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            Rafal started his monologue again after minutes of silence, Honourable Judge as all the clauses of have been laid in front of you which prove Dr.Khurana guilty here is the final testimonyAngry, the final clause which will rest this case, Dr. Khuranas’ negligence had caused a damage. Without damage (losses which may be pecuniary or emotional), there is no basis for a claim, regardless of whether the medical provider was negligent or not.! Damage here  had been the death of Patricia, and the loss was emotional agony, mental distress and what not for Peter, his life has been torn apart from this damage.Sleepy



         The Judge had asked Maan /Roger to defend but it seemed pointless at the current state for Maan to speak anything ,all that encircled in his mind was what ever happened to him was his fate his head ache he didn’t want anyone else to suffer or bear the brunt, Pinky Anni Geet all have suffered wnough and he didn’t want hem to suffer more nto atlaeast due to his indesiciosnConfused, in this moment when he stood silent the last 1 week shadowed his brains, it had Geet eclipsed all overWink, how she had entered his lifeTongue and changed everything, how her entry had been like thae rays of sunWink, but darkness was permanent in his life, that her light could not brighten up the darknessAngry, he felt how he had ignored her during the college days, but he chiry girl stayed back just the same , she didn’t change and now too when she had taken avacation and had been here she was all the time worrying for himAngry, what was it that they both were attracted to each other, in few days she would be married off to Fred, the thought it self was disgustingConfused , his life had slipped, in his college days he had ignore her cos he kept his profession first and today when his profession ditched him she stood like rock beside him and supported him selflessly expecting nothing in returnClap ,was this love, he couldn’t judge his feelings, th e Judge’s voice brought him out of this thoughts  and he felt like kicking himselfLOL, when his whole world was crashing down all that he bothered to think was about her and the unseen unsaid LoveHeartHeartHeart, truly unbelievable he smiled off.



              The bullet made its way out of the barrel it was held captive ofCry , the speed had even would left Einstein at a gaze, but she pulled back the accelerator in the time that it missed her by few nanoseconds and the windshield cracked into a million pieces, she couldn’t shout back too, but in the rear view she knew it was the Yellow ho was behind herAngry, she panicked first time, she switched lanes, dodged him or say tried to but he yello was speeding up like crazy, she called up Fred and briefed him, he changed his route and came for her rescue, she kept aimlessly driving till a point she noticed the tanker almost emptyOuch, it was a death situation for her, her car seemed to skid down towards the pavement, and just in time a Black Mercedes flung open, she left a happy smile nad jumped into it and they were successfully able to dodge off and reached the FH ..Ouch





            The Judge gave his almost final Judgement, he spoke out of respect that looking at the Pros n cons of the case, it seemed the case had taken its full shape by the 4th day of trial. Dr. Maan didn’t have much to prove him self innocent Cry, but the quantum of prrof available to prove him guilty had mounted upAngry, there had been one last witness today after which the Judgement would be delivered, a Nurse from Life Line Nursing Home made way, she was of the last witnesses who had come, Certain collegues of Maan too had reported to tesify his sincerity in profession but some jealous one too mocked at his instincts going wrong over all it was one to one situation, but Jasmine was calm as she made way. Maan remembered her , she was the Nursing chief who had called for the Code and was from the team who had done everything possible to safeguard Patricia.Ouch



                    The Hospital Reports were already submitted to the Judge, Jasmine just spoek a little, she clarified the situation that night and finally said the one small piece of truth which would have mattered the most, she told when they were trying to retrieve there were 2 moments when Patricia had responed to the surroundingsSleepy, the first time Jasmine was so involved in the Emergency procedures she could not make out , but the second time when Patricai responed , Jasmine had tried asking her symptoms and Patricai had just told this that her heart didn’t pain a single minuteOuch, but all the while the Emergency Code where trying to install beats to her heart and punching out to get it to beat Confused , Jasmine felt it odd and she had immediateldy checked bedside Sugar values to see if it was high that would mask the symptom of pain but to her utter astonishment, her sugar levels were dropping, it was like her system was not taking in the sugar contentOuch, Maan heard carefully this was new piece of information , he remembered she was put on various lines for infusion and glucose was being delieverd to her veins like water to fish, and they were all so engrossed in getting her heart right back in order that time no one bothered to worry why the sugar level was not going up, they could have easily raised the sugar level up later but that moment they wanted her heart to beat backShocked, now with Jasmine information about the bedside tests he felt uneasy, from the start he knew it was not heart attackConfused, she didn’t have the symptomsConfused, know very badly he wishe d there could be an autopsy not to save him but to know the real truth.Angry

PRECAP : Autopsy reports.Cool



I know am updating like after ages… but i apologise… the story is almost ending.Cry. in another4 parts it will endDead… if u like to see some changes in the story do comment backLOL! Thanks for al ld love n support u have all given me through this FF 🙂 Hug





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12 thoughts on “DARK HIDDEN SECRETS – PART 16 –

  1. Nyccc update..finally Maan felt something for Geet..really waiting 4 their love confession.. ❤ ❤ ❤
    waiting 4 next update.. Autospy rzlt.. 😀 😉

  2. Such a awsumm part,luvd it,maan fr d 1st tym felt n thought fr geet n dat was so ❤ ❤ 😀 hope d truth cums out n maan gets final relief frm all dis,n plz can we get sum maaneet moments before d story ends coz its lyk incomplete widout dis.. 🙂

    • thanks a lot dear!! yep he finally he started getting feelings towards her! hopefully truth will come out soon :/ yes will bring in maaneet scenes by the end of d story! as any FF without Maaneet romance will b incomplete 😛

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