PART  16 :







                    Sam immediately called up Adi, and enquired when was Maan’s next meetingAngry, on getting all details, she got set on her task! Such a Herculean Task, to gate crash his Company Details, Maan never allowed anyone to step into the Boards of Control Room, where a second copy of every document of Khurana’s were kept under safeguardSleepy. Adi had entry to them. Sam wanted to check Employers Registration details, and get first hand info about Geet, she could have easily hired a personal detective agency for her work but she didn’t want to delay any work, she wanted her demographic details first and then she would appoint someone to have an eye on herConfused. Sam got ready and then finally dialled Maan.LOL




                     She came out of her revire when her Mob sprung to life, she instantly accepted d call and walked over to the Balcony to speakCry, Mom u r too bad, aap na Mumbai jaakar forgot me totally, Maahi damn upset with uCry, don’t talk to me. Ok bye n she cut the callAngry! The only voice which brought smile to her dakr life, she immediately called back to find that her Neighbour Aunty had just sent her to School with other girls, Geet felt dejected for breaking her heartCry. She walked out and then did she realize the outcome of events since she had been to Mumbai, she went to apologise to him, lookin at her coming in his direction, he wished against all odds, that he didn’t want any encounter with her againROFL, he for now knew how stubborn and out of control she wasROFL . He looked directly into his screen wishing she did anything but speak to him, and luckily for him his beep broke the silence of the calm room, he gave a  weak smile and started his talk,


M : Hello good Morning!LOL


S; Hi, Good Morning! Where have u been ?


M : In Paris, he felt like breaking his head , to answer the most absurd questionaearly in the morning,LOL


S : Oh Common… Why are you upset, is someone around you torturing u ?Tongue


M (ST ) : who can torture me more than your nut case thoughts,Wink


S : Maan y r u silent ? is everything ok…LOL


M : oh yes am perfectly fine, and yes there is someone who is hell bent on torturing my life but am MSK d MSK dnt care a damn about others, he was speaking those words looking at her face rather than replying to the phone callAngry, she immediately turned her gaze and her back visible to him, he could see through those loose clothes, how her petite body was crunching upon the thin laces around her neckWink, he turned back immediately, Gosh when did he turn pervert!Angry She looked at him sideways, making not an inch noise to see his turned back!ROFL



M : Sam am getting late, will speak to you later, saying so he cut the call…LOL


There was a pindrop silence, an awkward silence, which she finally broke… Who Who…LOL


Stop Stammering, I dnt have the entire lifetime to hear u!Wink


She snapped back oh yes you have to hear me your entire life timeEmbarrassed! Well she had blurted it out of anger, but least did they both know that he had to fortunately or unfortunately listen to her lifelongHeart!  he immediately turned and she bit her lips, Gawd.. what did she speakAngry ??? He stared straight to her eyes not giving a blink, she cutely responded, dnt stare me u’ll loseWink, my eyes are dry they wont tear but urs will lubricateROFL! She chuckled : oh Man how can he forget it was sheLOL, she who could do anything and everything unexpected ROFL, he stared she spoke see am your permanent employee so in short you have to listen to me lifelong! Exactly Geet tat is d pointWink, u r my employee and am your BossEmbarrassed, so its you who should be hearing to me life longDay Dreaming! Befor the conversation could drift, she held her head low and spoke in a whisper, AM SORRYEmbarrassed! I didn’t mean to slap uEmbarrassed, he smiled – Oh yes, u slapped twice n didn’t mean toROFL, if u had meant to slap me god knows u must have fractured ur hands after slapping me million timesROFL… Man when did he start telling jokes, he was silent and then said : Promise me you wont tell about this to anyoneSleepy! WHATtt!!! Obviously I wont tell anyone we spent a night together MaanLOL! He said Ms.Geet not the night thingSilly, I forgive ur two slaps if u promise to not utter I was slapped by U!ROFLMSK was slapped!!! keep tat a promise Embarrassed 




PRECAP : Sam at KM (Same Precap) LOL

PS : I want to ask something, whether my using of the pics are going to create any kind of prob as per copy right issues?? We can write fictions n post Edited pics , but copying direct pics from episodes is something i was never comfortable at using, but many readers requested me to use pics cos it gives more imagination during readinf, as far as using the pics here at IF i dnt think there arises any prob, but i copy paste my updates on ma blog too, can thta cause any issues? if someone can do a read up on this issue ll be very very grateful, and if needed will remove all pics that i have used so far in my updates, plz someone do it for me!
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6 thoughts on “JAB WE MET – PART 16 – THE PROMISE –

  1. Awesome update dear…
    Hehehe…Maaneet convo was too cutee…
    Maan asking Geet not to tell anyone tht MSK was slapped by her…lol..
    “Don’t stare at me u will lose…my eyes r dry they won’t tear but ur will lubricate… OMG…tht was hillarious man…aisi situations me aide weird answers sirf hamari Geet hi de sakti hai..

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