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PART 3 :



 The minute the Assembly was over , he marched into his Room, her memories playing in his perverted mindWink, she was toppling over like a chalthi phirthi disasterAngry, she finally made way to his Room to apologise for running late, the minute she entered he made up a strange straight face like nothing mattered , his face was beyond any expressionAngry. She struggled to stay silent and finnaly he spoke ,



“don’t you have manners ?”Ouch


“What did I do Sir”Cry


“Running late to Assembly on the very first day of your inception and what manners would you instill upon the children if you yourself need moral policing all the time around”Evil Smile


Her jaw dropped into a big O as how he could threaten her like this, this was so not appropriate.Ouch



He was trying hard to concentrate between her looks Winkand his angerAngry, his anger had taken the upper hand though, her face was more than mesmerizingDay Dreaming. HE found it hard to vocalizeROFL, well this beauty was something he hadn’t dreamt about Maan Singh Khurana had everything at his disposalEmbarrassed, he never had to choose between two things in life cos it was always the perfect that he stumbled uponLOL, this Lady was definitely going to make him break his promises and rulesROFL, if alone he could actually what love isOuch, with Muskan it was different they were like buddies, shared every single secrets it was like they both were meant to beLOL, he would read her mind and she would cater to his all needs, if that was love then what was this restlessnessShocked, he really needed to redefine his definition, trying to calm himself ignoring to look into her eyes he spoke again,Ouch


“Am so disappointed with you Ms.Khan, couldn’t you’ve had a little bit respect when the National Anthem was playedAngry“, he stressed on the Word Khan Evil Smileand wished the Earth would consume him the very instant to have outrightly offended her.LOL


She held her head low, still struggling to stand straight, she was almost wagging her body that meant no less than seductionROFL, he was definitely having a hard timeHeart. He was trying hard not to focuss, when she almost leaped into his arms clinged to him tight, Angry, jumping over him like an animalROFL, he was bewildered or say shocked at her behaviour. Her legs encircled his kness, she was clinging on to him like how a snake on a tree lying loosely but grippingDay Dreaming. He closed his eyes at her scent, she was tempting and her ways were making it even more temptingROFL, he had to put her down when she shouted for a no, it took him few minutes to grasp the situation it was then he saw a cockroach run throught the carpets outside the door Angry, so this creature had hold her captive and un attentiveEmbarrassed, he almost chuckled imagining to see her starian the way she was doing during the assemblyROFL, Man poor girl was having a tough timeROFL , with cockroach leisuring around her body, he couldn’t help but giggle.LOL


She stepped out and away, his words were like draggerAngryLOL, and out of pure disgust she spoke the next set of words which pricked him harsher, ” My name is Khan Winkand am not a TraitorAngry, ” He could clearly see how deeply she had taken his verbal assaultCry. She went on ” Let me see someday if you could stand still while an arthropod feeds your skin when the Anthem is played and that time you cant say My name is khurana and am not a TraitorAngry, she stressed on the Traitor word and left the room in silence,Ouch it was when the door flung open that she saw Muskan, though Muskan couldn’t identify her without the Veil but she very well did.Sleepy


PRECAP : The Engagement Invitation! Broken Heart

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14 thoughts on “THE BARRIER MY VEIL – PART 3 –

  1. sooo nice update …
    that cockroach wala scene…i was laghing my heads off…
    bechara maan ka toh hawa tight with her beuty, innocent seduction & her those straight forward talks…
    bt maan ko vi waisa bolna nehi chahiye tha….
    how did sam nd geet knows eachother…
    cntnue sooon…

    • Thaks dear!!!

      Cockroach wlla scene ! Hayeee 😛

      Hawa tight scnes!!! beauty with brains 😛

      baby there is no Sam n this FF! its muskaan! n Geet doesnt know her name, she just recognizes d face, but muskan didnt see her face na so she doesnt know!

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