PART 12  :



            Maan called up the Funeral Home to enquire about Autopsy details, the Father requested him to come over by 7 to get more details as the FH will be closed by then. Roger wished them best of luck in this new endeavour and left, Geet was not at all liking the way Roger behaved,LOL she was like may be he wasn’t interested in the case, she kept coaxing Maan to change their Lawyer as she felt him to be inappropriateLOL, Maan ignored her talks as she spoke and then finally Reached d FH!


         Father Michael welcomed them and took them to his office for discussion, Maan started the conversation, that they wanted an autopsy done for a patient who was embalmed here few months back, he gave her Patricia’s details and both of them waited fervently to Father’s decisionLOL. After almost an hour he turned up with the file nad details clearing to them that their FH never conducted any autopsies until requested for, so Patricia’s body still lay enbalmed untouched.LOL


        Geet now enquired as to what the procedures would be for the Autopsy, Father handed then 2 forms filled it and asked them to get he signatures of the spouse, a no objection certificate after which they would carry out the procedures, now maaneet stood transfixed, they had to get a NOC from PeterAngry, a Letter to be submitted and accepted by the Medical SupertindenAngryt , and most important The Autopsy to be done before the Court gives it verdictWink, the chances with which they had come over with joy seemed to doom out, there was no way Peter would sign this , and there was no way they could get Permission from Forensic Department Cryto carry out the Autopsy from this case as it was pending before the court of law, and even if chance they could get the paper work done , it was next to impossible to have the Autopsy reports before the Court proceedings, There were just 3 more days for the proceedings to finalise in this 5 day Trial for MaanCry. Maan was dejected and extremely sad, Geet took over and went over to drive, she asked him Peter’s residence and they drived silently. She could feel him  shedding silent tears looking out as the roads rushed past aside them, to lighten abit she put on the radio, but it was to no availDead. They finally reached over to Peter’s place.






           A Knock at his main door , he immediately settled his attire and she almost lay hanging to him, uttering foul stuff for spoiling his private moment he hit the door, who is it, he was asking in his most grave toneLOL, and he opened the Door to face the Man who had indeed spoiled his life atleast legally this was how it wasROFL. He gave an unpleasant smile and welcomed them both inside, Rosie we have guests could you get them something, yelling on top of his voice he Guided Maan n Geet to the study, Maan almost loved the way this house was  posed, it was the very house he hated to visit, he somehow felt those nuisance of smells of varying drugs and the chatter of Patricia was missing and it was markedly soothing to visit this place which looked like a real home nowEmbarrassed, Maan was like first time noticed that beyond the miseries he had seen this house was no less than a palace!Embarrassed



      After some moments of silence Maan spoke Mr.Peter ve come to meet you with a request, He glanced at him dejectedly , Maan adjusted his vision to look over Rosie who had come to offer them some cofeee, and was like Freaking Peter was least bothered about the Death of Patricia and making out with god knows how many girls and inspite of al  this he was accusing Maan of negligenceAngry, his temper rose seeing the way Rosie n Peter were at comfort, this man was not under any loss nd Torturing Maan for nothing of his faultAngry. Geet then took over sensing his silence, Actually Sir we where wondering if we could do an Autopsy of Patricia, you know her death at inappropriate circumstances, a medical report will help in the case, he nodded and then asked who will the reports helpEmbarrassed, Geet smiled she hit it the right way, she spoke again, ti depends on the report Sir, He asked will you be able to prove a Cardiac Arrest with the reportAngry, Oh yes she shouted, then he said ok then go ahead, if the reports could Prove Patricia had a cardiac arrest it would mean Maan neglected her symptoms and then the case is crystal clearDay Dreaming? She silently nodded yes, this horryifying truth never struck either Maan or GeetCry, They had just taken it for granted that the report would be in their favour, what if by going ahead with this Autopsy they r going to complicate the case for him further, she stared directly into his eyes and he could sense her tense state, Peter spoke again, well I have no problem with this autopsy thing, struggling to speak, Geet said not just verbal SirLOL, we need you to sign these papers to give us consent, he immediately took ti and signed upWink, Maan diverted his gaze staring at he windows, what blunder where they doing now, he was sure now things would mess up further!Wink

PRECAP : Rafal Maan Face Off!!! LOL


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10 thoughts on “DARK HIDDEN SECRETS – PART 12 –

  1. Good one 🙂
    Hope d autopsy goes in favour of Maan 😮 !!

    Mali…i read DHS n JWM….both r gud…i love readin both…i dunno abt d rest 🙂

  2. Nyccc update..waitnig 4 da next.. 🙂 I hope that maan will be soon out of this trouble with da help of geet.. 😉

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