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PART 5 :





Maan gestured the kids to be seated, Geet’s jaws fell, she didn’t want to take class in front  of her so called sadoo principalAngry, she detested him and his weird behavioural  instincts. She tried to keep herself composed and then finally to her utter disappointment Maan walked inwards towards her , took off the Teacher’s copy of Notes and went behind to seat himself in a deserted cornerOuch. She clenched her teeth and then gave a staring smile and tried to concentrate, her class for the day was on algebra and the formulas accompanying it, she briefly started giving long derivations of the formulas when he stopped her , actually he was observing her class fir the past 10 minutes but she seemed to smoothly handle it and this was bothering himROFL, finding nothing to taunt her he had raised hands to which she gave a deathly stare , he spoke,



“Ms.Geet, your voice is not audible at this end of the class, if you are just trying to teach the blackboards am afraid the kids will not benefit anything from your class”Angry


                        She knew he was playing, she knew she was audible till the last row, she herself had checked on the students many times during the class, she got really angry and started fidgeting her purse, His mind went blank , Knowing the extent of her state of mind and her presentfull answers, he thought she will pull out some Battery Operated Microphone to talk Embarrassedor worse he knew her agitated state she will come and bark right through his ears knocking him out of his sensesLOL, but what happened minutes later , evoked the devil in him letting him bark on her and go outside the class, making her Roll with laughter, what she did was beyond his thinking, he kept cursing her as he walked back to his room,Ouch



                   Geet had taken out something form her purse and walked straight to where he was seated, she kept a hair pin on top of his table and said politely , Maan Sir, you need Ear WaxingLOL, get an appointment with your ENT specialist , but till then you can manage cleaning your ears with this pin and haan don’t mind returning back, I have lots of pins.Embarrassed





                   He felt like strangulating her at her audacity, but he was helpless, he just rose from his seat , thrusting it back to her hands, a look that would kill anyone, she trembled thinking as to how he would react and before she could say any more he had left the class, but once he reached the doorstep he turned back and saidAngry



“Learn to respect your Elders, Students, this is the very first lesson I always teach you, and due to some new comers mindless actions let you not forget certain principles of lifeConfused, they say a Good teacher’s words are etched in the students memories , I just want you to etch whatever Madam Geet teaches you on MathsEmbarrassed, but her other irresponsible behaviour if I see in nay of you, then you will get Transfer Certificate Angry– I don’t want any ill mannered , arrogant student in my schoolAngry, I hope am clear” After his monologue, Geet had almost tears in her eyes, of all his rude taunts this was worst, may be she deserved it she thought, after all taunting a Principal if front of the whole class was not manners, luckily for her the class had been over, and she hurried to the staff room, hwen Pinky, The Social Science teacher pulled her into Principal’s room . Her heart stopped beating , and as she entered she felt she couldn’t look up to meet his gazeCry, she had her held down, seeing her in such a sorry state he felt hurted, an invisible needle pricking through his body he wanted to see her smile, he wanted her to look up into his eyes and see the charm of his eyes, but in presence of all the staff he couldn’t say anything and continued the reason why he had called for the meeting.Angry


“Its such a pleasant news that I want to share with you all, this Saturday myself and Muskaan Handa are getting engaged, I know this was due for long time but my grandmom finally found the auspiciosus date, I and my family would be overwhelmed to solicit your presence on such an occasion to join us in our happiness “, unfortunately for him he never felt joy or pride as he spoke his so called happinessSleepy, her down trodden look made him so restless and uncomfortable through out the Invitation , he didn’t feel any joy run through him but pain and guilt ran his veins to see a chirpy soul stay numb. Probably he had spoken too much in front of his ego, probably she was not that much mannerless, probably where so many things, he felt his heart constrict.Broken Heart


PRECAP : The Engagement Embarrassed+ The Accident !!!Wink


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  1. M just lovng dis story n gettng into it more wid each part,ent was d rofl moment!! N in precap nw wht accident?? Update soon 🙂

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