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PART 20 :


                 She stared back at him and then narrated the entire incident from the attacks to how finally they got the autopsy done and how the reports shocked them and how they went over to Peter’s house late nightAngry, and also confessed how shocked she was finding maan there, finally they had concluded that , irritated with the patient Maan had finally used his Long researched drug on PatriciaAngry , which killed her , it aw as a fast poison and killed her within hours, she was sobbing while she narrated the whole storyCryCryCry, Maan was shocked he didn’t know how to respond, he didn’t know how much she has misunderstood but guessing the position she was in anyone would have guessed the same, they arrived at a their stop and took a cab and she drove to the resort all silence, he didn’t know what to tell her.OuchOuchOuch


                After minutes of silence he spoke, if u think a m a Murdered why did u kidnap me GeetWink, why are you taking me far from the realityAngry, far from the court and its judgement ??? Why cant you let the Court act upon meOuch,. She immediately applied the breaks and hugged him, kissing every inch of his faceBlushing, and licking them, cos I love you MaanHeart, I love you since the day my eyes saw youHeart, I love you like foreverHeart, for eternityHeart, thought the results prove you are a murders my heart beats for you, and this heart knows no betrayal,Heart, this heart tells me that let alone Negligence you cant do one wrong thing in lifeHeart and this Murder stuff is completely impossible keeping u in pictureHeart. He was awed at her confession and at her, he sealed this moment by sealing her lipsDay Dreaming, the kiss was soft at first , she was not giving in, he licked her lower lipDay Dreaming, and then gained entry, he kissed passionately, she was loosing herself she hold him tight ,lest she shudder he sensed her passion and let go off immediatelyEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed, he needed to confess know, he needed to break his Hippocratic Oath to prove her trust on him and then as she drove he spoke.Wink




             “Geet since you know the half story you investigated I think you deserve the every right to know the other half too, uou knew about my cancer drug, it was during one of my trips in hunting with Peter that we found a snake, a new speciesAngry , Peter was interested in dissecting it and I helped him, you know Peter is damm adventurous and while dissecting we found some strange toxins, I took them back to my lab for research and after few weeks stumbled upon the anti cancer drug, this tablet would have phenomenol effects, the only thing was it could not be given generalized but locally to the cancer cellsShocked, if it was given to all the cells , then the patient would collapse, after y invention I had discussed the issue with Peter and Patricia, Peter was very helpful in getting me more snake venom for my research but one day Patricia came to me with a request.”Angry


         The car finally stopped and they entered the resort. They walked and settled on the couch in the drawing room, after placing lunch orders, He continued, ” She was fed up living with all her ailments , she was fed up with life and pleaded me to poison her ,. To end her sufferings Dead, I rejected outright , but she was persistent, evrytime she would plead endlessly, and then finally we decided we would move the case to the court in request of Mercy KillingAngry, I used to carry my drug everywhere in fear of losing it or someone using my invention, the day I made House call tat day too I carried my kit, and I think that day Patricia changed the bottles Cry, and unknowingly instead of injecting her medicines I had injected the poison, it started working in hours and by evening when I saw her she was sinking, when everyone told about heart attack I couldn’t believe cos I being her Dr know everything, and yday during Trial when Jasmine told , that Patricia was not responding o Glucose I  summed it up, the drug I had invented acts against glucose bringing down body sugar levels and ultimately depriving energy and killingOuch, to confirm this I went to meet Peter late night nad spiekd his drinks but instead I think I drank the spiked drinks. And then the rest you knwOuch, But what I still cant understand is the attacks on Pinky and you, and then the fights with Nadal, that part is confusing me. Geet chuckled and told, that she did a background research when she found out that maan must have killed PatriciaAngry, when they had seen Nada’s history it was clear he had never won nay Medical trial, his boss would fire him off if he lost this case, so to avoid messing up things, Nadal had hired ppl to see that Autopsy was never doneAngry! Maaneet chuckled and cudled to each other. He kissed her once again Embarrassedand slowly unbuttoned her shirtLOL , she gave in completely and they made love to each other first time under the witness of broad daylight…







