PART 27 :






              The Bus finally arrived at the Forest Resort area, all the kids were over joyedLOL, after unpacking and the initial round of lectures, the teachers had advised them time and again to not explore the places around without guidance. After they all ahd their snacks, the teachers spilt the kids in six groups of 15 students each, each of them had to collect various leaves and flowers, the students were given 1 hour as time and which ever team won would be the winner of first round of game. Each group 3 teachers were assigned and now the batch of students parted for their games to beginLOL. The kids were so excited and kept questioning the teachers and jumping about, Maahi with her friends were very careful throughout, they almost stuck with their teachers and were scared to loiter far.Angry





           Maan had his breakasft Tongue, and then packed up his tent to place it elsewhere deep into the forests, he kept walking for hours trying to navigate further, his compass direction had told him he was still heading westOuch, and there was more to go in if he wanted to indulge in wildlife hunting, the trees started growing thicker and the light rays felt meager now…Sleepy




            Maahi had suddenly realized that her water bottle had slipped off her hands,  she signaled her friends to slow downCool and said them she will be back cos she could see her bottle lying down just 3 big rocks behind, they agreed to slow down pace and she started walking backwards to get her bottleOuch, when she got it and turned to her shock she couldn’t see any signs of lifeShocked, she panicked and tears were threatening to fallCry, she tried to look around but to her disappointment she couldn’t  see a soul around. Tears of fear and dsiappointment finally made wayCry. She tried to walk back he path for any trials, but she just couldn’t sight anyone , she kept walking walking aimlessly with the hopes of meeting someone or the other camping groupsBroken Heart, and she was crying non stop and still picking up flowers and leaves to add up for their team, she wanted to do her bit.Thumbs Up





           Maan had finally sensed movements across his area, he was sure of some wildlife involvement s per his maps, those were the wolves and Bear regionsAngry, He loaded his gun and started aiming at the area of noises, then he took out his Binoculars and aimed them to get one of his shocks, there was a small girl who seemed to have lost path and kept wanderingOuch, oblivious to the fact that to the other side of her path lay bunch of Bears, he focused on the fauna and to his surprise , there were no more species in the area except for the bearsAngryShocked, he started almost running in the direction of his eyesight to protect the girl from collinding  with a pack of Bears, when he neard the Bears side all he could see , were the nocturnal animals peacefully sleeping but his bad luck the girl had tripped over the rock and fell back rolling across the lands and finally went and being dumped straight on top of one of the bearSleepy, the bear roared in his sleep and moved his body and opened his eyes, the human blood smell awoke his senses and before he could act Maan’s jaw dropped it was MaahiDead, the very girl whom he had met at school he started shivering at the realisation, she was trapped .Angry





          Maahi’s wailing had reached a new height, Maan was wondering if she keeps shoutng at this range, she might awaken the other Bears tooAngryAngry, clenching his teethConfused, he closed his eyesDead, glanced up a short prayer, a first in his lifetime, and wishing from heavens that Either Maahi or the Bear don’t move he finally focused and without delay left the trigger buttonBroken Heart, the sound cracked up and before he could asses he saw her lying flat over the BearCryCry. Still, not moving, His Heart panicked and he took gentle steps forward.ShockedShocked



PRECAP : same like last : Maaneet n Maahi 3 in one stop ?Cry


  1. Wht was dat?? Why u ended at such a point,very bad 😦 cnt wait to knw wht will happen nxt,nywz awsum part dat was 😀 plzz update soon…

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