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PART 6 :





 She was sleeping peacefully when Pinky entered her Room to shuffle her out of her sleep, she yawned and turned back imagining Pinky in her bed but no in reality she wasROFL , Geet Geet utho… Get up…. A dull Saturday morning she was sleeping peacefully only to be disturbed by Pinky, she looked through her blanket and then giving up got up. Pinky was like Geet listen we have to go to Maan Sir’s engagement today, the Mahurat is at 1 so get up and get ready. Geet gave her a deathly stare and then rushed off to get ready, it was 2 hrs finally when the duo got ready.LOLLOLLOL




                  After having brunch Geet though unwillingly accompanied Pinky, She wore a light blue saree and put on her veil and they then set off in her scooty, Pinky was giving her directions and as they drove to KM , Geet felt uneasy driving on a desserted road, she then glanced her rear view to her astonishmentAngry, there were 4 bikes who were following them, she got scared and started to speed up, and finaly took a turn and joined the main roads to get rid of them but those guys didn’t seem to buzz off ,they were dodging her, finally the bikes were so close and on the verge of an accident that she just applied breaks and the vehicle skid and dashed a Mercedes coming in the opposite direction!Wink







                 Geet and Pinky were thrown off guard and before they came to their senses, they heard The Ambulance Siren and someone was shifted to stretcher’s. Pinky n Geet gained momentum and after the scratches the Vehicle had got and initial round of interrogations by traffic police they were set freeCry, the gang of guys who tried to frame Geet were held responsible for the accident and taken up for further interrogationsWink. Slowly they finally drove to KM.




                     KM was dressed like a brideWink, there was not a single piece of wall visible, all decorated and lights shone from all possible directonsWink, Geet had never seen such a majestic view in her lifetimeClap, the fountains at the entrance was so serene and some kids were playing in the garden sideLOL, there was lot of hustle bustle,. The servants all dressed up in uniforms and moved in flocks catering to the guests, the interior of the house was as majestic as the exterioThumbs Upr, the Engagement Podium was set , and a table reserved for the MediaCool, tables were lined up for the guests and people kept flooding in, after the initial invitiries would go get seated awaiting for the engagement, Maan had never approved for this lavish expenditure but Kunal Khurana how could he let his Son Maan Singh Khurana not fashion an idealized Engagement cum Wedding. Geet Pinky caught sight of few fellow other teachers from DPS and started their talks, suddenly when a waitress spilled the contents of his carry over plates over Geet Angry, she just gave a weak smile, and Beena came over to help, she guided Geet to a room upstairs to freshen up, it was then that Kunal saw Beena enter a room and followed her to the room closing the doors.Wink






              Beena turned out to leave when she heard the door click close , she panicked but to her relief it was none other than KunalLOL. She playfully smacked up, but from the looks of his face anyone can tell he was as pale as a cadaver and his face spoke as if he had seen some ghostAngry, startled Beena asked what had happened. Kunal’s eyes shed tears and this worsend Beena’s condition, she took his hands and pledged him to spill out what ever he was concealing, finally heart broken he told ,Cry


“Muskaan has met with an accident and is hospitalized, she is unconscious and …..Dead



He couldn’t speak further, Beena had literally a heart attack with these words, but someone behind another door started shedding tears, Geet thought of the accident they had witnessed almost an hour agoShocked, could that fateful person be Muskaan, Maan Sir’s fiance?? Her heart shuddered and she slowly crept out of the restroom,Shocked



Kunal continued ” Mohinder called up, The Drs say its nothing serious, just that she lost some extra blood and would need Blood transfusion for the lossAngry, and they need to keep her in ICU for monitoring so that they can conclude the Head Injury she had was harmless, Mohinder and Rano too have got minor injuries, but right now they are on the way to KM to announce the cancellation of the EngagementCry. Beena’s heart sank further, she spoke muffled words ” Maan “CryCryCry


Kunal spoke  ” No No, I haven’t spoken to Maan yet, let Rano n Mohinder come we will all talk and then tell Maan, but Beena we cant cancel this engagementAngry , the Media is here , all High Profile peopleAngry, we just cant cancel the engagement OuchOuchOuch, and give every single person  a chance to mock at our situation, and to top it all, if we cancel this engagement today , Dadima would never approve for Maan marrying MuskaanDeadDeadDead, you know na how much she was against this relation after the Kundali fiasco and all, she would look upon Muskaan as a bad omen and would give red sign for Maan n Muskaan, my heart bleeds for Maan, his tears made wayCryCry. The sudden silence in the romm was broken by Mohinder’s call,


K : Hi…. Where are you Mohinder ?Confused


M : Downstairs of KM , Lets meet in private..Ouch


K ; Ok Mohinder , come up to the first floor third Room, me and Beena are waiting for you, is Rano there?Dead


M : Yes She is with me, ok see you in couple of minutes, saying so they sailed upwards to decide the outcome of the day.Confused


Unknown to them was a pair of eyes, witnessing the entire conversation, who had died a thousand deaths to see the many revelations, first the accident victims’ identity, then the outcome of the Day and then aparents helplessness and to top it all her guilt , she was crying ferventlyCryCryCry, holding her Nikhaab tight, she wished the Earth swallow her then and there and engulf her miseries and free her of the guilt,.CryCryCry






The Engagement …ShockedShockedShocked

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10 thoughts on “THE BARRIER – MY VEIL – PART 6 –

  1. Omg… Muskaan met with accident… Awww now definitely Maaneet will get engaged… Eagerly waiting to what happen… Continue soon dear❤😊❤🌺

  2. Lovely n interestng part,n abt d engagement i am guessng n hope its cums out right,eagerly waitng fr nxt… 🙂

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