PART 24 :





                She got up late and ran back to her house got those Excursion papers signed and dashed to get her and Maahi readyLOL. IT was complete chaos, Maahi had made a list of what to buy for the trip and had handed over to her , she tuck it in her purse , looking at the long list she had to withdraw money, took out her ATM and then dropped Maahi to school and drove to KM,Sleepy she had failed to notice a pair o scooters where following her from the moment she had left he house, but to their amusement they hadn’t seen Maahi coming out of her house but the other way round, they saw Geet fully ready who knocked at he rneighbours house and came out 15 min later with a kid, assuming that she had planned to drop the kid at the school , fools didn’t knew it was her kid and not the neighbour’s!ROFL






             Sam got up to the call Mam she has reached office well the intelligent fools cut the first bit of information which they felt was unnecessary to shareROFL! LOL! Before Sam could interrogate she saw Maan comin gout after the shower and she immediately cut the calLOLl. Luckily for her Maan didn’t notice , he wished her Good Morning and made way for his day. The first thing he did when he reached KM was enter the 11 FloorWink, The Boards Of Control Room. He visually tried to relocate the shelves and yes after few minutes he went over to the rack to take those files, but as luck would have played, thinkng about the Blue file he missed Geet’s files when another Blue file was left standing there, his heart beat increased as he took the file, he knew itAngry , but what he didn’t understand was why after 4 years she was behind this file.Wink






               His heart tore apart to think of those days those verbal fights he had with herCry , their relation was at the peak of burden and he knew that in just one year of their marriage it was definitely going to fall apartLOL. But when their relation stood the storm he realized when they both could sail through those tough times it meant destiny had written their names together come what may they would be untied to each otherAngry, wantedly or either unwantedlyOuch! He had that File always preserved in his drawers to remind him of the mistake he had agreed toAngry , but the day Geet was behind him searching those drawers for files he had thought that the File was no longer safe there, his past was no longer safe there and had kept it in d control room, but know Sam had taken it , but whyConfused. He needed to speak to her and sort it out, why did Sam take those files , she knew it all then why was she behind it now after 4 yearsDead. His tear formed as he remembered the day he had signed those consent forms. If not for Dadi he would have never agreed, her dying requests he had to yield to, if Sam was not helping him to fulfill their wishes he had to accept the other alternative option.Angry




                It was those high days when they would fight till ends meet, and it was all for a kid, se had plainly told him she was not ready atleast not till she was secure in the fashion worldCry, he had assured her of money fame everything, but all that he wanted in return was a heir to their familyAngry, Dadi was on her deathbed 2 heart attacks back to back and it was her wish to see the heir, in one such confrontation at the hospital he lied to Dadi to see some smile in her face that Sam was pregnant, the old lady had beamed with joyEmbarrassed, He felt like cheating on his family for uttering such false hopes, it was that fateful night when all loose strands broke apart in between their relation.Angry



 PS! So u ppl see, he missed the file which same took and mistook it for the other file which was a proof of his tornful past!

I have my exams on May 15th so will be updating only once a week preferabbly on sunday evenings, all 4 FF will be updated on sunday evenings from today till d exam s over. I have writtern already next 15 parts of all d 4 FF so i just will come online n post it… In case u want to contact me u can leave a pm to my ainaGURTI id ,since i wont be using Fb / Twitter much, gotta study lots n am keeping myself away from pc,… Hope u all understand!
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20 thoughts on “JAB WE MET – PART 24 – MISTAKEN –

  1. but di … aren’t the parents to be knowing about all this… did sam not tell maan that she was doing all this.. :/ :/ … weird sam …. good maan … cute geet… sweeeeettttttt maahi 😀

  2. Very sad update.. 😦 firstly bcz maan saw the wrong file & secondly that stupid sam made our maan cry.. ;( but thank god maahi was not recognized as geet’s daughter.. 🙂

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