She was seated in silence something very contradictory of herself, she wasn’t nervous neither excited LOL, she knew she was competent and born to win she could have wandered n any profession but numbers always intrigued her and more than that it was children, being brought up in a conservative background, her parents yet didn’t let her deter from her dreams, she was the first women in their family to step out of the house hold for job, it wasn’t for money, salary didn’t matter to her, it was the satisfaction, she always spread the Holy word in her surroundings and she believed in Hasnath – E- JariaClap, a form of social service her religion has always taught her to be an icon of helping hand, be it to plant a tree or move a stone in road block, and she felt the biggest social service would be to provide education, her dreams were like a triangle with three sides of childrenEmbarrassed, educationLOL & her religionLOL. This job was not a job but it was her motto of life which she would be accountable on the Judgement day.






            MSK Was the example of living angel, his rough and tough looks never matched with his nature of a molten heart, he was the candle of Khurana HeirsEmbarrassed, whose presence was valued like the rays of sun, he was born in a dark family where happiness was jinxedAngry, his proud parents , Beena & Kunal Singh Khurana., had a delicate relation of Beena from the upper class, Kunal worked as a merchant & when their love was given the burial signalAngry, they ran away to write their own fate, but life was nothing but hardships for 7 years where they lived under the mercy of Handa’s, Mohinder & Beena were school friendsEmbarrassed, & Mohinder sheltered them. Handa’s never complained but the self respected Kunal would always work hard for their living finally when Beena was pregnant they decided to leave the Handa Haveli, they got a small house & started working from scraps, their business developed slowly but steadily.LOL





             He stared at her for how long he didn’t know till his mob rang.


Morning Muskaan, hows ya doing ?”Embarrassed


Muskaan had called up to tell that she would be shopping today for their engagement & asked if Maan wanted anything special, she also requested him to accompany,Ouch

Muskaan, Shop whatever you want, I’ll like it & Haan I cant come todayLOL , we have staff recuirmentWink and I have staff meeting , sorry sweety , take care”LOL


saying so he hung up, meanwhile Geet felt awkward seated & bearing testimony to a couple’s callShocked, she didnt like to intrude but her thoughts came to reality when Maan finally spoke,


Ms.Geet Khan, I principal of DHS, would feel an honour to appoint you as our new Maths teacher for High SchoolThumbs Up, if your performance speaks we shall promote you to Higher Secondary Class.”Cool


Thank you Principal Sir, it would be my pleasure teaching here”ROFL



She got up to leave when he questioned,


Will you be teaching with your VeilBroken Heart?” He was mentally strangulating himself for putting up the question lest she take an offense,Angry


No Sir, not during class hours atleast” She gave a meagre smileTongue, it didn’t matter to him if she wore her veil or not, but he wanted to have a glimpse of her face atleast once to see the face that bared those Nightingale voiceEmbarrassed! He watched her retreating, and immediately took his cordless :


any other Teacher in for Maths ? , if yes send them off, I have chosen alreadyWink



He didn’t know why but he had a strange restlessness inside him, it did matter to him, why that voice was so sharp and yet subtle and elegant, he wanted to face her, to look deep into her soul, to erode the barrier that bore his vision, this was strange Dead, something was definitely not array, he felt strange, peculiarliy strangeCry, He shrugged his thoughts and continued the Staff Recuirement, English, Natural Science and Economy were the other subjects that Delhi High School was in need of a Teaching staff, and by the end of Day, Maan had successfully listed the new staff.LOL





PRECAP: Muskan Handa Meets Geet Ali Khan!Shocked























I have my exams on May 15th so will be updating only once a week preferabbly on sunday evenings, all 4 FF will be updated on sunday evenings from today till d exam s over. I have writtern already next 15 parts of all d 4 FF so i just will come online n post it… In case u want to contact me u can leave a pm to my ainaGURTI id ,since i wont be using Fb / Twitter much, gotta study lots n am keeping myself away from pc,… Hope u all understand!
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  1. very nice update. Oh!!!! That Maan ‘s restless towords his Geet I loved that . Egarely waiting for next update:-)

  2. oh! maan is going to engage with muskaan…looking forward to read the next part…!!!:) n best of luck for ur exams..!!!:)

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