LVE – PART 41 –

Am really very disappointed with the drastic drop in ;likes??? what is the issue guysAngry.. i believe the exams are over too ??? still y this CryCryCry??? ve seen so many of my ex readers no longer commenting on my threads, well ive never cribbed about this, but today felt like saying soCryCryCry… I hope ppl give me back honest reviews on this..
BV (The Barrier My Veil), LVE (Love Vs Ego) & JWM (Jab We Met)  will be updating fortnightly only all FF together 🙂

*Ramzaan on the Way so I wont have time for Pc much*

PS : Not to forget the Coaching Classes too :/ Which is killing me daily :[ ^_^  


PART 41 :






            She couldn’t fathom her joy, her joy knew no bounds, she had topped the North Boards, what else she wantedLOL.. She was jumping with joy , when he placed a gift on her hand, literally this was the First gift he had given herWink, atleast the first time he officially gave it to her personally, before she could tear it open, she asked him his result, he smiled sleepishly, Geet ve not flunked in any subject Tongue, so you lose the Bet to Anni and got 85 percent Wink, she was more than happy and hurriedly opened her gift and tears wetter her cheeks when she saw her gift , it was entitled Oxford Pocket Medical DictionaryShocked, he came over her and spoke in her ears, for future Dr.Geet, your first Medical Dictionary and she completed the sentence by someone specialEmbarrassed and winked at himWink and ran away to flaunt her gift in front of everyone.








            The day was so blessed all of them were happy at the results, and since Maan’s classes too were starting the Khurana’s had to leave to HP, Dev had been shifted to IIT, Delhi and was happily settled with his studies, Geet looked upon him as her Mentor and Guide. The next day Maan was traveling back to HP, in the morning he sneaked in to her room and pulled her to the lawnOuch, she was so sleepySleepy, he made her sit and tried asking her something, he was like Geet don’t you want to talk to meAngry, I thought befor I would go , you would tell me somethingLOL, bolo Geet , kuch tho BoloBlushing. She lowered her gaze, she knew she was trapped, she had to answer him, it was like now or neverAngry,. She didn’t want to upset him fearing how he will take the rejection, but well she didn’t want o accept it too, thinking she had accepted now finally thinking about his health groundsShocked, she tried to beat around the bush, and saoid Maan we are just kids, we have time for all this later in life, right now we need to study firstClap , she turned the tables on her side, don’t you want to grow up as a top Businessman and help Kunla Papa? HE pouted at her question and said NoLOL‘ I dotn want to join Khurana’s , she did nt expect this from him, he went on to say I will bring up our own company, Geean ImpexROFL! Geet n Maan ka industry, she was floored by his revelation well the guy never seemed to disappoint him. Well who knew that in Future Maan would fulfil his promiseClap but only that his shona would not be able to see itAngry. Fate is the most cruel of all things that can happen on Earth!Cry






         As the car was being loaded she couldn’t stand there, all the memories flashed in front of her face, she kissed Anni with tears dropping down her cheeks, he wasseated in the passenger seat watching her andwaitng her to speak up somethingOuch, she just ran away to her room, after the elders bid farewell, the car drove off, Maan kept his gaze to the window of her room but to his disappointment he couldn’t catch a final glimpse of herCry. She on the other side waspeeking out from the terrace at the other end at seeing him watch her roomWacko, a small smile crept her lips inspite of the crying, she didn’t know how long she had been lookingat the long disappeared car till her mob buzzed with a msg, she opened it to read , Open your FridgeROFL. She ran downstatirs bumping down few stairs and dashed to the kitchen, the moment she opened ,the Freezer box was fully loaded with chocolates, Damm it this guy was mad insane, she cursed him and started licking the chocolates till Pari came over for her share, unwillingly Geet gave Pari some share of her goodies, hse did nt want to share anything that connected her and Maan, but Parri and her never ending Fuss., she had to give in.Confused

She went over to her room for a nap, when a notepad caught he r attention, she hurriedly went over to read ,Wink


Waiting for that fateful day,
when I can hold your hand and say,
my one and only love is you,
I know this love of ours is true,
to this one person you mean the world,
You make my stomach do twists and twirls,
I’ll always have a love for you,
no matter the situation going through,
no matter good or bad, nor right or wrong,
my love for you will always stay strong.
You mean so much to this one man,
I want to give you all I can,
I hope one day you feel this way,
for I am yours and here to stay.





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6 thoughts on “LVE – PART 41 –

  1. Fabulous update dear…. Loved it a lotttt…. Maaneet r soooo cute…. Continue soon dear….❤😊🌺❤

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