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PART 26  :







               He went home half day and tried to calm himself but those memories never seemed to leave himAngry. He packed his stuffs and took out his hunting kit and went away with the idea to hunt down animals to lessen the painful past he was dwelling upon, to diverge his thoughts to divulge his memories to be buried in those deep forest he always went down for huntinOuchg. He had sent over some undone files to the office and finished up with some work before sun set as he drove away.





             Sam had been busy all day with her upcoming Boston trips, she was making those designs a hundredth time so that their collection would be selected, she had been very particular about each detailsSleepy, it was when she was packing up to leave home she got the call again, maam Geet had been in office whole day and afternoon went ot pick up someone and dropped them and returned back office, all the while the spy’s where living in the idea that she had been doing this picking up and dropping by the neighbours daughter as courtesy or some deal and thought to not waste Sam’s time over it withheld such minute intricate details, they had to just have a watch over her and track down her family that was the task they had been bestowed upon.Clap




           When night had fallen he had finally halted and went down to start with his hunting, he had hunt down two birds and then put up a tent for shelterWink. The cold winds covered his body , his tiredness would have worn out anyone for sleep but his already confused mind prevented him from falling asleep, why was life so harsh, he had to face the guilt trip and it was getting worse with matter of time, but something was better, atleast on the right time he had saved an innocent’s life from being tarnished soothing himself of that thought he slept unknown to him the ironyOuch, that he had indeed tarnished an innocent life not one but twoDead, one who was accidentally trapped and the other who bore the brunt of the mistakeShocked!





           The sun’s rays played hide and seek to enter his tenBroken Heartt, may be worrying to whether lighten up his life or let it drench in dark miles apart Angry, she opened the curtains allowing the full sunlight to enter her houseWink! Hoping each day that as the rays brighten up her home it will brighten up their future tooWink, and yes today it would in many ways, she didn’t know what today hold for her but a restlessness had made it way since she woke up, something bad was going to happen , she felt bad vibes around her.Confused




           Shrugging off the thoughts she got ready and her baby tooEmbarrassed! The evening had been tiring after a long day at work but thankfully he wasn’t present at office and that by itself was a big boon for her, but she missed him and all their fake fights oh yes she missed him, did his absence meant a bane for herOuch??? She was excited that today she would meet him and try to ask forgiveness and not mess up with him further and try to maintain straight in terms with him, but would that be possible ? Would they meet today and even if they did on what circumstances…Angry




               Packing all the excursion stuff for the baby and giving her some warnings about not wandering about without teachers and all she kissed her tight and dropped her at schoolLOL, she called up Adi and explained that she would be running a bit late today, she actually wanted to see her departure in school and then only get back to work. Maahi was excited, it would be an understatement, the girl was too much over joyed and so where the other kids, after the school bus left she drove back to officeEmbarrassed. This was so not correlating, why should she drop the neighbours kid daily , now this worried them and thought too better discuss this with their Madam.Ouch






            A call brought her out of her slumber sleep, she looked at the caller id and attended the call at one go, why had they to disturb her so early in the morning,Angry


Guards : good Morning mam…Embarrassed


S: Yes morning.. say ..


G : Actually there is something that is bothering us.LOL


S: Yes go on.


G : Of what we are observing of her for the past 2 days, certain things are a misfit.Wink


S: Like Whattt… she was growing impatient now.


G : She drops a kid to school and picks her up too during office hours, The earth slipped under her feet , she had lost all color taste vision everything of her life with that one sentence.ROFL


G : Mam Does she have a kid ??Tongue



S: It was your work to find out , you Scoundrels, how could you just not notice e this fact for the last two days .Angry


G : Mam, we were confused.OuchConfused


S : To hell with your confusion , bas***ds good for nothing, get lost.Angry



G: Mam plz listen we could work it out .LOL


S : Oh well, she mocked, how would you work it out .Dead


G : Mam 24 hours, and we would give you the full history of that kid and would present to you the details so that you could decide her future.Angry



This sentence was soothing, Sam felt a bit relieved.



S: your time begins now, 24 hours and I will write her fate thenOuch. Saying so she cut he call, today was going to be along wait, her doubts were clarified Geet had delivered a girlAngry , Khuarna Heir, and now working in their close proximity, what if they truth surfaced some dayOuch, her world will go crashing downDead, she had to act fast not just fast but smart and clean too.Angry



PRECAP : Maaneet n Maahi 3 in one stop! Wink




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16 thoughts on “JAB WE MET – PART 26 – FEAR –

  1. Superbbbbbb update.. (Y) Finally sam came to know about Maahi…precap is very interesting.. 🙂 veryyyy well written Mali.. Eagerly waiting 4 next update..

  2. Had missd sum earliar parts,so read all at once…loved all d maaneet sweet fights,moments n sum progress in der relation..d story is moving in a interestng way,n m enjyng sam’s condition coz its moving towards her end 😀 cumng to dis part its awsumm n eagerly waitng fr d precap n d nxt parts 🙂

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