            A 6 month pregnant Geet was glued to the Television , Tears dripping from her eyes, Maan walked the Podium to receive Annuall Prize for Medical Research for his breakthrough research on Cancer CurenessClap. He acknowledged Peter for his support in getting him access to the snake venom, and Geet for standing through al lthe thick phase of his lifeEmbarrassed, he joked on to narrate his Medical Negligence Trial, how he ran away wit his sweetheart before the verdict was announced and how their love finally being confessed and later how they had submitted themselves to State Police and confessed the whole truthLOL, how it took another 1 month for the Court to look upon the case and how Maan was left without any case on himself. His speech reminded her of how Fred had stood by them during the 1 month how supportive he had been, and heart broken though but he moved on to let the two love birds live their fairy tale life!Blushing



 Thank You Guys, for all the immense support and love you showered on this FFHug! but am not the only person who should take the credits for, this story is inspired from a novel I read back many yearsCry, Robin Cook’s CRISIS! When I finished the book, I hated it for the bad endingDead, Being a Dr myself, I couldn’t accept it the Dr was indeed a Murderer it shook me so much and if given a chance I wanted to reframe the endEmbarrassed, I adapted the story according to my wishes! I took the theme ana have modified and given my version of Medical NegligenceEmbarrassed and Ended the story with a positive noteLOL. The story was not based on a couple but the helping forensic expert also was  guy, and the Dr accused also a guAngryy, I changed the characters to fit MaanEet into it, the main plot was same but the story is different and the scenes are different and adapted as per the situation and the end is very very very far from what Cook had writtenCryCryCry! I really feel light now that I finished this bad ending with a happy endingEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed! And thanks to you all for patiently reading this story and would suggest you read Crisis too incase you are prepared for a bad endingDeadDeadDead! Robin Cook is one of my fav authors, he writes medical mysteries and ve read all his 40 novels during my school and initial college days. I suggest you ppl to try it in case you love reading suspense and mystery stories!LOLLOLLOL


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Am really very disappointed with the drastic drop in ;likes??? what is the issue guysAngry.. i believe the exams are over too ??? still y this CryCryCry??? ve seen so many of my ex readers no longer commenting on my threads, well ive never cribbed about this, but today felt like saying soCryCryCry… I hope ppl give me back honest reviews on this…
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the story is almost ending.Cry.Dead . if u like to see some changes in the story do comment backLOL! Thanks for al ld love n support u have all given me through this FF 🙂 Hug
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PART 19 :



           It was 2 by the time Geet and Fred finally reached the backdoor of Peter’s house, they were astounded to see lights till on in the living roomOuch, they waited for an hour to let Peter rest and then would sneak into the house, but unfortunately the lights never dimed out , taking risks Geet n Fred slowly sneaked into the house, with the very little she knew about the house they both slit and took various floors to search Patricia’s room, first Fred went to the living room, to his surprise Peter was asleep but with Tv and lights on, his room was tampered and this gave Fred creepy feelings, he checked to see Peter’s breathing, it was  not laboured but smooth, he went down to other floor. Geet had heard noises in the backdrop and turned around and found lights from the farthest room on the floor, she went in to see Maan asleep on the master bed, the room was neat and untouched, she was shocked beyond wordsShockedShockedShocked, she paged Fred and he came over to that room.Ouch



                  Geet was speechless, and tears threatening to fall from her eyesCry, Fred composed her , they checked on Maan and he seemed asleep no abnormalities , they finally started searching for medicines and in few drawers search, there were some old medicines and left over bottles, Geet packed them all, with the emergency kit Fred carried, Fred immediately injected A drug into Maan’s vein, a drug that would reverse any sedative he had takenAngry. With the turn of incidents Fred had come to a conclusion that Maan n Peter had taken some strong dose of sedative. Hoping that with this drug Maan would get up before Peter and leave this place before being caught.Wink



              At 4 in the morning , she had her hands covered her face and sobbing non stop,. Of  all the findings she could have got this was not expected, being tried for Medical Negligence was traumatic Broken Heartbut being accused of Murder was something very differentAngry. Things had finally hsapped up, Maan had wontedly druged Patricia to death and to show up a s a responsible Dr had tried all means to save her inspite of injecting back poison in her bloodAngry. Fred couldn’t see her broken state he tried to control her and bring her to senses, but she was lost in thoughts, Fred had finally decided that Patricia’ needs justice and they will submit the Autopsy reports to the court.Angry



