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PART 4 :




            The door flung open, and there stood Muskan, She saw a shocked face of Maan and a girl running out with deathly stare and hasteLOLLOL,  Geet literally bumped into her and without apologizing just walked away, Muskan almost stumbled with the impact, balancing herself she walked into his room.Wink


“Maan what was that.”Shocked


 He kinda smiled back,


“sweety nothing of much importanceLOL, a new teacher who is worse than a student!”ROFL


 He chuckled thinking about her antics, and the Muskan started her train of verbal assaults,


” Maan you know What I was so damn confused as what to shopAngry, there was nothing I would actually like to gift you, its like Maan you have everything already,Angry


 she sideways hunged him.LOL


“Sweety but I don’t have you!”Angry


 She blushed with his remarks,


 “U pervert,”LOL


she punched him on his chest, and he went on,


“am serious Sweety, its like I cant wait to get married!”Wink


 Muskan broke from the embrace and was like


“Maan , its just a couple of days and we will be bonded in Engagement and in a month we will tie the knotOuch , am just so excited Maan, The guy with whom ve grown up and lived and phased all my life am finally going to be one with him in this Holy relation am just so excited.”Clap


 Sweety you are excited about the Marriage or the after ROFL😛 She literally gave him another punch, and was blushing tight, ok chalo I need to show you what we all had shopped for the Day,Angry. Sweety, no not know, you know am busy, the term has just started and ve got loads of workOuch, later Sweety please. Her face fell off, and she was like fine then am going , see you at dinner. Byee.LOL



The day went usual, well he was literally not that excited about the marriage the way he had falsely confessed to Muskan, somewhere deep in his unconscious minds there was this light of herAngry, he taunted at her which was never of his callibreWink, he would either bash someone for their mistakes or screw them out of their minds, taunting and day dreaming someone was definitely not in his dictionaryEmbarrassed, he know wanted to work out with a solution with Geet, he needed to confront and sort the turmoil in his minds.Ouch He had then after deep thinking decided that he would not rest emotionally with her being around, so the next best option would be to fire her offShocked. But how, he needed a valid reason, knowing the little bit about her he knew she was among the very very few people who would care a damn about his baseless ordersClap, he knew if he would fire her off she would inturn blast him offROFL…He made up his mind now to find fault in her to show her the exit, mentally cursing himself for appointing her the previous day he walked towards the staff roomOuch, all the teachers got up, he scanned the Time Table charts and noted down the classes for Geet. He signaled them to take their seats and once done he went to the corridors, all classes immediately rose from their seatsEmbarrassed, as he kept walking down the corridors, some teachers stepped out to have a word with him, but he walked apast, finally he reached his destinationEmbarrassed. The class stood up in silence, She turned around to witness the cause of the pindrop silence.Wink


PRECAP : Heart MaanEet taking classes 😛 Heart

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12 thoughts on “THE BARRIER MY VEIL – PART 4 –

  1. Hve startd readng dis story few days ago n m luving it,an unusual one wid principal teacher combo fr maaneet,eagerly waitng fr d story to unfold further,u r doing fav work dear 😀 n also waitng fr d lovely precap 😉

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