You n Me – Will ever BE ???

You n Me – Will ever BE ???



When life gives you thousand reasons to cry, they say it also gives you equal reasons to smile, but in my case it is not so, it gave me more and more reasons to cryCry ! There are so much setbacks in life but I hardly see any path that sets all the path right, there is no one to turn out and cry, there is no shoulder to keep my head and tear out , there is no one around to embrace and shed down all my feelings and then feel myself light, Iam growing very heavy at heart ! “Angry



          This was the note she wrote and closed her Diary, the Date shined out his Bday! She tucked it under his pillow and hugged him in his sleep, and as usual the few drops made way down her cheeks. She kissed him on his forehead and her thoughts lingered now to her Bday few months back.Tongue




          She nuzzled close to him when the few alarms opened her hazel wide, she tried to ignore but in futile, she lopsied walked over to call in to see the Bouquet at her doormat, the apartment had pin drop silence she smiled at her Hubby’s ways there was a note – Happy Bday MisthiEmbarrassed, she directly went over to the room to kiss him to find him missing, she knew it was another prank her mob rang and she went over to their kids room, fully decorated satisfiying to her wishes her twin angels Maanhi n Maanvi were trying to sing from the syllable they knew and he stood giving them cute looksEmbarrassed, she hugged all 3 of them with tears overflowing mera pariwaar ki rakhsha karma, she shoot that rocket prayer tugged them to sleep after wetting their cheeks and before she could walk he scooped her to their room!




        She was blushing straight , when he reminded her about their SR and all the beautiful memories she had with him, he had made an album, the busy Maan Singh Khurana had devoted in making a priceless album for his Geet, his Mishti, it was her Bday n next day was their 3 rd Wedding Anniversary ! He had planned out things well to make the events a grand one as they were busy romancing he got a call, it was emergency he had to travel to Mumbai for an urgent Deal, he made faces but she pushed him for it, “Maan its ok, u go finish off ur deal n be back by evening, we’ll have a small party today n then grand party tmrw for our Anniv followed bya grand Re SRROFL! she chuckled and he was enjoying her cute antics, with heavy heart he agreed , his departure was arranged immediately by Adi , he kissed the twins and hugged her before leaving , GoodBye Jaan! Take care of urself n my princess too. Who knew it was the final GoodBye.Cry





               The day went uneventful but his return got delayed due to the workload, he called and apologized but she smiled off telling work was important, they could party any time , following day the princess started missing pappa very much, they repeatedly dialed only to hear the voce mail, poor babies, finally when he called back he was traveling to the airport to catch the flight to make it to their Anniv Party, his car broke down , his heart sank he called for help to get assistance by a layman who agreed to drive him, as the other man drove the 2 wheeler, he dialed to speak to his princess, Maanhi spoke Dadda come back soon, enough of all the business, Maa n Maanv n me misshes u lotCry, he smiled n told he’ll be back in few hours. He spoke to Mishthi gave her few kisses  by now his temper started growing due to the slow speed of the vehicle, he offered to drive and took the roads of Mumbai on high spree, the fog was hindering his vision n he handed over the helmet , within minutes his driving came to a halt, the 2 wheeler collided against a truck, he fell over to witness bleeding all over his skull and within minutes he fell unconscious only after dialing his Mishti.



         There was huge commotion at the bypass , and ppl rushed him to the hospital Life Line, one old maan had accidently seen the call n spoke to other person on other line, beta ji , jiska phone yeh hai, unka accident hogaya hai, aap jahan bhi ho lifeline hospital aajaye, jaldi. The earth slipped under her , she fell down shrieking Maan , this could not be true she went numb ,tears flowing down her cheeks , she holded her MS tightly and couldn’t utter a word, after what seemed hours Adi barged into the room as to y his madam hadn’t made appearance downstairs, he wanted her to finalise the party set up, he saw her devastated and his heart broke, she spoke words without making sense, lifeline hospital Maan , only 2 words tat he could register , He made arrangements and Geet Maahi Maanvi immediately flew to Mumbai , the travel from Delhi was totally devastating for her, she had lost all her senses, she wanted to see him, feel him, cocoon him.




         As she entered the hospital, she felt her breath splitting her, Rano hugged her and tears were the only shelter she could see, Rano had cursed the life ahead now, she met with the same fate 25 years ago, when Mohinder passed away in an accident leaving behind Geet n Brij, 3 n 5 yrs respectively, she had brought them up through all obstacles n now history repeated for her daughter, Geet was at fix , nothing could register her senses. The Dr came in n pulled her to the cabin 

Mrs.Khurana, what I say know will change your life completely I want you to understand and trust in god, let go Geet you have to let go, I have been briefed about your family , believe me no one can save Maan, no one and I mean it. He is completely out of our reach, the accident has hit in his vital centres making him lose his senses, all his physiological activities are allowing down, his brain has swollen up due to internal bleeding and there is no treatment for him on medical terms, we can keep him alive , by artificial ventilation as long as we want but there would be no recovery from his senses, he has lost everything. I suggest u let go off him and move on in life, being a woman I can see your life, trust me Geet we don’t write our fate but succumb to it, don’t fight for a situation where there is no victory,


 saying this she took her to the ICCU, there were all kinds of machines one could imagine of , all linked to him at all corners of his body , the Dr undid his shirt and showed there were no physical injury to his body except the brain hemorrhage  , she left Geet and went out. Geet hugged him no she couldn’t let her life slip away, she cant she caressed his body and filled it with her touches, soothed all parts of him and now it struck her , her life was no more hers, it had slipped long ago. She wept and wept till Rano came and took her away. She never signed the consent form to remove his artificial ventilation machines, life went on, days went n weeks too, it was 2 months now from that day and today was his Bday . She weeped only In front of him , n spoke out




“There was always a hope

That you would hold me tight as rope

I never had to worry about me

Because you made it all free

There was no stress no sorrow no fear

Because you where there to take tit all and bear

I never had to manage my life’s band

Because it was perfect at your hand

Now that I see my life tear apart

My life is nothing but a board of dart

I don’t know how to live life

I don’t know how to care

I don’t know how to lead this strife

I know am vulnerable and bare

I don’t know how I can go on

When everything in me has taken a halt

All I know is life forever for me is gone

And I still don’t know whose at fault.”


Moral : Dont Drive with haste remember u have a family to taste.



Guys dnt beat me to death! I had given my name n had to write this part, and this is not the end, I have a full story for this , if u all my readers feel to read this further, do let me know, after the contest ll continue writing this, yes I cant make it a FF but will definitely do a SS of 20-25 parts on this concept I had. But it all depends only if u want to read this further.


it was painful for me to write this without an ending but had to do it . Hope u will support me n encourage me to finish this as a SS later only if u all want too .





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