Am really very disappointed with the drastic drop in ;likes??? what is the issue guysAngry.. i believe the exams are over too ??? still y this CryCryCry??? ve seen so many of my ex readers no longer commenting on my threads, well ive never cribbed about this, but today felt like saying soCryCryCry… I hope ppl give me back honest reviews on this…cos this is the LASTPART of this FF Cry Cry Cry Cry

PART 20 :


                 She stared back at him and then narrated the entire incident from the attacks to how finally they got the autopsy done and how the reports shocked them and how they went over to Peter’s house late nightAngry, and also confessed how shocked she was finding maan there, finally they had concluded that , irritated with the patient Maan had finally used his Long researched drug on PatriciaAngry , which killed her , it aw as a fast poison and killed her within hours, she was sobbing while she narrated the whole storyCryCryCry, Maan was shocked he didn’t know how to respond, he didn’t know how much she has misunderstood but guessing the position she was in anyone would have guessed the same, they arrived at a their stop and took a cab and she drove to the resort all silence, he didn’t know what to tell her.OuchOuchOuch


                After minutes of silence he spoke, if u think a m a Murdered why did u kidnap me GeetWink, why are you taking me far from the realityAngry, far from the court and its judgement ??? Why cant you let the Court act upon meOuch,. She immediately applied the breaks and hugged him, kissing every inch of his faceBlushing, and licking them, cos I love you MaanHeart, I love you since the day my eyes saw youHeart, I love you like foreverHeart, for eternityHeart, thought the results prove you are a murders my heart beats for you, and this heart knows no betrayal,Heart, this heart tells me that let alone Negligence you cant do one wrong thing in lifeHeart and this Murder stuff is completely impossible keeping u in pictureHeart. He was awed at her confession and at her, he sealed this moment by sealing her lipsDay Dreaming, the kiss was soft at first , she was not giving in, he licked her lower lipDay Dreaming, and then gained entry, he kissed passionately, she was loosing herself she hold him tight ,lest she shudder he sensed her passion and let go off immediatelyEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed, he needed to confess know, he needed to break his Hippocratic Oath to prove her trust on him and then as she drove he spoke.Wink




             “Geet since you know the half story you investigated I think you deserve the every right to know the other half too, uou knew about my cancer drug, it was during one of my trips in hunting with Peter that we found a snake, a new speciesAngry , Peter was interested in dissecting it and I helped him, you know Peter is damm adventurous and while dissecting we found some strange toxins, I took them back to my lab for research and after few weeks stumbled upon the anti cancer drug, this tablet would have phenomenol effects, the only thing was it could not be given generalized but locally to the cancer cellsShocked, if it was given to all the cells , then the patient would collapse, after y invention I had discussed the issue with Peter and Patricia, Peter was very helpful in getting me more snake venom for my research but one day Patricia came to me with a request.”Angry


         The car finally stopped and they entered the resort. They walked and settled on the couch in the drawing room, after placing lunch orders, He continued, ” She was fed up living with all her ailments , she was fed up with life and pleaded me to poison her ,. To end her sufferings Dead, I rejected outright , but she was persistent, evrytime she would plead endlessly, and then finally we decided we would move the case to the court in request of Mercy KillingAngry, I used to carry my drug everywhere in fear of losing it or someone using my invention, the day I made House call tat day too I carried my kit, and I think that day Patricia changed the bottles Cry, and unknowingly instead of injecting her medicines I had injected the poison, it started working in hours and by evening when I saw her she was sinking, when everyone told about heart attack I couldn’t believe cos I being her Dr know everything, and yday during Trial when Jasmine told , that Patricia was not responding o Glucose I  summed it up, the drug I had invented acts against glucose bringing down body sugar levels and ultimately depriving energy and killingOuch, to confirm this I went to meet Peter late night nad spiekd his drinks but instead I think I drank the spiked drinks. And then the rest you knwOuch, But what I still cant understand is the attacks on Pinky and you, and then the fights with Nadal, that part is confusing me. Geet chuckled and told, that she did a background research when she found out that maan must have killed PatriciaAngry, when they had seen Nada’s history it was clear he had never won nay Medical trial, his boss would fire him off if he lost this case, so to avoid messing up things, Nadal had hired ppl to see that Autopsy was never doneAngry! Maaneet chuckled and cudled to each other. He kissed her once again Embarrassedand slowly unbuttoned her shirtLOL , she gave in completely and they made love to each other first time under the witness of broad daylight…







