PART 23 :






                     He just wished they would make it up on time and as luck would be beside him they did, he gave the presentation and she countered other project details, it was a perfect presentation and the Clients where happy to have witnessed the presentation which had cleared all their doubts and he consignments were signed. He took her for lunch along with other clients but it was their fate that the clients backed off due to some other commitments and now they were again trapped in silence to eat their mealEmbarrassed. Living life wit hhim was proving disastrous in each wayWink, either of them would have a magnetic attraction to problems and would blame the other.LOL





                       The meal was a silent affair that he couldn’t believe she had stayed silent but only when he had ordered for the last servings he noticed she was crying, why this female had to cry everytimeCry. He warned her now, If u cry Geet then am canceling your tickets and you would have to stay over here for a week till the next meeting, she gave a confused look and then he burst into laughterROFL, well it was a rare sight, MSK in laughter something was definitely not rightAngry!!! After a light talk it was when her Mob rang that he remembered about the previous encounter with it, she had the damm picROFL, he took ti back from her before she could attend the call and this time it was Sam on the callAngry, this voice he could have recognized anywhere on EarthLOL, Hello he for a moment felt confused if it was his phone and Sam calling and took out to see the caller id, but the nos wasn’t displayed and it showed private nosConfused, he immediately put it back to say Yes what, the voice on the other line trashed her life to piecesAngry, What was Maan doing , Why was he answering geet;s callROFL, she went silent and then spoke fumbling can I speak to PppriyaLOL,…. He very well knew she was lying , he could make out her stammering in a million ppl, he said sorry Wrong nos and cut the callSleepy. Something good happened after the call, it was that sSam would never dare call Geet back or that Maan would now really start worrying the resons for Sam lying back to backEmbarrassed. HE just couldn’t fathom anything, He handed her mob and they drove back.Embarrassed







                       Luckily they had different seats on the Flight and she dozed off to avoid any more confrontation, he dropped her back in her sleepy state and looked back to watch till the door opened as some lady received her, thinking to be her mom he felt she was safe and left, his mission now begunAngry. Sameera and her hidden play, he had to uncover them.Embarrassed






                  It was past midnight when he entered their home and expected her to be aslept he went over to their room to see her sleep peacefully, he took a shower and went to his side of the bed and slept when his eyes fell on her mob, he took it out to see the call history, 3.15 there was an outgoing call, the time he had attended her callEmbarrassed, but there wasn’t any name saved. He just kept it down and slept with the CCTV images of Sam runnin in his mind.Cry


Precap : Maan gets hold of the file which Sam was upto! His reaction now!!!Broken Heart



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  1. nice…when will maan get hold of the file which is sam upto..?? n i read ur ff so late bcz these days i m very busy with my studies.. but will read in my free time..!!!:)

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