            The court Proceedings started Maan was just so lost seated there, his trip to Peter’s house had turned futile, he had mixed Peter’s drink so that the guy sleeps off while he could house search but to his astonishment it was the early sunrise that brought him to senses, he got confused as to whether he drank the spiked drinks, but he had been back home after he search availing nothing to his reach. He saw Geet n Fred enter the hallShocked,. With files and reports, his heart stopped beating , what if they had succeeded in autopsy, his heart shuddered, Geet came over and sat next to him Ouch. Fred went over and spoke to the Attorney and submitted those papers, the Judge looking at the sudden twist in the case gave an hour break to study the latest developments in the case and would announce the verdict by then, he signaled Dr.Fred to accompany for the Judges bench meet and discuss the autopsy stuffSleepy, Maan’s jaw dropped. Geet pulled him from there, as the court was adjourned for an hour, she hurried him downstairs and before being stopped by any security jumped into a Porsche and started to drive mercilesslyLOL, she had acted absurd the very instant, but all that she could do was kidnap him nad run away and prevent him from further mental trauma, what he could have done to Patricia’s would be wrong or rightAngry, but all that mattered to her right now was him, and his safety, after long drive she finally muttered the courage to speak as they boarded a train to their next destination, she spoke ” I know what happened with Patricia Dead“– he replied back “I too know that”Angry , she spoke “then why didn’t you tell me anythingAngry“, he was confused , ” Why did we run away from the court, I cant get that , if the autopsy reports had it all then we can prove my innocenceAngry” Geet stared back, this guy still had the audacity to tell he was innocent.Angry


PRECAP : is Maan still innocent ???WinkLAST PART!!!!! 


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PART 18 :



                           It was 6 and the Gross autopsy was done, Fred and Geet had penned down the Gross autopsy report Embarrassed, from gross they could tell that no major organs could provide any clue so they had to cut slices and make slides and microscopic examination would help them reveal the caseClap, They had taken extra care to examine the hearts for any signs of block but there was none, her heart was clear, the lungs were examined for any signs of hampering but it all seemed normal, the stomach juices were taken in test tubes for analysis of the medicines she had taken last. The finally sew down the Body after taking required slides and then with care had deported the Body with the officials to take back to FHDead. Now in front of them lay the main task to stain the slides and study each section of  it to detect any abnormality.Confused



          It was 8 and still Geet hadn’t returned back, Maan started to feel restless and he dialed her only that the call went on answering machineEmbarrassed, le left a voice msg to her to call back at he earliest since he wanted to do some illegal stuff tonight and he needed her helpROFL. He tried to get back to bed at earliest to pretend that he was sleeping and then in the middle of the night he would sneak out from the house. Fervently he was waiting for her reply.Wink



         IT was midnight now, and Geet Fred having skipped their dinners still didtn feel hungry,. The findings of the case was beyond their comprehension, they had done a thousand autopsies in their experience , but this case was the most confusing of all, they could not find a single cause of deathAngry, Geet ran the spectrometer over and over again to detect any thing in the Stomach juices, but apart from the medications they couldnt find anything, well when they had successfully divided the medicines and tried to see at each of them they could finally conclude there was one medicine which they had found out Confused, but this was something new, a medicine never marketed or sold, Fred could relate it tat once when Mass patients were dying in a Health Provider Hospital, they had from autopsies concluded that the new Medicine which was given to the patients had worked adversely bringing about the death of the patients.Angry


