PART 22 :







                 It was a pure shock when the door opened, since it wasn’t a floor but the partition btw floors, she stared blankly at him, the elevator had stopped in between 2 floors, she gulped her saliva, it was utter dark, they could hear voices above and below , but how will they make it out, an idea struck him, he said after few minutes of silence that he will make a hunch back and she had to climb over him and then jump outWink , he could then climb over the door holding the handle, well it was easy to hear than actually carry out. But they both tried, he bent over she removed her slippers and stepped her bare foot over his back, she was trembling, it was like stamping over something ,a human, her boss, the HIM, it was pure awkwardnessEmbarrassed, she tried twice but failed to step her foot over him, he could sense her hesistance, he turned over her and spoke, we don’t have the whole day to carry out games, just step over me and get outAngry , his stare was enough she immediately stepped up, but to his annoyance the moment her cold feet touched him over his shirts, he felt thrill down his spine, her touch was magical and smooth and elating, he seemed so lost with the closeness , that instead of standing upright to help her he moved his body losing his balance and fell flat down covering her body with hisDay Dreaming, their bodies glued like a jigsaw puzzle matched, each completing the other. Her legs entangled his , and due to the fall her barefoot was now touching his legs , through his pants hemlock, he felt a shock run over his body with those touchesBlushing, to be precise seductive touches would have been the apt word if they were not on hold on such a condition.





             Her hands had been above her head in shock of the fall and he as the balance ditched him felt his hands wander in the direction above as there seemed no distance between the ventral bodies which glued to each other, her eyes closed and the instant he fell he felt his vermilion border of upper lip touch her lower D'oh, but later shrugged it off thinking about the impactionEmbarrassed, he was exhaling hard and their proximity was such that she was breathing in what carbon di oxide he was breathing outROFL, due to short of air either due to her clouded mind or due to the breathing process which was laboured she felt she was growing weak. Darkness would have engulfed her any moment but what made her scared was their proximity, her body fitted his in the most perfect manner, she could feel some unknown senses being born deep inside herWink , she could feel her chest going up and down touching his well toned chest through his clothes, she shuddered and tried to shift when she clearly couldn’t even stand up and rolled up to stand by herslf in the process sliding herself through him to get balance and stand up.Ouch



                      This was indeed the worst situation she had been trapped, the sexual tension had arisen in her and it was clear from her looks, he blamed himself for having those effects on her. She just turned around breathing in and out to shun down those unknown feelings in her. He stood up straightening himself, and bent down again to life her again this time he didn’t trust her and the situation, he lifted her off her feetParty , she was light as feather , and then forced her up that she fell on the floor apart from the lift, the tough tiles hit her and she left a sigh of relief. He managed to climb up and made way , not giving a damn look to her he went straight to the staircase to dash out to basement.Angry





                       She followed suit, as she tried to keep pace with him she stopped silent he turned back to look at her , Now WhatLOL… Who Laptop is still in d lift she tried o speak, he said no problem. They will recover and keep. She spoke again my presentationCry … He stared at her, I’ll be presenting not you so just walk off we don’t have time ,a s they walked past she left a sigh , he turned back to see her bleeding, a nail had poked her barefoot, he rushed immediately and took those petite legs in his palms, he blew air, oh God what was he doing, well it was just humanity he thought, he took out his handky and tied over and helped her to the car, once seated he made her wear the seatbelt and drove to the nearby ClinicWink , she kept complaining that she was fine , and finally it was the end of his limit whe n she started crying like a just born baby when the Dr had taken out the cap to inject her Tetanus Antibodies, He gave her I’ll eat you up a look and shut her mouth with his palm lest she created a scene nowDay Dreaming, she was indeed queen of disasters, his touch silenced her why should he man handle her all the timeROFL. She silenced after some time when he drove to a near by footwear shop and got a matching Sandals for her, and then recklessly drove, she had made a point now that she wont speak to him till the need arises as they entered the main gate she knew they where running late for the conference, she kept cursing her stars for this array of problems.LOL



Precap : Maan gets hold of the file which Sam was upto! His reaction now!!!!Broken Heart


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