LVE – PART 36-

Thankas for all the love n support!!!! Have started penning down a new FF with lot of interstLOL, the idea had long kept me captivaitng , and now gave form to it, ! I know ve been away for 2 months but am i not showering with updates daily 😛 Believe me my life is not easy, n still i come here to relive maaneet! aage u ppl decide… ll be starting the FF on APRIL 5th, our 3 rd anniv day! it will be entitled THE BARRIER – MY VEIL!!! the new story is about how maan falls for geetEmbarrassed, who is from a differnt religionDead, circumstances get them married (god my first story where maaneet are getting married so sooon hayeee) but then the barrier of religion is what they get crumpled too at all timesCry, its a differnt style of writing n if u wnat to read do tell me for that i need to see 175 likes at my future updates n the ni start posting the new FF! love ya …


PART 36 :



             It was the Pre Boards Exams, how time flew after Nano’s demise only the families could tellCry, the grief was eating them in and out, the cherishing atmosphere was eclipsed by sufferings, something that didn’t deter was the love they held for each other in such distressing timesCry. Geet used to study late night till 3 and always would bother Maan, literally every day, she would call Anni and pester her to forward Maan’s notes.ROFL, though Maan was an year elder to her, they both were studying the same class, since his Polio attack and the year long rest ,he was enrolled a year later on school, and now during the Pre Boards , she was thanking Almighty for making them styudy the same classes though miles apartEmbarrassed, Maan had the habit to miss his every exams, he would come up with some tournament, being exceptionanlly Athelete, he would always browse for tournaments and make a point to see that he definitely attend those Meets which had clashed during Exams timeROFL, in hsort he hated studying and didn’t want to sulk studying, he would just pay attention to his classes and appear for exams, and now Pre Boards too he couldn’t make it due to his National under 19 BasketBall Meet.Angry



              Geet used to always fume in ager cos he made a point that she was unaware till his departureWink, only after he left Anni would call her and give the bad newsLOL, Geet would immediately log in her FB account, and start her bashing sessions, both their profiles were interconnected with he daily posting a friendship quote and different shades of flowers each day on her timelineEmbarrassed, and she showering his timeline with unlimited threatenings and bad mouthingLOL. It was a year they had both created the account and there was not a single day in which he failed to flower up her timeline, the most astonishing thing would be that there wasn’t a single species of flower he would repeat almost 300 daysShocked, and he had posted a different flower for her each day, how would he explain to her, how much he loves the flowers his gardenLOL, it was his repentance for shouting at her when she had plucked the tulip from his garden, he had promised himself he would give her every flower on earth in exchange of those shoutingsEmbarrassed, and here he fulfilled it by posting each one at her timelineEmbarrassed… Truly their love was beyond imagination but hey never knew that this love was so crystal clearly deopicting in their eyesEmbarrassed, that the very same eyes which would search for the other in a group too get a visual assurity who knew fate will take a 360 degree turnAngry,  her eyes speak d truth n \he reads it like map spread out, n she can’t utter lies, may be that is why she started to avois eye contact… Angry






               It was her Maths Exams, and she had the model papers practicing, all the model papers from her sieniors, the papers Maan had courierd, she was growing restless, she dialed to find out that he hadn’t returned from the National Meet, knowing himLOL, expecting him before Maths exam was like a jokeLOL. It was a tough day , may be cos of her exans, or the emotional connection she didn’t know, the exam went well next day and when she came back home, the site slipped her off her sensesAngry, Beena was sobbing and Rano trying to keep things calm, she wanderedaround to see an unconsiouss Maan in the guest roomCry, she didn’t have te courage to speak, but before she could say anything, she tried walking near him trembling in fear, but to her dismay, his body was jerking Cry, she hadn’t seen such a visual torture all her life, she shrieked and Beena came iver running, all suddenly appeared from no where , and started rubbing his legsAngry, Kunal tried stuffing something in his mouth to keep it open, it was 2 min event and everything subsided to normalcy, Kunal had silent tears, Mohinder hugged him don’t worry, Kunal said but Mohinder he’s got it again twice in 2 daysAngry… Just hope the Dr comes on time, Geet asked faintly what is it Dead? Kunal took her out , she immediately realize d her Maan was having Epileptic Attack.Shocked


PRECAP : MaanEet studying for BoardsAngry !! studies walla loveEmbarrassed! The end of the love story poisoned with ego…Cry


PS : I want to ask something, whether my using of the pics are going to create any kind of prob as per copy right issues?? We can write fictions n post Edited pics , but copying direct pics from episodes is something i was never comfortable at using, but many readers requested me to use pics cos it gives more imagination during readinf, as far as using the pics here at IF i dnt think there arises any prob, but i copy paste my updates on ma blog too, can thta cause any issues? if someone can do a read up on this issue ll be very very grateful, and if needed will remove all pics that i have used so far in my updates, plz someone do it for me!
n haan thanks to Jazz.Kn, Richu26, Abinasha, Beena_g, for their support in providing me with pics! Hug
thanks to richu26 n Dee. for giving the banner of DHS! Hug
thanks to vaishali for d above gurti edit, and kumari for providing the pic of maahi which ll be using in Jab We Met!Hug
n thanks to Kavya Khushi for working on d Banner of THE BARRIER – MY VEIL!Hug
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12 thoughts on “LVE – PART 36-

  1. Oh My God…!!! I can’t believe it..noooooo mali it’s not fair.. ;( plz don’t do that to our maan..firstly that polio attack & now this epilepsy.. ;( ;(
    i’ve never thought that something like this can happen.. 😦 ;( 😦

  2. OMG..OMG..OMG..wht is this Mali yaar???…
    pehle polio aur ab epilepsy..kyu mere Geet ke Maan ke peeche padi ho…
    & precap..end of the love story…wht the hell..itni jaldi..not at all fare yaar…
    Hope my Maaneet will overcome all this..

    • ummm Rajee….. 😛

      yep poloi abhi epilepsy! :/

      Precap : End of love story!!! madam jee 36 parts mein tho fully love hi dikhaya aour kitna vadda chahiye.. ab thoda ego our pain bhi dekh lo 😛

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