            A 6 month pregnant Geet was glued to the Television , Tears dripping from her eyes, Maan walked the Podium to receive Annuall Prize for Medical Research for his breakthrough research on Cancer CurenessClap. He acknowledged Peter for his support in getting him access to the snake venom, and Geet for standing through al lthe thick phase of his lifeEmbarrassed, he joked on to narrate his Medical Negligence Trial, how he ran away wit his sweetheart before the verdict was announced and how their love finally being confessed and later how they had submitted themselves to State Police and confessed the whole truthLOL, how it took another 1 month for the Court to look upon the case and how Maan was left without any case on himself. His speech reminded her of how Fred had stood by them during the 1 month how supportive he had been, and heart broken though but he moved on to let the two love birds live their fairy tale life!Blushing



 Thank You Guys, for all the immense support and love you showered on this FFHug! but am not the only person who should take the credits for, this story is inspired from a novel I read back many yearsCry, Robin Cook’s CRISIS! When I finished the book, I hated it for the bad endingDead, Being a Dr myself, I couldn’t accept it the Dr was indeed a Murderer it shook me so much and if given a chance I wanted to reframe the endEmbarrassed, I adapted the story according to my wishes! I took the theme ana have modified and given my version of Medical NegligenceEmbarrassed and Ended the story with a positive noteLOL. The story was not based on a couple but the helping forensic expert also was  guy, and the Dr accused also a guAngryy, I changed the characters to fit MaanEet into it, the main plot was same but the story is different and the scenes are different and adapted as per the situation and the end is very very very far from what Cook had writtenCryCryCry! I really feel light now that I finished this bad ending with a happy endingEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed! And thanks to you all for patiently reading this story and would suggest you read Crisis too incase you are prepared for a bad endingDeadDeadDead! Robin Cook is one of my fav authors, he writes medical mysteries and ve read all his 40 novels during my school and initial college days. I suggest you ppl to try it in case you love reading suspense and mystery stories!LOLLOLLOL


Thanks a lot once again!! Do support me in my other FF’s too… Am looking forward to meeting u all in my other Thread too 🙂 Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed 









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12 thoughts on “DARK HIDDEN SECRETS – PART 20 + EPILOGUE –

  1. Superbbbb update.. Maaneet confession scene.. ❤ ❤ ❤ just loved it Mali.. Keep up da good work..one thing i would like to say is that somewhat i think the end was very fast..otherwise i really loved ittt.. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • thasss sweeety!!! Confession!!!! U loved it haan 😛 Thakns dear.. all ur support only motivates me to write more! The end was fast ??? oh na dear… i didnt want to drag so closed all d loops and made the epilogue 😛 am glad u loved it!!! U still have 3 more FF to follow 😛

  2. Awesome Part 🙂 Finally the truth came out 🙂 loved maaneet part 😀 Happy endin 😀 😀 Fab FF 🙂 😀
    Loved it 🙂

  3. Awww such a happy n positive ending,lovd it!!! Finally maaneet confession n der moments ❤ ❤ ❤ bt one thng i felt d ending was too fast n short n it can be strechd a bit in another 1 or 2 parts..nywz lovd dis ff,totally a different one frm rest 🙂 keep up d good work dear 🙂

    • Yes finally happy n positive neding.. hope i closed all d loops n have left nothing unanswered!!! Ending was fast haaan ?? well i didnt want to drag so made it short n crisp with all necessary details 🙂 thakns dear u loved it i feell glasd 🙂

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