PART 13 :


                They now had the signed papers in their possession and made way to leave when Peter stopped them, Not so soon Dr, I want to inform my Lawyer about this issueLOL. He dialed Rafal and explained to him about Maan;s visit… Rafal shuddered at the information he got from Peter, he told him to keep Maaneet captive till he come s over and checks the paper for himselfAngry. He said they cant risk making the case complicated, he was sure by the end of Day 3 itself , the case would be wrapped off in their favour. Saying so he disconnected.Confused



             Maaneet bid goodbye and where about to leave when Peter stopped them half way,What is the urgency to leave Dr… Rafal is on his way, you better stay back to meet himAngry.. Maaneet glanced over each otherOuch, the situation was turning tricky, Geet managed a smile nad said we are getting late Mr.Peter we will meet some other day.LOL


                 I cant let you people leave now , Rafal has warned me, if u want to leave fine then but give the papers and goAngry, Rafal will read them up and then ll send the papers homeWink, Maan was clenching his teeth nowStern Smile, this was so wrongly happening, disheartedly they sat back in about a quarter hour wait, Rafal barged into the room and demanded the papersOuch , Geet gave it to him, he scanned it up and lost the colors of life..LOL



                  The papers meant Peter was giving a legal consent to carry out Patricia’s autopsy and any legal proceedings and her Attorney Papers would be subjudiced to the outcome of the reportsAngry, which h meant if  Patricia had not fallen to natural death then her legal heir and Insurance money would all take a turn as to whom it would pass on, this would definitely not be on good terms thinking so Rafal took back the papers and ordered Maaneet to leave or he threatened then that he will produce in court that they were trying to Manipulate documents to fulfill their wish.Embarrassed




                He literally pushed them outside the house and tucked the papers in his Jacket, taking leave from Peter and giving him a lecture as not to take any step in the proceedings without his consent he leftEmbarrassed. He got into his car, putting back the Jacket in his back seat he made a call , Yes Sir, this Peter has gone nutsAngry, he had given consent for Autopsy, god knows what will happen now, had I not made it on time things would have shaped badly for usAngry, but don’t worry the papers are under my possession and Dr will not think again to approach Peter to sign, I think our only obstacle is cleared!LOL



         He disconnected the call due to some commotion and that is when he saw in the rear mirror, a lady closing the back door of his carROFL, and sprung to another car which was open sideways and it speeded up the minute she entered the carAngry, he strained his eyes to see the Red Sign in the Car, it belonged to a DrLOL, and by the time he could think that the lady was Geet who had taken his Jacket and Jumped to Maan’s car, the car had already taken a turnLOL , he turned on the accelerator and started following them cursing them under his breath.ROFL


PREAP : Rafal Maan Face Off!!!Angry



I have my exams on May 15th so will be updating only once a week preferabbly on sunday evenings, all 4 FF will be updated on sunday evenings from today till d exam s over. I have writtern already next 15 parts of all d 4 FF so i just will come online n post it… In case u want to contact me u can leave a pm to my ainaGURTI id ,since i wont be using Fb / Twitter much, gotta study lots n am keeping myself away from pc,… Hope u all understand!
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  1. Ahaaaan maza hi agaya.. 😉 what a team work done by maaneet.. ❤ awesome update Mali.. Precap is even more intersting.. 😀

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