         He narrated the incident to Geet and immediately her jaws dropped. She then put two plus two and concluded what must have exactly happened, she told Fred that Maan was a research Student since College days, and he was working on anti cancer drugs which worked in a way that would arrest cell growth Ouch, thus preventing from cancer cells to grow further, he didn’t have the actual fund to carry out clinical trials and hadn’t got license during his study tenure, but she was sure though he worked on many other research stuff, this cancer project was something he never worked on later, she worried now may be maan had made the medicines now and tried on Patricia bringing about the death of herAngry. She wondered may be Maan never knew this side effect of the drug, and now Fred and she worked on the various medicines they got from Partricia’s stomach and finally were able to retrieve a prodrug, when they studied the chemical  composition, Fred was astounded , it was a new protein , a new genreAngry. The most astounding fact they recovered was that this particular medicine must have been extracted from a Snake VenomAngry. Geet was perplexed, how did Maan get access to it, she was literally trembling in fear thinking to what extent Maan had gone. Fred suggested that they confront maan know since they know the real cause of death and maan’s immense involvementAngry, but Geet suggested that they first get hold of Patricia’s Medications from her house.Cry


PRECAP : Maaneet at Peter’s house. Cry




the story is almost ending.Cry. in another2  parts it will endDead… if u like to see some changes in the story do comment backLOL! Thanks for al ld love n support u have all given me through this FF 🙂 Hug



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PART 17 :



                 The father at FH after going through all the consent forms, told them to wait he said they would exhume the body and deliver to them to carry out the autopsy, Get was thrilled,LOL as the Father disappeared out of sight, she started narrating the whole story to Fred, Somewhere deep in heart he knew that he was losing GeetEmbarrassed, may be for the last time, he closed his eyes and listened to every detail that she had to give.LOL



                    Fred was upset due to her intense involvement in the case, she had just explained to him out of curiosity nad genorisity she had tried her level best to help MaanEmbarrassed, but Fred could sense or see things farther than thatSleepy, what he didn’t want is that someone break her heart again, she had sufferd enough after her parents demise, she was shattered and it took heaven lot of work for him to put her togetherOuch, how aloodf she used to stay , but now just 1 week he could clearly see the metamorphism, she had changed a lot from the last time he saw her, definitely this Maan was casting his spells on her, tat is what he could finally conclude off.Angry



              The court had been adjourned, since it was a 5 day trial, the Judgement was to be reserved for the 5th day onlyAngry, with submission of various proof, the case had finally taken a shape. The Judge had been very much convinced with Maan’s negligence involvement and pitied Peter for the outcome.Cry



                Maan was in a transfix, he could now see things clearly after Jasmine had enlightened on few minute details , he had finally cracked down the case, the only thing that was left to be done for him to be sure was have a trip to Peter’ houseAngry, he needed to check her medications bottle. He knew know what must have happened to Patricia , he shuddered at the thought, his mind seem to be worrying and working up in weird waysAngry, but the saddest past being his Hippocratic Oath, he cant deliver out the truth, not now but neverCry, He just hoped that his assumption of the Death be somehow proved wrong, he couldn’t deal with the guilt, never.Dead



                 After what seemed like a n Hour, the Father guised Geet n Fred to a Morgue Waiting room, after few minutes when they entered they saw the Body mounted and embalmed. There was silence, Geet looked from Fred to Father, and finally Fred spoke up, thanks for the Help Father, we shall perform the Autopsy and deliver back the body with due care and as soon as possible, the Security Personnels accompanied them to the State Forensic Laboratory (SFL).LOL



                Fred had gotten permission through his contacts and like 3 hours later the Body was ready on the gurney waiting to be autopsied at SFLCool. Geet Fred had their lunch with Chief  Medical Examiner of State and discussed the Foreign Policies, as the duo were both from Respected backgrounds the CME , had aggred for them to carry out the autopsy under the vigilance of their local Forensic Expert in case they need help, at evening 4 sharp, Geet started the autopsy.Embarrassed




                Maan reached home , and wanted to very badly pay visit to Peter’s house , but he knew he was not welcomed in there. He though he would wait for Geet and then they both can think of something to break into the houseROFL. Maan had enquired Ani about Geet, she had informed him that Geet was expecting Fred today and the couple must have been busy shopping and enjoying their holidays together. Maan’s mood dropped further.Angry



PRECAP : Confusion ! ROFL

the story is almost ending.Cry. in another3 parts it will endDead… if u like to see some changes in the story do comment backLOL! Thanks for al ld love n support u have all given me through this FF 🙂 Hug


