LVE – PART – 38 –

PART 38 :





                 She lost all colors of life, she had been doomed , what had she done , destroyed her life from her own hands, she couldn’t mend ways not now atleast, she couldn’t face him and confess the truth, he would think she’s under obligationAngry, why is life so full of hardships, she sat all through the night and kept crying, her calls to Anni had been stopped abruptly, she didn’t want to talk to her either, she knew Anni would sense her turmoil and this would reach MaanCry, so she thought he bets solution now was to stay away till things ae set right,Anni had tried calling her but she kept on ignoring telling she was busy with her exams and didn’t want to talk till its all overCry, Maan sensed that something was wrong he had to make her come out of sadness, he stopped posting on her timeline for a week but Geet never responded, she had in short completely cut off from every thread that bond them together, but its fate how long can we run from each other, and even if we keep running fate makes us run to make us stand in front of each other at the end of the destination.Embarrassed





             The exam dates had come and Geet was trying hard to study but to her avail it was getting difficult, she stresse herself and kept studying she felt the exams were prima uno one, once a while her thoughts drifted to his lifeless body but then she knew she cant break nowAngry, her career her dreams where important, or atleast that is how she kept telling her mind. The exams went through in its own accord, but to her dismay there wasn’t any satisfaction or joy , she had turned numb to everything, she was living life deathly way, Rano had observed the change and mistook it to be exams pressure and thought she would be fine but Geet proved her wrong when for the first time in her life she cancelled their trip to HP during the Holidays, Ran owas dumbstruck, Geet would crib and cry year long since she was a kid to meet Anni n Maan and enjoy those beautiful days of her life, but this decision was so contradictory to her Geet .Cry



               Mohinder I think something is wrong…Angry



What happened Ranoo…LOL




             Its just that Geet is not the same, she changedWink, he hugged her sideways,



Oh Rano stop worrying, Geet is no way different now, may be its just taat she’s tensed with the exams, everything will be fine, after the results…Embarrassed




           But Mohinder she’s not willing to go to HPAngry



Oh then don’t take her, if she stays away may be she’ll miss u all n realize… Give her time Rano she’s just a kid, she’s worried for Maan may be she’s scared of what she sawCry, may be she doesn’t want to see him suffer again that is why she’s opting to stay back here…Cry




Rano nodded and slept, next day morning she called up Beena and had decided some change of plans, she thoughtif Geet doesn’t want to go back to HP then no issues, we’ll get the Khurana’s homeROFL.. I cant see my baby sad! With a wink she called n made arrangements and convinced Beena to drop in to Delhi to spend the vacations, Dev was to shift to Delhi for his University was going to begin shortly, he’d been preparing for his entrance exams and had topped the IIT Entrance ExamsAngry, having stood as number one he sought admissions to IIT, Delhi. Anni had her special classes for boards the next year, so she joined them a week laterWink. AT Delhi Geet met the first shock when she saw Maan at her Room sleeping, she had been out with her friends and when she came back, him sleeping cozily over her bed at first she thought may be she’s hallucinating and went over to fresh upEmbarrassed, she came back with her bathrobe only to her dismay he was still sleeping, she gaped at him utter shock and almost shrieked when he got up to see her petite body, he got up and came close to her she closed her eyesWink, Maan are u here for realEmbarrassed, he was laughing ans she hit him hard, dnt laugh you fool, he caught her hands tightly so madam how were your examsAngry??? She turned away and was like hun super cool thaLOL,…. But what am so unlucky cant ask u back the same Qn cos I know you would be failing in one paper for sureROFL, she giggled, he roared Geet listenAngry, hun baba am listening , which is that fortunate paper which the Great Maan Singh Khurana will be repeating ???ROFL He was fuming in anger now, he left her hand and went away.Angry












Even though we fight a lot, I love you.
We fight, I think, because the stakes are high.
I sometimes get so mad I cannot stand you,
But underneath my anger I could cry.
I have an uncontrolled need to control you,
To be your only destiny and guide.
I know it isn’t fair to try to mold you,
But my poor love’s entangled in my pride.
Ah, love! Please love me even in my fury,
Which rises like a tide beneath the moon.
I plead before my only judge and jury:
I want to change, but know change won’t come soon.
Love finds it hard to let the loved one be
The person who is loved so passionately.






PRECAP : Studies Walla love!!! ROFL







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6 thoughts on “LVE – PART – 38 –

  1. Aaahhhh what a superb made my day..what a lovely scene, maan lying on geet’s bed..great work fav ff “LVE”.. :*

      • Hahaha Mali i loved those Maaneet scenes.. 😉
        Yeah my exams are over now.. 😉
        i was busy with my cousin’s i’m free & will soon read all da ff’s.. 🙂 unfortunately my fb account is also blocked & i’m unable to get it back.. 😦

      • Najuuu i so Damm missed u… please do something i watn u bak at FB!!!

        ur exams r over… time to party hard now 😛 marriage hayeee u found someone for u 😛

      • Hahaha Mali i’ve found none..maan jaisa koyi mila hi nahi.. 😦 😉
        i think i have to make another fb account as i’m unable to recover the previous one..

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