Muskan entered the Men’s section, she was strolling for past thee hoursLOL, when nothing worthwhile caught her eyes, she kept budging her friends to decide as what to gift him, but all the shops seemed so scarce for gifts, she was getting agitated now, and took a laptop bag dejectedly and went over the billing counterOuch, her eyes fell on the wrist watch which layed unwrapped, the shop keeper was setting time, she immediately jumped on it, and requested him to pack it for her,Embarrassed


“Sorry Mam but this piece is sold”,Wink


” oh Whatever”Angry


 she spoke to the manager ,


“get me another piece”,Angry


he spoke silently


“mam its one piece collection, you could get another watch or speak to the mam who has got this. “LOL



             Muskan waited in the counter to meet the owner of the wrist watch, she wanted it very badly for maan to give gift him on their Engagement dayAngry, a girl appeared with her face covered and requested for billing , Muskan immediately stopped her, Xcuse me please, she turned to look, Oh actually I have my Engagement next week Blushingand want to gift this watch to my fiancBlushing could you please get another one, the girl smiled but her smile never reacjed Muskan cos it was under her veilAngry, and then the nightangle voice shuddered, Well , Mam I have a got a new job today and I have won the bet so have to gift this watch to someone special please could you go ahead to some other giftLOL? Muskan was no way going to leave it now, she spoke common dear does it matter are you going to gift this to your boyfriend or something like that , the girl muttered chi Chi no t like tatROFL, then what Muskan spoke, see its my D Day he would love this watch don’t you think I deserve it moreWink ? The girl thought for a while and finally let go, she had loved the wrist wrap those elegant colors it was fantabulous she didn’t want to let go Cry, she spoke now, ok then ll pay, you take the dial and ll take the wrist wrap, 50 – 50 doestn it sound betterROFL ? You could shop a wrap for it and gift it to him and ll shop for a dial to gift to my special oneROFL!! Muskan agreed she had loved those symbols that made the dial, and after billing they both parted ways, the dial had MK engraved in it, and that is why she wanted it Maaz Khan , Her bro would have loved it, the wrap too had MK engraved it and it was seeing this that Muskan happily agreed to take it thinking Maan would be super happy to receive itROFL… Well lest they knew the 2 parts would unite one day to the real MK who would bear the ownership for the beautiful piece.Wink




         He had tried sleeping but no avail, he had turned sides all through the night but her voice haunted him in sleep tooROFL, this couldn’t happen, he brushed it off thinking it to be a crush , but he hadn’t even seen her so where did this crush develop from, well this certainly was not rightDay Dreaming, at 5 in the morning he called up muskan trying to divert his mind to something productiveBroken Heart, Hey muskan wats ya doingQuestion, she frowned with all the possible muscles available in her face and answered I was hatching eggs !ROFL





       Delhi High School was witnessing The Morning Assembly , Where the Principal seated in the First Rows of chairs, he had been keen observer of the Prayer Gathering, but today he glanced sides to see if All his staff have made their appearance, well to be more precise he was looking out for a certain specific staffWink! He could see at his distant vision, someone bumping into the stairs as she ran down the stairs to make way to the assembly, well the girl look so organized but haphazard what an ironic situationLOL, she looked perfect but kept stumbling as she stepped down to enter the Auditorium, Who was this new addition to the SchoolAngry. He didtn remember recruiting any staff who was similar to this girl yesterday, before she could speak, the kids stood up with commotion and the band played the National Anthem, he clenched his teeth as she kept fidgeting aroundLOL, all he could not do was stop staring her.Angry


PRECAP : The Engagement Invitation! Broken Heart






I have my exams on May 15th so will be updating only once a week preferabbly on sunday evenings, all 4 FF will be updated on sunday evenings from today till d exam s over. I have writtern already next 15 parts of all d 4 FF so i just will come online n post it… In case u want to contact me u can leave a pm to my ainaGURTI id ,since i wont be using Fb / Twitter much, gotta study lots n am keeping myself away from pc,… Hope u all understand!
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12 thoughts on “THE BARRIER MY VEIL – PART 2 –

  1. itna bhari bharkam naam :O … geet ali khan …. though the name is realllllllllllllllllllly good 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 … and i liked muskaan’s reply 😀 😀 “i was hatching eggs” 😛 😛 .. lol .. hilarious it was 😀 😀 ….

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