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PART 25 :





                       He came out of the past when Adi called up to inform about the few work pending at his absence, he took over the file and came to his cabin, and half heartedly went through and signed some checks and other consignments papers. The revelation was bad – to go back and live in the pastAngry,, the day his wife had outrighlt dejected to his pleas, it was not for pleasure he never cared a damm,, it as for his dying Dadi.Cry His anger rose as those incidents played in his minds. He got up canceling his meetings for the couple of days, and walked out of KM.





                     He still felt fresh when his Dadima was hospitalized continuously first for nervous breakdown and next heart attack, he was sure this time he would be losing her, the Drs had given up on hoping and he like a lost soldier dejected sat by her waiting for his so called wife to comeOuch, he could see Dadimaa so outrightly lost from current happenings, the Old Women loved kids and wanted to see their Heir before her deathOuch, that was the sole reason Maan married Sam at such a short notice but htat time he didn’t knew the lady whom he married with full gratitude had no plans of fulfilling his dreams.Dead




              It was later that night when Sam entered the Hospital after shooting for a Company, that she remembered to meet the family, Maan was high at temper when he was informed about he shootingLOL, and the moment she entered he broke the bomb shell on her, he hold her hands and walked towards Dadi and spoke in a gentle voice, Dadimaa I want to share something, actually we wanted to give you a good news and we thought of sharing it with you togetherAngry. She didtn understand anything till he spoke Dadimaa Sam is expecting, her hands felt cold he could see the color drain from her faceROFL, well he had to lie to see a smile on Dadi’s lips but he was sure he would convinve her and turn this lie to a truth, but alas Maan Singh Khurana was wrong, wrongAngry!!! Dadi’s face immediately lit up, her emotional status stabilized and she was more than happy, now she got the will to live life.LOL





               That night was the worst of his life, Sam had barged into the room and shouted at him for such lame talkLOL, Maan had initially been polite, had tried to speak her out to make her understand, he would let her carry her Modelling, it was just a matter of a year, after the baby he would take care and appoint nanni’s to take care she didn’t have to worry about the childOuch, but Sam refused, she spoke so venomously don’t you include Dadi and her wishes in light for your pleasuresAngry, being a man not satisfying your urges Angry, atleast on this conditions of Dadi don’t try to force me with false promisesAngry , her words touched him deeply, he never had any wish for physical intimacy and here she was accusing him of wanting those pleasures and taking advantage of the momentAngry, the weakness of Dadi to force her to take their relation to a next levelAngry, This accusation was more than he could imagine and that day he had decided , their relation had met the end in realityEmbarrassed, but practically for law and society they were marriedOuch, he had always hoped that one day things will be fine but after that night he knew the sun could rise in westBroken Heart, all oceans would dry off Ouchbut still what ever happens she wont change, she would never changeWink. And his life had been doomed with expectations. He had been cheated in the mask of love!Dead


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