PART 18 :







                      The limo made a stop in front of KM, she walked inside with a fleet of guards, she would rarely make her presence at KM at his absence, but today was the golden chance. She went to his cabin, sat there and waited for Adi to appear, she enquired about some projects and on getting weak reply she said she wanted to look into an old file of Paris Conference held 2 years back, this request was totally out of the blue, he said, Mam those Projects are all closed, still if you want to have a look you can get it from Boards of Control Room, she closed her eyes, trying to be polite, could you get it for meAngry… Mam we cant enter there  without Sir’s permission, Damm in she got up threatening him, am his Damm wife and I dnt need his permissionAngry , is this how you speak to Mrs.Khurana ? How could you utter a No in front of me, he held his head low, Sorry Mam, this way. He guided her to the 11 floor, she was mentally dancing with her plansDancing, they stepped inside and he briefed her about which racks corresponded to which years and months, and volunteered to find it out for her, she politely refused and told him to do his work since Maan wouldn’t like him putting his work at hold, and doing this,. She next leapt to the Employers section, and saw the current updates, her eyes fell on the files arranged for the current month , once she started browsing , her eyes fell on Ms.Geet Handa’s fileOuch, She took it out made a photocopy and kept the file undisturbed. Her first task was done. She handed over the keys to Adi and left,. The next minute miles away, Maan’s mob buzzed with a text msg, Mam left after taking some photocopy, I dot know which file.ROFL






                   Maan was getting curious, Adi had first called him up, when Sam left to the Room by herself,  this odd behaviour he couldn’t fathom, what on Earth would she be doing in his office at his absenceAngry, there was something cooking definitely and he needed to find out, it was evening now and once done with some meets, he left to the Hotel, once inside his cabin, he called up his security personnels and informed him that he neeed a copy of the CCTV installed at The Boards of Control Room, he needed the recording for the day, they told him the’ll mail him the attachment of the video within an hour, feeling bit better he dialed Sam, she took his call in one go, she knew he would be calling ,,his Chamcha Adi would have surely spilled the beans, she spoke more like a robot very careful not to make a mistakeLOL,

S: Hi Maan


M: Hii Sam… what u uptoAngry

She shivered with this question…


S: am fine Maan, u know what my Paris trip had some loopholes, I wanted certain files of the Fashion Show 2 years back, couldn’t wait till you return so went to KM today to fetch it myself.Sleepy


Maan had a small smile, this lady was always smart or may be she was telling the truth, but his next question threw her off guard.

M: oh that’s nice, I dnt remember you telling me about this while we spoke in the morning, did u plan it out suddenly phir bhi you could have informe d me once I would have helped out.Embarrassed

She was literally shivering how will she answer this now, but with great difficulty she spoke,


S: Maan who after speaking to you, when I was arranging my files I got this thing in mind, nd upper se you had a meeting today , did nt want to bug you with my calls so thought will not disturb you,LOL


M: oh fine… hope the staff gave you entry Sam, they generally don’t allow anyone….ROFL


S: Haan they dnt, but am not anyone, am Mrs.Khurana you see, I gain entry anywhere and everywhere as per my will.Wink

Maan thought yes you gain entry every where at your will but my vigilance!ROFL

He was thinking as to when he would see the CCTV recordings…


S: Maan what happened u tired kya ?


M: oh yes, am going to sleep now, and how is dadimaa doing ?


S: Maan am outside since morning had come to friends place , ll call her and find out.Tongue


M; nope its ok ll call myself. And he cut the call….


Oh, What a wrong decision was to marry Sam, her world revolved around her and only her, during college days ,he remembered how she used to encircle him 24X7 , do all his work, take care of him, and show love, probably that love was show piece sakeEmbarrassed, he felt trapped for having to adhere to this marriage, initially he thought she would change back to normal, but only after months of marriage he realized, she had acted 3 years in college to prove to love him immensely but the truth was she never loved anyone apart from herself, He felt like laughing at his life, the MSK who had everything under control would not control and bring true joy into his houseCry, loaded with these thoughts, his BlackBerry buzzed, he immediately switched on his MacBook and tarted to watch the CCTV recordingWink, the security had carefully edited the sequence such that the video started from the moment Sam Adi entered , till the time she left, Maan saw carefully tat once chucking out Adi, she had turned her side, and he made a mental note of the racks she moved too, he also made a note of the shelf and the rack no she had taken a blue file , later the video ended with she back to the same spot leaving the file undisturbed, now he knew the first thing he would do after getting to KM is check the Rack n ShelfAngry! He felt like a detective spying his own wife, he felt like cheating her, but were not her ways like cheater? He had never doubted her on anything , cos he knew her in and out, and it was only those times when she tried to lie to him, she behaved oversmartLOL! 5 years of marriage was enough for him to know when she was hiding stuff from him…. And this day too he knew there was a secret, for she would never have breached his Security Loaded Room.Dead



guys,… starting a new ff on April 5thDancing… The Barrier My Veil… It’s a story where maaneet are of different.religionBroken Heart and maan falls for geet one side love story 🙂ROFLshe doesn’t feel anything but due to circumstances they get married,ROFL and d sensitive life of inter religion develops,Hug how far will she keep him away thinking she’s not his caste Angry?? how far can he stay from her though he loves herDay Dreaming, is his love supreme enough to break the barrierCool ?? Her veil Cool??? His family despises her to d extent he loves herROFL, she breaks all d traditions since she doesn’t believe in themEvil Smile, but will his love surpass all d barrierCool ?? the veil ??? Cool

will be adding this note in my future updates of my 3 ongoing ff… do leave feedback 🙂
will post THE THREAD soon n will be adding the Banner thanks to Soni & Kavya for d amazing work!!!  n my cutieee sweetieee nandu n beena for providing me with the PROMO VM! Guys it gotta be  awesome!!! gimme ur support since ll be writing on a very sensitive issue abt the clash of thoughts in differnt religion, I know it gotta be sensitive nd I dnont intend to hurt any religious values, so i hope no one takes offense to the new FF! 
Will be waiting for ur reviews 🙂 
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8 thoughts on “JAB WE MET – PART 18 – THE BREACH –

