LVE – PART 39 –

PART 39 :



           Geet ran behind him, Rano saw this and was glad that her decision to call khurana’s to Delhi was proving fruitfulWink! The day was so chirpy, Geet jollying around with Maan.. It was evening when Dev suggested that Geet start her coaching clases for entrance, a 2 year course if she could enroll she would be able to stay focused, Geet had always listened to DevAngry, though he was a freak his decisions were like worth trying out , he would even as a kid never played with them much but would be engrossed in his books. After speaking with Rano, the kids went over to enroll Geet,mohinder accompanied them and he basic formalities were done, on their way back, Geet got the set of books that was prescribed in the institutions,.Dev fell in love with those books, he felt he was under previledged as staying in HP they couldn’t asses to this side if educatioDeadn, he had studied from what was available at his disposal and had topped the entrance, had he access to these he would have done better but no complaints atleast he was going to start IIT he was happyEmbarrassed….





      A week passed by and Geet was relaxing, she though didn’t bring up the issue, nor did he but there was a deep level of understanding with each other like beforeLOL, his epilepsy attacks had almost come down these days, he was enjoying the holidays to maximum, and Geet’s classes had begunSleepy, it would be 3 hour class daily, he would go every morning with her to drop her and then go to park and play with the local boysOuch and then when her classes are over would pick her at 10 Embarrassedand they would go back home, one side Geet kept on studyingAngry , working hard to fulfill her ambitions to become a doctor and other side Maan would not leave a single chance to jump around with the local guys and play non stopLOL, full day he would go visit them and play, at nights Geet used to sit and study for the daily testsLOL, it was these times that Dev would sit with her so that she doesn’t doze off, she would pull Maan also, he would keep staring at her and then sleep off over the couch looking at herWink.



                    It was the Physics test next day ,she had been studying whole day, even Anni stayed away that dayWink, engrossed in movies and Surfing outside, Finally after Dinner Geet pulled Dev to her study room and started solving all the derivations, poor Dev had hard time explaining it all to herAngry, Maan was going restless he hadn’t seen her the entire day, finally he went over to the room tosee her diped n books, Dev gave a save me look ROFL, Maan whispered him to go sleep it was half past midnight, she didn’t even tatke her head up to lookEmbarrassed , he kept staring at her waiting her to respond n finally at 1 she looked up and made baby faces searching for Dev since she was struck up in some equation, Maan just pulled her books and kept it asideAngry and went close to her, she gave him a deathly stareDead, he chuckled at her , and pulled her to his emrace, enough Geet I know you have studied enoughLOL… now go lseep, he said it tilting his face over her ears, she was blushing tightBlushing, with great difficulty she pushe him, Look Maan she tried thinking to speak something and then burted out suddenlyOuch.. I wanna  eat ice cream Evil Smile!! He opened his mouth wide, she faked tears, am hungry I want Ice cream now that’s itParty… Give me…. He was like mentally banging his headAngry, and after some more tantrums he got up, Geet ok wait for few min, ll be back!!Embarrassed




And I sit here staring at all the Ice they’ve presented me

And I frail,

I freeze,

I flounder around wondering what all this means.


Why have you brought me this?

What have I done, that no one else has, to deserve any of this?

Why do you look at me like I am bliss?

The incarnate of some emotion in your eyes…


And why are you

oceans away?
Have your pupils dilated or have mine expanded?

There is distance here

And I am not the top of your pedestal.


To stay

I must shatter something.

I must   combust              a little,

And spill some ice cream all over the room.

I throw a few handfuls of marble and chocolate batter at the ceiling

I twirl a little in a fury, getting my skirt stuck on everything

And spread some of this icing on the silverware, the refrigerator, your faces.


I have to cover them      a little.

Because I am not so great.

And this? Theseice creams?

I don’t know why you brought them to me.

So I have to throw them,

In a fireball-girl-twirl     -ing

I have never been able to sit still well with this much attention.

So I stamp out the next Sanctuary,

Stomp, stomp

And go back to my normal self,

Not screaming.














PRECAP : Confessionss!!! 



I have my exams on May 15th so will be updating only once a week preferabbly on sunday evenings, all 4 FF will be updated on sunday evenings from today till d exam s over. I have writtern already next 15 parts of all d 4 FF so i just will come online n post it… In case u want to contact me u can leave a pm to my ainaGURTI id ,since i wont be using Fb / Twitter much, gotta study lots n am keeping myself away from pc,… Hope u all understand!
Another imp thing isFOR NON READERS – QUIT READING!
For ppl whi have been reading my stories Once Upoin A Time n Quit now for whatever reasons, plz unfriend me, am having 450+ ppl in d pm list, am finding it really very hard to pm , now with the exam load sending pm is becoming evem nore challening i hope those who dotn read anymore plz unfriend me or pm me back ll unfriend u. Thanks!!


10 thoughts on “LVE – PART 39 –

  1. Wow awesome update panku 😀
    it was fun to read this part 😉
    ohoo dev is such a bookworm but then he is wise n intelligent 😀
    awww geet too enrolled herself but maan uff so careless 😦 😦 hehehe geet dragged dev along at nights and maan used to drool haayee 😉
    ohoo poor dev kahan phas gaya with geet hehehe 😉 finally maan saved him 😀
    haayee geet blushing 😉 omg icecream 😮 poor maan ab kahan se layega aadhi raat ko icecream 😀 awww the poem was beautiful panku
    cont soon

    • what cry baaby!!!!

      u calling aweosm!!! me flyinh high in skies 😛

      fun haaan!!!

      Yes first time dev duffer will b wise n intelligent 😛

      Maan d careless freak!!!!

      Drool hayeee!!!

      yes finally our maan saved him!!!

      ICE Cream!!!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

      thanksss hugssssssssssssssssssss:P

  2. Lovely update Mali.. poor dev.. 😀 our maaneet r just magical..loved their sweet & decent love..<3 ❤ ❤ waiting 4 da confessions.. 😉

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