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PART 10 :



               All heads turned in her direction when she confirmed the definition of PP, Geet was literally fuming in angerAngry, this was certainly not going the right way. Radal intervened, So My Honour – could you not plantly see the attitude of Mr.Khurana Patients are considered to be treated with sympathy and empathy, with these behaviours I  don’t find any of these traits in him My HonourAngry….



                Rafal continued Honour, A duty was breached the second clause in Medical Negligence Wink: the provider failed to conform to the relevant standard care.,Mr.Khurana has failed to provide with the treatment the patient needed. Dr. Khurana had breached his Duty by choosing to visit Patricia and wasting valuable time at her treatmentLOL, if he had chosen to shift her to hospital and visited ther, treatment wouldn’t have been delayedCry… The Judge looked at Maan for defence, Maan spoke out, Mr. Peter had made a house call that morning, I had visited Ms.Patricia that day and knew she was perfectly fineSleepy, apart from her usual complaitns of stomach uset, heavy head , muscular cramps, she was doing pretty fine.






                Rafal then continued, so Dr.Khurana could you enlighten us the turn of events that fateful evening, can we hear it in your words ROFL?? Maan started, Mr.Peter made a call at evening, citining that Patricia was complaining of vague symptoms, he added that she was complaining of stomach pains and breathing difficulty but no complaints of chest painDead…He went on, she seemed restless and is not oriented too, he was worried and asked If he could  take her to the Nursing Home???LOL





         Maan then said he responded to the call, by teling  how a  hypochondriac Patricia was, and also said that since he havd changed her medications , she must be feeling a bit uneasy, so it was  perfectly okEmbarrassed! As far as he having seen her tat morning he had suggested her to do some excersie, Maan thought she had overdone it leading to weaknessCry, and then he suggested he’ll visit Patricia then , will check over n if need arise will shift her to the Nursing Home!Embarrassed




            Peter was called to testify , and he said that what ever Maan had just now started stating the turn of events it was trueEmbarrassed. He had been insistant on visiting them at home, since he was sure it was her usual symptomsTongue. The Judge signaled Maan to go on with the incident.




             Maan spoke the moment he went to see Patricia in her room, his heart beat stopped looking at her condition, she was no way in a condition Peter had earlier told on the callCry, he immediately asked Lilly to call the Ambulance, Maan said Patricia was blue in colour, cyanosis had set in, she was shivering and sweating like a pig. He said he then tried to asses her breathing and it was scaling lowCry. He then immediately grabbed the portable ECG machine and found abnormal readings which suggested of Cardiac Death, but no signs of Cardiac Arrest! Maan said, her old symptoms n her current condition was not matching to anything.. He had then immediately loaded adrenaline and injected the life saving drug into her veins hoping to save her life!Cry





            The Ambulance had arrived and Patricia was shifted, Peter suggested to drive Me to hospitaWinkl, but I  resented n took to seat beside Patricia’s lifeless body, The Ambu Bag was attached n artificial ventilation started, I suggested that in case of any abnormal incidents I  would be present in Ambulance to take care, n thus they drove to the Life Line Nursing Home!!!Cry




            Peter again once again confirmed  the turn of events as stated by maan was right, and when looked into Lilly, she too testified it being trueWink. The judge finally spoke that the conditions presented to Maan over the phone was not suffiecient for him to decide to visit her to take her to hospital, but Dr.Khurana I see you were totally convinced she was a Problematic Patient who had bothered you enough, and you knew this too shall pass cos it was her some lame excuseEmbarrassed, Maan nodded saying yes, she was enough hypochondriac SirLOL, only when I visited her did I know the outcome, the judge asked what made me you to decide to visit herQuestion. He was silent for a while, he said half dejectedly I thought the symptoms were not serious and Peter hadn’t explained all the symptoms so I thought will visit firstStern Smile. The Judge looked over to Lilly to testify, it is then that she broke the shell, Hnble Judge,Angry






                Lilly spoke Sir that evening Maan was very angry after Peter’s callWink., he yelled at me when I was asking what happened, he spoke  tat it was  that damm lady, “I mean what does she thik of herself am her puppet to sit by her bed n hold hands life long soothing her of her imaginary distressEmbarrassed?? Lilly she need a psychiatrist not a cardiac specialist mark my words Lilly do u know last 1 week ve done House Calls almost 9 times, meaning almost 2 times daily, its like a routine now for me to drop in every morning n night trying to pacify her from her dreams of distressEmbarrassed. She is perfectly fin rut god not what pleasure she drives of driving the Drs crazy.Embarrassed” Lilly quoted his exact words and not to forget to add on  that Maan had told that  Driving to hospital means they have to miss the BallROFL, so he had said he’ll visit them first soothe her n then they can drive from there straightly to the BallROFL, The venue was just 15 min drive from their houseROFL….That was like hitting the nail to the coffin!!!ROFL




Sorry no Geet, kept the flow of the proceedings Cry, next part u’ll see lots of maaneet stuffEmbarrassed n Fred too!Wink!! Did u forget him ? he’s Geet’s fiance!!!!ROFL



PRECAP :  Geet extending her stay 😛Hug


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4 thoughts on “DARK HIDDEN SECRETS – PART 10 –

  1. Aghhhhh..this lily is such a stupid girl..
    Wht was the need to tell every word tht Maan spoke to her…
    She is such an irritating person…
    Wht’s gonna happen now???

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