PART 17 :




                  There was an awkward silence, he felt like an idiot and finally her laughter echoed d room,ROFL


M : what was so funny about that ??Angry

G: Your freaking promise! LLOL!ROFL

M: umm…. Now tell do u agree or you know  what I have ways to shut your lips, he came forward his gaze undivided to her lipsEmbarrassed, she was feeling uncomfortable with those looks, Damm it he was turning pervert againWink! Gosh why is it that around her he’s losing his control and consciousWink… She would make him a psychopath one day! Shrugging the thought he tried diverting his thoughts,Embarrassed

G: I was just wondering , an  speculating at your promise! It is way too hilarious Maan.Wink

M: do u agree or not ?Angry

G: Nodded in yes n no!LOL


He jerked her GeeTT, do u agree or not ? Remember a Gentleman’s Promise!Tongue

G: am a women , n Promises r meant to be brokenROFL… She let herself loose, grabbed her baggage, and ran outside the Room! It was after so many years, the geet of the past was resurfacingEmbarrassed. May be the Atmosphere of Mumbai is that way, she didn’t know but all she knew as , under his presence she could forget all her miseries and just be the Geet she used to be without any inhibitions and any restrictionsLOL, as she opened her romm, her thought went on her saddened Maahi, 2 drops left her eyesCry, how could she not call her baby, was her grief so much that she couldn’t enjoy her present. She felt a lump form on her throat again, solitude was her enemyCry, at lonely times one finda solace , but her life she dreaded lonely times, cos they were d times that reminded her of her island lifeCry, surrounded by miseries on all sides. Her thoughts halted when her phone burst into life again,Wink


G: Nooo………Embarrassed

M: look Geet you are not coming that is final…Angry


G : Listen Mr.Khurana, I have traveled all d way to Mumbai, got this fever vever thing, left alone my family and in return for all this you order me to stay locked hereAngry? Forget it, ll see  you at the Venue 30 min from now!Wink


M: Ms.Handa for your kind information, you can waste all the time on earth to be there, but just stand and stand, cos no one will give you entry!ROFL


G: I have my Id card!Wink


M: I have my nameParty n my orders, which no one breachesEmbarrassed! Almost barking the last sentence he cut the callAngry! He left out a sign, ending conversation with her was very difficultLOL, he no they never had any conversation, all the time it would be just argumentsROFL!  Placing few calls he left for d meeting.Embarrassed




               She was upset now staying alone, something she despised since her childhoodCry. It would be futile to make an entry to the meeting the guards would literally kick her out, she picked up a bar of chocolate munching hard landed in a couch, trying to flip the magazines, her eyes fell on an article on SurrogacyTongue. She shivered and threw down the magazine, an idea struck her, MSKWink! Maan could do anything, he had that high level contacts, she thought if just one call to a hospital like Hope and they sent him a prescription for a patient at the middle of night means they could do anything for himEmbarrassed, for MSKWink! She thought why not use his name to sneak in at Hope today after 4 years of miseryLOL! She could just threaten them with his name and fish out informationLOL, yes she could do that , but then she thought again will it be useful in any way Angry??? The guy was married and happily settled with his family why else he would agree for surrogacyCry, may be the couple wanted a Baby very badly and tried out all means, and he with deep love for his wife had done thatCry , may be by now they must have got a surrogate and would be having kids tooCry, and she thought finding about him , his name , what will it yield Cry? She cant confront that person, she cant destroy his life by coming up with a pastCry, what if he accepted the past and snatched away MaahiCry, or what if they just throw her out of their livesCry. She finally decided may be certain Truths are Best if Hidden!Cry


next part tomorrow!!! have typed half of it.. will add few more n post it tmrw so only this is short!!! bare with it Wink
guys,… starting a new ff on April 5thDancing… The Barrier My Veil… It’s a story where maaneet are of different.religionBroken Heart and maan falls for geet one side love story 🙂ROFLshe doesn’t feel anything but due to circumstances they get married,ROFL and d sensitive life of inter religion develops,Hug how far will she keep him away thinking she’s not his caste Angry?? how far can he stay from her though he loves herDay Dreaming, is his love supreme enough to break the barrierCool ?? Her veil Cool??? His family despises her to d extent he loves herROFL, she breaks all d traditions since she doesn’t believe in themEvil Smile, but will his love surpass all d barrierCool ?? the veil ??? Cool

will be adding this note in my future updates of my 3 ongoing ff… do leave feedback 🙂

will post THE THREAD soon n will be adding the Banner thanks to Soni & Kavya for d amazing work!!!  n my cutieee sweetieee nandu n beena for providing me with the PROMO VM! Guys it gotta be  awesome!!! gimme ur support since ll be writing on a very sensitive issue abt the clash of thoughts in differnt religion, I know it gotta be sensitive nd I dnont intend to hurt any religious values, so i hope no one takes offense to the new FF! 
Will be waiting for ur reviews 🙂 
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