PART 21 :






                The sun rose with its own accordance, bringing light and hopes to many and also dooming to others, with its light it shines , but when it overshines it burns you offEmbarrassed,.. Geet was getting ready and hoping Maan would atleast allow her to accompany him today, she had been parted with her dear daughter for 2 full days, and nothing worthwhile had she accomplished, tonight they would be returning back, she made way to his room and after few knocks he knew SHE was there on the other side of the door, He opened it half heartedly he didn’t want to face her early in the morningROFL, but why was he running away from her, from when did Maan learn to Run away from problemsAngry, oh yees he called her problems, he would never be at ease or peace around herROFL, she was o unpredicatbale, and somewhere he couldn’t find faults in her in real logic sense ,apart from the insane women she was practically he would search for any points to demean her but it ws not possible, she was flawless in every wayROFL, be her looks or deeds, but her tiger mode was something he feared, oh Man yes he feared, he couldn’t handle her straight well ti was like ppl Never open their tongue in front of him but in this case it was he never opened in front of her lest she punch him somedayROFL, the slaps tat too couple of it was fresh in his memory and he didn’t want any embarrassing scenes with her not atleast in publicROFL, he had decided he would avoid her in every possible way, but will he be able too only time can prove that!Dancing





            Y r u standing like a rockWink, move in, she almost pushed him inside after waiting for minutes as he seemed so lostLOL , he tried hard to balance himself before hitting the floor but he tripped over the curled carpet and fell flatLOL, her mob rang and with a confusion she cut the call , and slided her screen unknown to her that her finger touch had switched on the camera and before he could wake up the pic clickedROFL, the sound of the shutter and light of flash brought him to senses, and he got up to break her mob, she immediately pulled apart and tried to let not goAngry, he stared at her, why was she so a disaster and so not possible, he shouted at her early in the morning, why did u clickAngry ? She was fumbling, who who who,,, speak up you lambAngry his tension was rising, no no listen I didn’t do it , Oh yeah he mocked I believe in ghosts and spirits they did it right between you are no less than a devil spiritROFL, She lost it now, firstly she was not at fault and now this bad mouthing , she said look I dnt know how camera got switched on wait lemme delete the pic now, he was kinda giving her a deathly stare but before she could delete her mob rang againLOL, he snatched it from her hands, and the call went on loudspeaker.Confused




                   Maahi was on the other line, and the aunty too, Maahi was like good morningTongue, and he interjected , we’ll speak later and was about to cut the call when aunt spoke “Geet , I was not Finding her Bio Data forms, We have to submit it todayCry,” Geet thought she would do it later, didn’t know Maahi had to submit it and had forgotten to hand it over to the neighbour aunty, “Who aunty she spoke , the third drawer in my main cupboard I have filled it, u hand it over to herEmbarrassed“, Maan was not understanding these talks, Maahi started to cry now, she had sipped the juice in one go and with the yuck taste had thrown it away but to her dismay she had puked it on her own shirt and was cryingLOL , aunt was like Sweety  Baby dnt cry, Geet couldn’t bear her princess crying a silent tear made its way, Maan didn’t know why what he felt he spoke, hey Sweety don’t cry Mommy will change you soonLOL, chalo smile, she somehow felt sootherned with those words and nodded her hand, and Aunt cut the call saying they need to hurry now, as he turned to return her mob he saw her tear ridden faceCry, he went close to her , she was lost , you are missing our familyWink ??? He thought may be she’s away from them and so this emotions, she nodded for a yes, and his sentence reminded her of her family, yes she was missing them badlyCry, 4 years and nothing had changed she thought she could live , she thought she could smile again, but her life once snatched had always been snatched off nowAngry , he didn’t know when his hands were caressing her cheeks and had wiped the last tears that had made way, she felt some butterflies with those touches, someone was touching her with so much care and affection, she pushed him and tried to walk out, he composed himself and tried to rectify Geet get the papers ready ll be waiting for you at the basement…Angry







              She ran immediately to her room , hyperventilating took her bag and laptop and dashed to the elevator pressed the buttons and closed her eyes tight, what was happening to her as the life halted she could feel the same presence around herWink, she opened her eyes at one shot to see him standing there, why could she feel his gaze pierced through her soul, she turn to face the other side, he could sense her distancing, he was not liking it, it suited her the way she did her bak bak her silent mode irritated himCry, well her every mode irritated him he thought what an irony, he always wished she should be silent and not speak and when he was getting what he wanted he was cribbingROFL, the elevator jerked and halted, The sirens on full swing, why was their fate like this locking them In tense situations, she shrieked with a noise he felt his eardrums had received the highest decibel and couldn’t hear furtherROFL, he closed his ears shut when she her eyes, he shrieked nowAngry not your eyes Geet close your mouth shut , else my ears will close off permanentlyROFL. He searched for his mob but with the meagre network he was sure a call wouldn’t be possible, the guards had arrived and told the battery back up had failed and requested him to bear for a few minutes, well this was the impossible task Angry– to bear her, the personnels had took out the elevator key and luckily the doors opened in matter of minutes, but how he tolerated her only he could tell, he wished he could be trapped anywhere on earth, waterless foodless, but not with herLOL, he could handle any disaster but not herLOL


Precap : Maan gets hold of the file which Sam was upto! His reaction now!!!!Broken Heart


PS : guys the respone u r giving is very decreasing :/
ve never asked for likes n comments n all tat!!!! but i think i need to know how many ppl really wait for d updates or r reading my stories, now with new FF The Barrier my Veil am almost writing 4 FF, plus my clinic an other commitments… if u ppl r not interested tell me i can save myself from worrying abt giving updates and put all d FF on hold n concentrate on only 1… my profession task is increasing and my competitve coaching classes will be starting shorly, i have typed all my FF upto next 1o – 15 parts… so i just have to update, when evr i get time i type if i dnt have net n if i have net i update!

So this time i really wanna know what u all want…

Ps: am not qutiiing writing on any grounds LOL!!!! its just tat if d response is low ll put on hold to 3 FF n will be working on only 1 till i finish it n then move over to next 🙂 I hope u all understand!  do gimme ur reviews here …
Loye ye all.,


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  1. Awesome update Mali.. 🙂 lovely Maaneet.. ❤ precap is super exciting.. i'm waiting 4 maan & maahi's next meeting.. 🙂

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