Geet Ginny Weasley stood wearing her cloak and adjusting those loose strands , she was pretty excited, her 1st year at Hogwarts was exciting in its own way, and now finally after 6 months they are going for their first trip to Hogsmeade Village, located northwest of Hogwarst School Of Witchcraft & Wizardry. She was all the more excited as Luna Lovegood came up to meet her in the Gryffindor Tower, they hugged each other wearing those protective coats, and taking her invisible cloak which she sneaked from Maan Harry Potter last night walked downstairs to join the others for the Trip.




They all assembled and had been already paired, she was trembling cos she had to see the wrath of Mr.Potter again, oh god how she hated his attitude, unfortunately for her , of all the seniors he was chosen to be her bodyguard! Her guard at Hogsmeade since it was her first trip, he arrived with such don’t give me that looks type, and stood beside her , Geet was struggling with her bags, and hoped he help her carry them, reading her mind, he snorted : Help Yourslef Ms. Weasley! She was mutering to herself, He spoke are you still under the Blabbering Curse>??? I really wanna know  Geet who encasted that spell on you, she gave a weird look and tried Confondo charm trying to make him confused about the surroundings, but he was Maan , Maan Harry Potter, he shouted Expelliarmus, and as her wand flew he took at ease leaving her baffled, now she was magicless till he had it … They made way to the fireplace waiting for their turn, finally as their turn came up the floo network , green flames bursted and here they made it to the fireplace of Madame Puddifoot’s Teashop at High Street in Hogsmeade!






Dobby came running over and offered help, Maan Potter never liked the magical ways mostly, brought up from a muggle back ground he preferred to use majic at the very least, and Geet Weasley a True blood loved to hip hop with her magic, flaunting all the time which irked him, he used to snap cant u do one thing without your wand – she would simply nod no! and to teach her a lesson he had confiscated her Wand this trip,. She felt so helpless, firstly she was stuck up with HIM, and now wandless how was she suppose to enjoy the trip, they made way and comforted themselves seating and she ordered Pumpkin Juice and butterbeer for herself, Maan stared at her when she ordered the butterbeer, but poor him didn’t know her intentions, house elves get intoxicated with this concentration so she poured little of it and gave pumpkin juice to Dobby, this was the first time she was meeting his slave Dobby, knowing Maan she knew he would never make him work, as McGonagl came up with some work Maan took excuse and left, and she started her chirpy talks with Dobby!



As Geet started talking he told all about himself, how he was working at Hogwarts Kitchen, and never loitered anywhere except with his friend winky, he always wanted to help Maan, but he never like it ,it was Dumbledore who had appointed dobby as his caretaker, so that when Maan goes to the Muggle world Dobby stay with him as a slave so tha t he can keep track of all the happenings, she heard intently, as he spoke

Professor Dumbledore offered Dobby ten Galleons a week, and weekends off, but Dobby beat him down, miss… Dobby likes freedom, miss, but he isn’t wanting too much, miss, he likes work better.





That is when Geet realized he never wanted to be slave but a free elf, he told her about hteir vacations, Mana would make him work like a true slave , Dobby didn’t mind working but the iossue was he never allowed magic, now that was worse, making an elf work like crazy with own hands not magic, she truly sympathized with all d gardening stories he told her, she felt so sad that the poor soul had to work so much… An idea hit her, as Maan came back and was drinking the pumpkin juice, he savoured the taste it was his favourite, Geet wontedly got up and threw one of her books in his lap, he gave her a grin , and she walked out to order more Maan irritated with her, gave the book to Dobby, he immediately turned the pages and took out a black socks and whirling it in the air, and spoke jumping


Master has presented Dobby with clothes, Dobby is free! 



It is then that Geet walked past him, exposing her legs in a sexy way, taking off her cloaks, he saw her right socks missing, He almost growled at her for this …Dobby spoke again!



Dobby is happy to be with his friend… Maan Harry Potter! 





Maan smiled at him again,… and spoke , Dobby was always my friend Dobby!! He stared at her You lost me my servant Ms.Weasley, Master has set Dobby free in exchange of, he wildly came closer to her , and showing her wand, from now on, you will be my slave! She stared at him and ran to Zonko’s Joke Shop to buy something to try and fool him! She brought the nose biting teacups and gave it to him as he took it from her hand he shrieked petrificus totalis! SHE just laid in a statue for him to break off the teacups before it starts biting his nose!! After all he thought magic wasn’t tat bad, a day he took her wand to prevent her from casting spells, and poor girl did everything withour her wand and her did nothing without a wand! What a day it was!



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