Am really very disappointed with the drastic drop in ;likes??? what is the issue guysAngry.. i believe the exams are over too ??? still y this CryCryCry??? ve seen so many of my ex readers no longer commenting on my threads, well ive never cribbed about this, but today felt like saying soCryCryCry… I hope ppl give me back honest reviews on this..
BV (The Barrier My Veil), LVE (Love Vs Ego) & JWM (Jab We Met)  will be updating fortnightly only all FF together 🙂

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PART 28 :





                Maahi’s wailing had reached a new height, Maan was wondering if she keeps shoutng at this range, she might awaken the other Bears tooAngry, clenching his teeth, he closed his eyes, glanced up a short prayer, a first in his lifetimeShocked, and wishing from heavens that Either Maahi or the Bear don’t move he finally focused and without delay left the trigger button, the sound cracked up and before he could asses he saw her lying flat over the Bear. Still, not moving, His Heart panicked and he took gentle steps forward.LOL





                To his utter disappointment , Maahi breahing was hitched and laborious, the girl was under shockOuch, he tried to soothe her to bring her to sense, but she was sweating profusely, the drastic scene had taken a toll over her he presumed, she lay in a pool of blood, the Bear’s bloodAngry, Maan’ hadn’t missed ths shot, but the impact of the shot was seen in Maahi. The girl had to her utter anguish seen the Blood drain out of a hole punctured , the smell of fresh bllod and sight had taken atoll over her and she had collapsed, to prevent further alertness to the other bunch of Bears, Maan carried her off, he tried to sprinkle water but o no avail, he carried her to his Jeep , put her on front seat, tied seat belts nad started to drive making few calls.Dead






                 The first call was made to the Forest Manager, the private nos on his alerted him, nad Maan spoke to the Officer after initial introductions, the Officer had taken up the responsibility to inform the school authorites and told will call him back once he passes o nthe newsOuch, Next Maan dialed the LifeLine Hospital, the call was directed to the MD and he briefed him about the situation, the Dr had told maan to note down the chil’s pulse once every 15 mi nnad let him know if there is any drop below 60, maan now started the mission of noting her pulse once every 10 min and to his relief nothing much dropped, there were dips and ups but everything was well within the range of 60-90 the way the DR had toldOuch, next he was put on call from the Forest authorities like after half hour when he was driving finally back on the City, The officer had informed the Teachers on excursion and they had put he call with the Child’s mother, Now Maan was on call with Geet, she had panicked when the Teacher’s had called up to inform her about Maahi missing nad then she being fainted , Geet was trembling over the Call, Maan could sense the nervousness in the Lady , and tried to maintain calm state as he spoke,LOL


“Madam , I hope there is nothing to worry about , Maahi had just fainted when she saw me shoot Bears, nothing much”Wink


 Geet who was a lost case now turned into a tigress ,


“How dare on Earth Mr you shoot in front of a 3 year old KidAngry, have you no senses, Do you know the outcome of this, such a mental trauma you’ve put my daughter intoAngry, do you even fathom the psychological outcome of the incident from a child’s point of view Angry? Rich Men’s spoiled brat ROFL“, her cursing session was on full swing when he finally losing his patience interrupted ,


“Madam, your Darling daughter was on the lap of the Bear I shotLOL, if I hadn’t shot the Bear, he must have probably eaten her “Angry



Her jaw fell , Maahi with Bears? Oh Gawd, what happen…



“You mean to say you shot the Bear , on whose lap Maahi was seated Dead??? You sonovabitchROFL, how dare you, had you missed the shotAngry ,she was trembling with fear at the mere thought of the shot and what if it had missed.  Ignoring her he said he is driving to LifeLine Hospital, and told her too come over there and then disconnected the call, he definitely didn’t want to talk further with the MadWomen.ROFL





            Maahi was admitted and immediate infusions were started immediately , Maan went over and was waiting , when her sight provoked him to infinity, Geet, his anger shooted rocket skyWink, how dare she loiter in Hospital at Office hours, she seemed to animatedly talking over phone, and it is when she disconnected the call, she came face to the Man whom she had been cursing for the huge monotonous task that was laid this morninig to her, her Sadoo Boss MSKEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed, She gave him a disgusted look and before anything could happen, he shot his deathly eyes and asked her


“Geet what the hell are you doing here in Office hoursAngryAngryAngry ?? ” you are gonna have LOP for today(Loss Of Pay)” If murder was acceptable in the society she wanted to commit one today!DeadDeadDead


PRECAP : U tell me guys,. Do you want Maan to know Maahi is Geet’s daughter or let him think Geet is single ???



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14 thoughts on “JAB WE MET – PART 28 : FAMILY REUNION –

  1. Mind blowing update dear…. Loved it a lottttt…. Maan save Maahi sooo sweet… Omg Maahi is in shock… Hope she will recover soon…. Awww Geet cursing Maan on the phone so badly…. Yes dear I want Maan to know Maahi Geet’s daughter…. Eagerly waiting for next chapter… Update soon plssss ❤🌺😊

    • thankswaa dear!!! Yep father saving daughter 😛 Maahi in shock n will recover soon.. LOL!! her cursing sessions dnt end… yes will take down d request dear…

  2. Superb 🙂
    loved maaneet convo on phn 🙂
    Y did u stop mali?? 😦
    I want maan to knw dt maahi is geet’s daughter..continue soon

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