LVE – PART 37 –

PART 37 :







                               Her eyes were fized at his hand which was lying down lifeless, the G tattoo glitteringWink, tears fell down her cheeks, she remembered last time when she went to HP, he came and showed her the tattoo, she felt so happy seeing G engraved on his forehand, she went near him and trying to caress the tattoo sheasked him what is this maanEmbarrassed, anni jumped from no where , Geet u know na Maan is slected in d National Basketball Team, his team Great BarriersWink, he was so escited so got the G engraved, mom yelled at him for getting the permanent tattoo, I didn’t tell you last week since you were coming here na so thought face to face tum uski acchi se class logiROFL, saying so she went out. Maan looked at her, and winked , she asked maan is anni telling the truth, he came near her, nope geet I got it done for someoneEmbarrassed, her heart beating accelearated with his looks, she never understood those unsaid feelings. He said I got it done for my crushWink… u know what Geetu I wanted to tell u first, but then her Bday is coming up so got the tattoo as surprise for her,she chuckled blushing tight… ohhh… she couldn’t speak much, he continued… Geetakshi Arora , she is my classmate and is epitome of beautyCry, her looks went numb with this confession of maan she didn’t know why but she hated this or had this jealousy thought brewing up, what is it maan>?? Yep she had her bday yday so to surprise I got the tattoo done ls tweek, but my bad luck she’s gone to Paris for vacations and I couldn’t show and propose herLOL… her heart beat stopped now, she turned What are you talking maan, he smiled yep I think am in love GeetWink! Love with her… just waiting very badly to see her, and I had to lie everyone that this G was for my Team name, n u know na I cant hide truth from you, so told u, promise me u’ll never tell anyone, tears spilled her face and she ran out.Cry






                                She kept wiping her tears when she remembered tha party on his Bday, looking blankly at his lifeless body she recollected , she had not gone to the midnight party she was upset with the G confessionEmbarrassed, she pretended to be asleep when he came over to her room to wake her up and take her to the celebrations, but she acted almost in sleep. That evening when she went to Khurana House to wish him , he came over and gave her tha cake, she wished him politely and took the bite he came over her ear and told this was the first piece of d cakeEmbarrassed, her eyes parkled and asshe was chewing it he pulled her to the terrace, she was breathing harsh, and running out of air when they finally collided near a pillar and she halted for breath, he holded her hands tightly, and spoke, Geet I dnt know what it is but I feeli the world is complete when you are around meEmbarrassed, last night I cut the cake but there wasn’t a single joy in me, I missed u immensely , your presence makes life beautifulEmbarrassed, I think I love you, she looked at him flabbergasted and pulled her hands away, and spoke, Maan please this is the last I expected from youCry, I mean we really at are ease with each other but hat does not mean we are in love are weCry… Saying so she ran away, she had to be harsh she thought, oh God she couldn’t love him, it was all wrongCry… Love before marriage… chi hci… she thought of all those movies and kicked herself for thinking perverted!




                        As she looked at the Drs who had come rushing in to Handa House to see him, she saw Beena weeping and Rano cajoling her, instantly her thoughts drifted to the day when Rano had asked her about her feelings for maanEmbarrassed. It was after the love confession by him, when the dolidays were over and they were back to Delhi, she was very silent for few days, one day rano came over to her room and asked her if everything is allright… she told she wanted to speak to her, rano had asked if she n maan were in love, geet mocked at her mother for thinking so baselessly and approaching her with such stupid questionsROFL, she had clearly told rano tat maan and she shared a great bond and it was not loveEmbarrassed, it was friendship it was mutual understandingEmbarrassed, it was some feelings but definitely not loveEmbarrassed. Tears dripped her eyes seeing him like tat, couple of days she couldn’t concentrate on her exams it was getting all the more difficult, but then once maan was fine he was prescribed some Meds, and they went back to HP, it was very difficult for her to part from him especially now when she knew that she loved him and knew he loved her too, but why did she runaway from accepting those feelingsWink, its only when things fall out from your hand , you realize the true value, tat is what happened with her, when she saw him like tat is when she realized he completed her life in all circumferences and she was making a mistakeAngry, mistake of denythng their holy loveDead. Her life turned worse after he left, those 2 days changed her life, she would steal his glances, sneak into the room when he would be asleep, she made herself invisible to him, the point was she didn’t want to face him this way, and only after he left it hit her hard….Embarrassed




Since you been gone
I been hangin’ around here lately
With my mind messed up
Jumped in my car tried to clear my mind
Didn’t help me
I guess I’m all messed up now baby
Soon as I jumped into my ride
Those memories start to play
A song comes on the radio
And there you are baby once again

It’s just another sad love song
Rackin’ my brain like crazy
Guess I’m all torn up
Be it fast or slow
It doesn’t let go
Or shake me
And it’s all because of you

Since you been gone
I keep thinkin’ about you baby
Gets me all choked up
This heart of mine keeps dreamin’ of you
And it’s crazy
You’d think I’d had enough
As soon as I get you out my head
I’m in your car again
Just one request from the radio
I’m back in love sugar once again

It’s just another sad love song
Rackin’ my brain like crazy
Be it fast or slow
It doesn’t let go
Or shake me
And it’s all because of you

Here comes the strings
Then somebody sings
Only takes a beat
And then it starts killin’ me darlin’
Only takes one note, I tell ya,
From that radio
It’s just
Love song.
It doesn’t let go.


guys,… starting a new ff on April 5thDancing… The Barrier My Veil… It’s a story where maaneet are of different.religionBroken Heart and maan falls for geet one side love story 🙂ROFLshe doesn’t feel anything but due to circumstances they get married,ROFL and d sensitive life of inter religion develops,Hug how far will she keep him away thinking she’s not his caste Angry?? how far can he stay from her though he loves herDay Dreaming, is his love supreme enough to break the barrierCool ?? Her veil Cool??? His family despises her to d extent he loves herROFL, she breaks all d traditions since she doesn’t believe in themEvil Smile, but will his love surpass all d barrierCool ?? the veil ??? Cool

will be adding this note in my future updates of my 3 ongoing ff… do leave feedback 🙂
will post THE THREAD soon n will be adding the Banner thanks to Soni & Kavya for d amazing work!!!  n my cutieee sweetieee nandu n beena for providing me with the PROMO VM! Guys it gotta be  awesome!!! gimme ur support since ll be writing on a very sensitive issue abt the clash of thoughts in differnt religion, I know it gotta be sensitive nd I dnont intend to hurt any religious values, so i hope no one takes offense to the new FF! 
Will be waiting for ur reviews 🙂 
plus add urself into this group, to get all linksss…LOL

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