  1. Awesome parts 14-18 loved them all grr that doc :/ lied to maan and msk suspicious too but didnt search or verify it 😐 awww he was so caring he sat near geet the whole night how sweet 😀 hehehe Geet is such a wierd specimen 😛 Without thinking she jumps to conclusion that Maan took advantage lol OH EMM GEEE she slapped Maan! God she is uncontrollable 😉 poor maan was so so so angry hehehehehe thank god she got to know the truth 😀 hehe she was sorry this time too! As for the past my heart goes out to Geet she suffered so much 😦 oh god how can those doctors be this irresponsible :@ her life just got wasted grrr :@ :@ omg she told her mom the whole truth and rano wanted to abort 😐 awww geet didnt want to abort the baby omg she was now hyperventilating with her haunting past awww she hugged maan 😀 😉 😀 grr that doc informed sam errgghh that insolent lady :@ and that doc :@ :@ hehehe loved maaneet funny convo lol his eyes will lubricate by staring lol he was forgetting with whom he was arguing lol hehehehe she was unexpected :p :p haha poor maan kahan phas gaya both have to listen each other for lifetime what say :p awww geet finally apologized and his promise hehehehehe i was laughing like hell lol lol what was that? :p he got scared cos of a slap hehehe i loved his indirect taunting to geet while talking with sam :p awww maahi geet talk was so cute and geet regretful as she was too lost in her past hahaha then maan denying her to go anywhere hehe that convo was too hilarious 😉 omg the surrogacy thing saddened her so much she decided to use msk s name but then decided to hide the truth poor geet 😦 and here sam :@ grrr started to keep eye on geet grrr she got details of her :@ oh no poor adi didnt know what to do and finally allowed her but glad that he informed maan 😀 haha maan knows her too well that her fake act of paris fashion show cant cover her lie lol :p whoa maan keeping tab on her hehe gud going 😉 oh god sam sugar coated talks n maans sarcastic replies lol i was laughing hard :p hmmm so finally he got hold of the cctv and made notes to first see what she was looking for 😀 great going maan 😀 he now regrets and realizes what a fake person is sam and regrets their marriage 😉 5 years how he tolerated her i wonder :p and 3 years she ran around him no wonder such a cheap lady she is :/ hehehe maan slowly going insane over geet 😉 he has started noticing her physically as in her lips, petite figure haayee wild thoughts abt geet 😉 😀 lovely wonder how will maan react when he finds sam was searching for geet and her reasons for doing so 😉 waiting for maan maahi moments again 😀 and maan geet nok jhoks are awesome spcly geets wierd explanations to her blurting out without thinking lol 😉 Awesome pankuuuuuu
    cont soon 😀 and lo ho gaya comments 😀

    • lol… baby u read it all!!!!! pankaj uddaas too happy!!!!!! msk tho seperscious kaheenka….. lol…he sat next to her… hayeee dreamy…….weird specimen! LOLZzzz…. only u can think so muc!!! LOL!! took advantage!!!! LOLzzzz na…… she slapped that too twice baby….. thank god she knew soon wlse pata hani kya kya kardeti yeh pagal ladki…. yes my heart to goes out to her….those Drs weree too ireerspnsible :/ hree life wasted y… she’s got Msk’s baby how can u tell tat baby ???? yes hyperventillating withthe past n thank god he hugged her to console her!!! yes he told sam… her chamcha na.. issliye…. u loved maaneet i know baby we all lovce them esp d nok jhok stuf.. its just tooo aweosmish…… wahi tho listen to her full life time!!!his promise i was rolling while writng that too baby… PU was happy when she was typing that 😛 indirect taunt marofyinggg!!!!!! hillarious maaneet concvos all are too way hillarious!!!! yes surrogacy thing saddened her!!! she went back to her past! :/ yes got her details…. yes he had to this office walla adi is maan’s chamcha in chief na!!! maan good going… see my baby praising u.. now show ur true colorss!!! cctv… hayeee mera maan mahaaan!!!! fake star sam !!!! cheap lady sam arfghhjj…. yes lsowly but steadily going insane over her!!! keep wondering how he will react!!maan maahi moments after couple of updates 😛 let them go back to delhi first 😛

      geet is a masterpiece u need toadmit that!

      lo ho gaya!!!!

      am naming u COMMENTS QUEEN! CQ!!!

      u know hat my life is drained out today typing to all ur commets!!! if am giving shorter updates today then u r d reson!!! u r d person to be blamed!!!! believe me if u combine all my replies to all ur commetns i would have got 3 updates at minimum… pankuu happy wit this baby’s effort!!!

      baby am drained fullyl mein!!! some more comments penidng.. will reply after lunch!!!

      till that see u soon at DHS!!! i know u loving it too.. esp my Lilly i can u r love jhalakofyingggg 😛

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