PART 18 :



                           It was 6 and the Gross autopsy was done, Fred and Geet had penned down the Gross autopsy report Embarrassed, from gross they could tell that no major organs could provide any clue so they had to cut slices and make slides and microscopic examination would help them reveal the caseClap, They had taken extra care to examine the hearts for any signs of block but there was none, her heart was clear, the lungs were examined for any signs of hampering but it all seemed normal, the stomach juices were taken in test tubes for analysis of the medicines she had taken last. The finally sew down the Body after taking required slides and then with care had deported the Body with the officials to take back to FHDead. Now in front of them lay the main task to stain the slides and study each section of  it to detect any abnormality.Confused



          It was 8 and still Geet hadn’t returned back, Maan started to feel restless and he dialed her only that the call went on answering machineEmbarrassed, le left a voice msg to her to call back at he earliest since he wanted to do some illegal stuff tonight and he needed her helpROFL. He tried to get back to bed at earliest to pretend that he was sleeping and then in the middle of the night he would sneak out from the house. Fervently he was waiting for her reply.Wink



         IT was midnight now, and Geet Fred having skipped their dinners still didtn feel hungry,. The findings of the case was beyond their comprehension, they had done a thousand autopsies in their experience , but this case was the most confusing of all, they could not find a single cause of deathAngry, Geet ran the spectrometer over and over again to detect any thing in the Stomach juices, but apart from the medications they couldnt find anything, well when they had successfully divided the medicines and tried to see at each of them they could finally conclude there was one medicine which they had found out Confused, but this was something new, a medicine never marketed or sold, Fred could relate it tat once when Mass patients were dying in a Health Provider Hospital, they had from autopsies concluded that the new Medicine which was given to the patients had worked adversely bringing about the death of the patients.Angry


         He narrated the incident to Geet and immediately her jaws dropped. She then put two plus two and concluded what must have exactly happened, she told Fred that Maan was a research Student since College days, and he was working on anti cancer drugs which worked in a way that would arrest cell growth Ouch, thus preventing from cancer cells to grow further, he didn’t have the actual fund to carry out clinical trials and hadn’t got license during his study tenure, but she was sure though he worked on many other research stuff, this cancer project was something he never worked on later, she worried now may be maan had made the medicines now and tried on Patricia bringing about the death of herAngry. She wondered may be Maan never knew this side effect of the drug, and now Fred and she worked on the various medicines they got from Partricia’s stomach and finally were able to retrieve a prodrug, when they studied the chemical  composition, Fred was astounded , it was a new protein , a new genreAngry. The most astounding fact they recovered was that this particular medicine must have been extracted from a Snake VenomAngry. Geet was perplexed, how did Maan get access to it, she was literally trembling in fear thinking to what extent Maan had gone. Fred suggested that they confront maan know since they know the real cause of death and maan’s immense involvementAngry, but Geet suggested that they first get hold of Patricia’s Medications from her house.Cry


PRECAP : Maaneet at Peter’s house. Cry




the story is almost ending.Cry. in another2  parts it will endDead… if u like to see some changes in the story do comment backLOL! Thanks for al ld love n support u have all given me through this FF 🙂 Hug



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8 thoughts on “DARK HIDDEN SECRETS – PART 18 –

  1. Superb!!
    Finally dey found out the reason for Patricia’s death 🙂
    I guess Maan isn’t involved in givin dt drug to Patricia !!

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