LVE – PART 40 –

Am really very disappointed with the drastic drop in ;likes??? what is the issue guysAngry.. i believe the exams are over too ??? still y this CryCryCry??? ve seen so many of my ex readers no longer commenting on my threads, well ive never cribbed about this, but today felt like saying soCryCryCry… I hope ppl give me back honest reviews on this..

PART 40 :




                   As he walked pastthe Main Hall, He saw Beena mom n Rano mom were talking endlessly, Anni was cuddled on Rano’s Lap and dev was playing some videogamesLOL. It was 1 o clock and the House was so fresh like daytime. He slowly sneaked out, telling he wanted a walk in the Garden. He went down and woke up the Driver andthey drove on the Roads of Delhi for an Ice Cream shop, Finally after half Hour they drove back home, Maan rang the Bell and Geet came over Running, she openedthe Door and was shoked to see him standing with Ice Creams ShockedShockedShocked, she blushed tight and put her heads sownEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed, she didn’t know what to speak. Rano mom came up to see and was startled , Before she could enquire further he thrust the ice creams to her saying Mom am feeling hungry serve me na, Me n kaka were driving and we found the shop and got some for all of us, Rano smiled and served all , Geet was a silent specatator to this entire scene, Anni too got up and all had the Ice creams , Geet ate many servings thanks To Maan who kept on filling her cups everytime it reached a low levelLOLLOLLOL. The smile on her face was everything that meatn for him. It waslike fate had entitledthem each other as caretaker, that one  would do anything go to any heights to pamper the other but be it far be it near, they never stopped thinking about the other or caring about the other, but how long will this continue, what fate didn’t know was how much ever it plays with them, it cant tear apart their hearts which beats for the other. Fate can succed in debonding them but it can never succedd in separating their entwined souls.Heart






                     Finally the day had comefor the Boards Results, MaanEet were anxcious to the power of inifinity. Geet couldn’t sleep full night ,and Maan was restless seeing his Shona like this, Morning after Bfast, he walked to her Room and palyed the Music Player…Embarrassed



Tumhein Pata To Hoga
Tum Hi Pe Main Fida Hoon
Tumhein Hai Jab Se Chaha
Hawaon Mein Udta Hoon
Tum Hi Mere har Pal Mein
Tum Aaj Mein Tum Kal Mein


                  She was having shower when she heard the Music Player, she was blushing tightEmbarrassed she knew it was him inside, why had he to ocme in everytime hse was on shower, she dreaded thinking of going out with her bathrobe!Angry





Hey Shona Hey Shona
Hey Shona Hey Shona






Tumhein Pata To Hoga
Ke Mere Dil Mein Kya Hai
Chalo Kahe Deti Hoon
Kabhi Nahin Jo Kaha Hai
Tum Hi Mere Har Pal Mein
Tum Aaj Mein Tum Kal Mein


                     She dressed up as decent as possible , trying to cover up as much as her robe did still with a hesistancy feeling she came out . She knew he was just tryiong to calm her mind which was evr tensed, but damm it he didn’t know he was arising some new sensations in her.EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed



Hey Shona Hey Shona
Hey Shona Hey Shona




Tum Jo Gussa Bhi Karo
To Mujhe Pyaar Lagta Hai, Jaane Kyun
Main To Jo Bhi Kahoon
Tumhein Ikraar Lagta Hai, Jaane Kyun
Chhodo Bhi Yeh Ada
Paas Aake Zara
Baat Dil Ki Koi, Keh Do Na


                  She stepped out  wit hwater dripping from her long straight hairs, Oh Gawd how much he loved her , he needed to confess before he loses his sanityEmbarrassed , how many times will he confess , will she not accept his love Angry??? HE felt sad, and the sudden change in his eyes alarmed her. She tried to be calm, and spke her voice cracking Maa n can you step out I need to change, he left the I Pod there and wlaked out blushing.LOLLOLLOL



Hey Shona Hey Shona
Hey Shona Hey Shona


Saari Duniya Ko Chhod Ke Maine Chaaha Hai, Ik Tumhein
Maine Zindagi Se Maanga Hai To Sirf Maanga Hai, Ik Tumhein
Ab Isi Chah Mein
Ab Isi Raah Mein
Zindagi Bhar Mere, Tum Ho Na




                   Well the song played and he stood on her door, evryword was what his heart felt and what his heart wanted to convey herEmbarrassed, wil she accept those feelings, he was scarded , scared of her rejectionCry. He knew his Shona can never reject him but Por Maan didn’t know what future had for them. He had chosen her above allHeart, above all relations and above all feelingsHeart, even before he knew thw meaning of Love he had loved her, he was madly in love with her and that was the universal truth. He just wanted her in evry day evry night of his lifeEmbarrassed, to see her to smake her smile was all that mattered to himLOL. He knoceked after lapse of minutes, and she opened the Door, he went in straight her …and Hugged her tight.Hug Congrats ShonaHeart… U topped the Delhi North board in the Boards, Tears were floeing down his chees, she was awestruck to see him in that stateEmbarrassed. Oh Man he loved her so much , why she had to deny him the love which was his birthrightAngry. She made up her minds, a few more Hide n Seek and then she will acknowledge himROFL.



Hey Shona Hey Shona
Hey Shona Hey Shona




Tumhein Pata To Hoga
Tumhi Pe Main Fida Hoon
Tumhein Hai Jab Se Chaha
Hawaon Mein Udta Hoon
Tumhi Mere Har Pal Mein
Tum Aaj Mein Tum Kal Mein
Hey Shona Hey Shona
Hey Shona Hey Shona
Hey Shona Hey Shona
Shona Hey Shona
Hey Hey Shona Hey Shona




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8 thoughts on “LVE – PART 40 –

  1. Aaahhhhh what a lovelyyyyyy update..Maaneet r just toooooo gud.. ❤ ❤ ❤ i loveeeeee them.. 🙂 🙂 🙂
    i hate u Mali for not giving updates of LVE on tym.. :@ u know that i just loveeeee this ff..plzzzzzzz give the next update as soon as possible..i'll be waiting..

    • Allah!!! How was it… i was thinking abt u only while writing 😛 I love the Baby now adolescent Maaneet!!!! Am sorry am not able to type this FF thnking abt the later parts how u will all bash me so trying to delay with the updates!! i knwo am baada… sorryyy!!!! I know this is ur Fav FF!!! Fro mnow on all updates only once a month 😛

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