Waise toh hamesha hamare Maan ko aadat rehti hai bina kuchh soche samjhe bolne ki but yaha toh Geet woh role nibha rahi hai…
    Bechare Maan ko bewajah thappad pad gaye..
    Sam came tpo know tgt Geet is with Maan…

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