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PART 19 :



           It was 2 by the time Geet and Fred finally reached the backdoor of Peter’s house, they were astounded to see lights till on in the living roomOuch, they waited for an hour to let Peter rest and then would sneak into the house, but unfortunately the lights never dimed out , taking risks Geet n Fred slowly sneaked into the house, with the very little she knew about the house they both slit and took various floors to search Patricia’s room, first Fred went to the living room, to his surprise Peter was asleep but with Tv and lights on, his room was tampered and this gave Fred creepy feelings, he checked to see Peter’s breathing, it was  not laboured but smooth, he went down to other floor. Geet had heard noises in the backdrop and turned around and found lights from the farthest room on the floor, she went in to see Maan asleep on the master bed, the room was neat and untouched, she was shocked beyond wordsShockedShockedShocked, she paged Fred and he came over to that room.Ouch



                  Geet was speechless, and tears threatening to fall from her eyesCry, Fred composed her , they checked on Maan and he seemed asleep no abnormalities , they finally started searching for medicines and in few drawers search, there were some old medicines and left over bottles, Geet packed them all, with the emergency kit Fred carried, Fred immediately injected A drug into Maan’s vein, a drug that would reverse any sedative he had takenAngry. With the turn of incidents Fred had come to a conclusion that Maan n Peter had taken some strong dose of sedative. Hoping that with this drug Maan would get up before Peter and leave this place before being caught.Wink



              At 4 in the morning , she had her hands covered her face and sobbing non stop,. Of  all the findings she could have got this was not expected, being tried for Medical Negligence was traumatic Broken Heartbut being accused of Murder was something very differentAngry. Things had finally hsapped up, Maan had wontedly druged Patricia to death and to show up a s a responsible Dr had tried all means to save her inspite of injecting back poison in her bloodAngry. Fred couldn’t see her broken state he tried to control her and bring her to senses, but she was lost in thoughts, Fred had finally decided that Patricia’ needs justice and they will submit the Autopsy reports to the court.Angry



            The court Proceedings started Maan was just so lost seated there, his trip to Peter’s house had turned futile, he had mixed Peter’s drink so that the guy sleeps off while he could house search but to his astonishment it was the early sunrise that brought him to senses, he got confused as to whether he drank the spiked drinks, but he had been back home after he search availing nothing to his reach. He saw Geet n Fred enter the hallShocked,. With files and reports, his heart stopped beating , what if they had succeeded in autopsy, his heart shuddered, Geet came over and sat next to him Ouch. Fred went over and spoke to the Attorney and submitted those papers, the Judge looking at the sudden twist in the case gave an hour break to study the latest developments in the case and would announce the verdict by then, he signaled Dr.Fred to accompany for the Judges bench meet and discuss the autopsy stuffSleepy, Maan’s jaw dropped. Geet pulled him from there, as the court was adjourned for an hour, she hurried him downstairs and before being stopped by any security jumped into a Porsche and started to drive mercilesslyLOL, she had acted absurd the very instant, but all that she could do was kidnap him nad run away and prevent him from further mental trauma, what he could have done to Patricia’s would be wrong or rightAngry, but all that mattered to her right now was him, and his safety, after long drive she finally muttered the courage to speak as they boarded a train to their next destination, she spoke ” I know what happened with Patricia Dead“– he replied back “I too know that”Angry , she spoke “then why didn’t you tell me anythingAngry“, he was confused , ” Why did we run away from the court, I cant get that , if the autopsy reports had it all then we can prove my innocenceAngry” Geet stared back, this guy still had the audacity to tell he was innocent.Angry


PRECAP : is Maan still innocent ???WinkLAST PART!!!!! 


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10 thoughts on “DARK HIDDEN SECRETS – PART 19 –

  1. Nycccc update Mali..and yessss we know that Maan is innocent.. ;)such a courageous move by Geet.. :Dhope that last update will be awesome..looking forward 4 maaneet confession.. 😉

  2. Well u very well knw hw to kill us wid anxiety till d last part lol dat was a awsum part,wil chck d last part fr d ultimate answer..

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