PART 11 :



                         It was all going pretty wrong, he didn’t know where to hit his head, he looked sideways when his vision ended at her sight, she had got up to leave, he was feeling very lonelyLOL, of all the things on earth why had this to happen, he loved his profession and this was something he loathed infinitely. Geet had got the call from Fred and had gone to attend it, hey Fred hows you doing, he was sounding very angry, she tried to apologize for not being to talk to him for past few days, but he was very co operating. She told him hurriedly about her shopping and then finally she broke the suspense on his head, she told him to get extension for her holiday from the Med SuperintendentLOL, Fred almost choked with this revelation, he enquired as to what exactly happened, she struggled but then went on explaining that there was a family crisis, her brother’s in law relative n her college senior Dr.Maan was held in a case of Medical Negligence, she went on to tell him that she thinks may be Maan was framed, the situation at thier homes were tensed, and she wanted to stay back for moral support, she herself didn’t know why she was asking this to him, she had to go back, her work was pending she had to finish it off before starting the vacation for their marriageAngry, Fred listened and then finaly spoke what reason would he have to give the Boss.. She chuckled and said say anything Fred, you know very well its not hard to fool himROFL, btw don’t worry I’ll try my best and finish all d shopping thing here itself, so once am there we can just finalize the arrangements, and yep don’t worry, I have planned for our Honey Moon , so you have to just focus on the marriage preparations, she abruptly cut the call when she felt commotion around her.LOL



                    He just walked past like a dead body, she went in all ears to Anni and started to budge her to reveal what happened in her absence, Anni spoke out that the second clause of Medical Negligence too was proved out for him by the end of the proccedings as the outcome of Lilly’s confession, Maan had been proved now that he had breached his Duty by choosing to visit Patricia and wasting valuable time at her treatmentCry . Now 2 more clauses if proved then we cant save Maan, then he has to surrender his degree and she couldn’t continue, she turned to see his lost faceCry, the drive to home was silent, he had lost the very will to live life, Anni had called up Roger home to discuss few elements before DAY 3 proceedings.





                     Roger Anni Geet Maan all sat in a circle trying to sort out some issues, Maan was perplexed, Anni was silent, Roger knew the doom was fast approachingOuch, seeing the atmosphere so bad she tried to lighten it up with her thoughts, Roger cant we prove Maan innocentWink? Well we can he mocked, if we prove out that Patricia is alive and is till breathingDead, Geet stared back at him, and then he spoke we can save Maan if Patricia gets up and speak in defence of Maan if not there is no way to help him ouAngryt, he gave a weak smile, anni felt lile crying. Maan was silent all throughout, Shit she jumped from her seat throwing all the belongings in her hand, almost dancing nad hugged Maan, yep we can do itClap, Roger ignored her and stared at Maan, is this girl mentally stableLOL? That was enough to awaken her tiger mode, she barked at him to shut up and proudly presented herself, she said look Mr.Roger, am Dr.Geet Handa, do you get , a Doctor by profession and currently am a Forensice Expert at States do you get thatAngry, SO what he wanted to stay but stopped what was this girl going to talkLOL, she ignored him completelty and almost fell on Maan, speak up nowEmbarrassed! Tell me all the signs you observed when you looked at her that evening, it was all getting on his nerves, he got up and pushed her, stop it Geet, don’t make a fool of yourself and for your kidn information I have narrated the incidents like a parrotLOL, how many time do I tell you all that her symptoms never matched the hearttt and he couldn’t speak further, she alosmt hugged yes, yes it isThumbs Up!!! This is what I was wanting to know, so Maan you are sure, the signs and symptoms she presented was not presenting her illnessWink?? He thought now deeply and then said firmly with little hope in his eyes, no Geet, it wasa ll weird, only only she could answer what she was feeling the time when I went to check her, Roger got up, you both have lost it am leaving saying so he started to leave, when Geet pulled him and made him sit, Roger listenWink! Patricia will speakWink! I will make her speak, I will tell you what stories she died withWink, Anni couldn’t fathom anything, finally Geet asked maan, there was no autopsy done rightAngry? maan nodded n acceptance or affirmation, it was  case of heart attack geet why will they do autopsy! She smiled yes why will they do it, but you know what, not why will but now will!Cool Now we will get the autopsy done, a post mortem analysis of her bodyWink, let patricia speak for herself MaanROFL!











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PRECAP : gosh the beginning of secrets!Party


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