PART 17 :



                 The father at FH after going through all the consent forms, told them to wait he said they would exhume the body and deliver to them to carry out the autopsy, Get was thrilled,LOL as the Father disappeared out of sight, she started narrating the whole story to Fred, Somewhere deep in heart he knew that he was losing GeetEmbarrassed, may be for the last time, he closed his eyes and listened to every detail that she had to give.LOL



                    Fred was upset due to her intense involvement in the case, she had just explained to him out of curiosity nad genorisity she had tried her level best to help MaanEmbarrassed, but Fred could sense or see things farther than thatSleepy, what he didn’t want is that someone break her heart again, she had sufferd enough after her parents demise, she was shattered and it took heaven lot of work for him to put her togetherOuch, how aloodf she used to stay , but now just 1 week he could clearly see the metamorphism, she had changed a lot from the last time he saw her, definitely this Maan was casting his spells on her, tat is what he could finally conclude off.Angry



              The court had been adjourned, since it was a 5 day trial, the Judgement was to be reserved for the 5th day onlyAngry, with submission of various proof, the case had finally taken a shape. The Judge had been very much convinced with Maan’s negligence involvement and pitied Peter for the outcome.Cry



                Maan was in a transfix, he could now see things clearly after Jasmine had enlightened on few minute details , he had finally cracked down the case, the only thing that was left to be done for him to be sure was have a trip to Peter’ houseAngry, he needed to check her medications bottle. He knew know what must have happened to Patricia , he shuddered at the thought, his mind seem to be worrying and working up in weird waysAngry, but the saddest past being his Hippocratic Oath, he cant deliver out the truth, not now but neverCry, He just hoped that his assumption of the Death be somehow proved wrong, he couldn’t deal with the guilt, never.Dead



                 After what seemed like a n Hour, the Father guised Geet n Fred to a Morgue Waiting room, after few minutes when they entered they saw the Body mounted and embalmed. There was silence, Geet looked from Fred to Father, and finally Fred spoke up, thanks for the Help Father, we shall perform the Autopsy and deliver back the body with due care and as soon as possible, the Security Personnels accompanied them to the State Forensic Laboratory (SFL).LOL



                Fred had gotten permission through his contacts and like 3 hours later the Body was ready on the gurney waiting to be autopsied at SFLCool. Geet Fred had their lunch with Chief  Medical Examiner of State and discussed the Foreign Policies, as the duo were both from Respected backgrounds the CME , had aggred for them to carry out the autopsy under the vigilance of their local Forensic Expert in case they need help, at evening 4 sharp, Geet started the autopsy.Embarrassed




                Maan reached home , and wanted to very badly pay visit to Peter’s house , but he knew he was not welcomed in there. He though he would wait for Geet and then they both can think of something to break into the houseROFL. Maan had enquired Ani about Geet, she had informed him that Geet was expecting Fred today and the couple must have been busy shopping and enjoying their holidays together. Maan’s mood dropped further.Angry



PRECAP : Confusion ! ROFL

the story is almost ending.Cry. in another3 parts it will endDead… if u like to see some changes in the story do comment backLOL! Thanks for al ld love n support u have all given me through this FF 🙂 Hug


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10 thoughts on “DARK HIDDEN SECRETS – PART 17 –

  1. Lovelyy part,hope maan didnt misunderstnd geet nd dey can reach to d truth finally. Precap sounds not good,waitng for it 🙂

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