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PART 15 :



                   Maan couldn’t sleep the whole night, he had decided and had called off the Autopsy, Vikram had literally barged on Maan for the turn of events and Maan felt utterly guilty for the incidenAngryt, it was decided that next day Anni n Pinky would pack off for a mini vacation. Vikram was not at all happy with any turn of events, he had wished that the case ended at earlirest so that Maan could go back to his homeAngry, at the turn of events Geet had decided to stay back longer till the case is over, she felt worried for Maan and know with the harassment she was even more worried, she had been on call with Fred almost whole night and had explained to him the entire situation, they both had finally decided that in front of Maan they would act as if the autopsy issue had been laid to rest, Fred would come there at earliest and assist Geet along with few Superintendents to carry out he Autopsy without any one’s knowledge.Wink



                   Maan was getting ready to go ahead for the 3rd day proceedings , he now had lost all hopes, especially after the incidents, he thought he wouldn’t discuss anything further and would oblige by the courtCry, the situation was getting tenser, he didn’t want any family members to be suffered due to his issuesLOL, he even told Geet to stay away, but then she countered telling she would go to FH and apologize to father and request him to not unearth Patricais’s body as they were no longer interested I n autopsyEmbarrassed, this statement gave him peace and only then he ordered her to go, She dialed Fred and gave him instructions as to how to get to FHConfused, his flight would be arriving in 2 hours time. And now Finally maaneet drove in opposite directions, both alone to face his future.Wink



              The court’s DAY 3 proceddings had begun, Rafal took over and started giving brief explanations about the case and how it had been discussed in past 2 days, he held the synopsis and then as they were discussing the 3 rd Clause of Medical Negligence Rafal spoke :Honour, The breach of Code by Dr.Maan has caused an injuryConfused: The breach of duty , by not attending to the patient in the most appropriate way had lead to a proximate cause of the injuryOuch., he also continued to claim that the alleged breach lead to be fatal taking out the life of his client Patricia, she had succumb to death due to his negligent attitudeSleepy. The Judge was all ears and it was no doubt that due to his failed behaviour the patient was no more and had met a fatal end.Wink



                 When Maan was questioned he chose to be silent, he just told that what best he could do at the complaints he did, on the phone call, what symptoms he was presented with he chose to do a house call rather than see her at hospital, out of pure instinct and his experienceOuch. He did admit of committing Negligence during his practice, nothing was fatal , there were cases of misdiagnosis and all, but he stresses that this case there was no issue of negligence from his side.Angry


           She had switched on the Bluetooth, and was on call ,Fred had landed few minutes ago, and she was giving him directions to the Forensic Lab, they both had decided that he would report to the Labs and explain to them the situation till then she would get the Body and make arrangements for the transfer to lab LOLand then they could with other neutral forensic Experts carry out he AutopsyWink, the main motive behind this secrecy was to withheld this piece of information from MaanAngry. All the while driving she felt unease, especially during the signal waits, she sensed a yellow Benz following her, well it appeared only during the blocksOuch, but as the car speeded up the roads she missed it, she shrugged off the thought thinking she was over imagining thingsShocked, but she did try to leave afalse trail, by switching lanes but that didn’t help muchLOL, the yellow was almost behind her every now and then, the driver was pacing close to her , and on line with his master, he took out his silencer and aimed at her during the next traffic signalAngry, she was just inches away to be shotDead, well he was close to accomplish his taskTongue.



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  1. Haayeee bechare Maaneet kahan phans gaye hain..mali plz close this case & start Maaneet’s love story.. 🙂 ❤ eagerly waiting 4 that 2 happen.. 😉

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