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            Rafal started his monologue again after minutes of silence, Honourable Judge as all the clauses of have been laid in front of you which prove Dr.Khurana guilty here is the final testimonyAngry, the final clause which will rest this case, Dr. Khuranas’ negligence had caused a damage. Without damage (losses which may be pecuniary or emotional), there is no basis for a claim, regardless of whether the medical provider was negligent or not.! Damage here  had been the death of Patricia, and the loss was emotional agony, mental distress and what not for Peter, his life has been torn apart from this damage.Sleepy



         The Judge had asked Maan /Roger to defend but it seemed pointless at the current state for Maan to speak anything ,all that encircled in his mind was what ever happened to him was his fate his head ache he didn’t want anyone else to suffer or bear the brunt, Pinky Anni Geet all have suffered wnough and he didn’t want hem to suffer more nto atlaeast due to his indesiciosnConfused, in this moment when he stood silent the last 1 week shadowed his brains, it had Geet eclipsed all overWink, how she had entered his lifeTongue and changed everything, how her entry had been like thae rays of sunWink, but darkness was permanent in his life, that her light could not brighten up the darknessAngry, he felt how he had ignored her during the college days, but he chiry girl stayed back just the same , she didn’t change and now too when she had taken avacation and had been here she was all the time worrying for himAngry, what was it that they both were attracted to each other, in few days she would be married off to Fred, the thought it self was disgustingConfused , his life had slipped, in his college days he had ignore her cos he kept his profession first and today when his profession ditched him she stood like rock beside him and supported him selflessly expecting nothing in returnClap ,was this love, he couldn’t judge his feelings, th e Judge’s voice brought him out of this thoughts  and he felt like kicking himselfLOL, when his whole world was crashing down all that he bothered to think was about her and the unseen unsaid LoveHeartHeartHeart, truly unbelievable he smiled off.



              The bullet made its way out of the barrel it was held captive ofCry , the speed had even would left Einstein at a gaze, but she pulled back the accelerator in the time that it missed her by few nanoseconds and the windshield cracked into a million pieces, she couldn’t shout back too, but in the rear view she knew it was the Yellow ho was behind herAngry, she panicked first time, she switched lanes, dodged him or say tried to but he yello was speeding up like crazy, she called up Fred and briefed him, he changed his route and came for her rescue, she kept aimlessly driving till a point she noticed the tanker almost emptyOuch, it was a death situation for her, her car seemed to skid down towards the pavement, and just in time a Black Mercedes flung open, she left a happy smile nad jumped into it and they were successfully able to dodge off and reached the FH ..Ouch





            The Judge gave his almost final Judgement, he spoke out of respect that looking at the Pros n cons of the case, it seemed the case had taken its full shape by the 4th day of trial. Dr. Maan didn’t have much to prove him self innocent Cry, but the quantum of prrof available to prove him guilty had mounted upAngry, there had been one last witness today after which the Judgement would be delivered, a Nurse from Life Line Nursing Home made way, she was of the last witnesses who had come, Certain collegues of Maan too had reported to tesify his sincerity in profession but some jealous one too mocked at his instincts going wrong over all it was one to one situation, but Jasmine was calm as she made way. Maan remembered her , she was the Nursing chief who had called for the Code and was from the team who had done everything possible to safeguard Patricia.Ouch



                    The Hospital Reports were already submitted to the Judge, Jasmine just spoek a little, she clarified the situation that night and finally said the one small piece of truth which would have mattered the most, she told when they were trying to retrieve there were 2 moments when Patricia had responed to the surroundingsSleepy, the first time Jasmine was so involved in the Emergency procedures she could not make out , but the second time when Patricai responed , Jasmine had tried asking her symptoms and Patricai had just told this that her heart didn’t pain a single minuteOuch, but all the while the Emergency Code where trying to install beats to her heart and punching out to get it to beat Confused , Jasmine felt it odd and she had immediateldy checked bedside Sugar values to see if it was high that would mask the symptom of pain but to her utter astonishment, her sugar levels were dropping, it was like her system was not taking in the sugar contentOuch, Maan heard carefully this was new piece of information , he remembered she was put on various lines for infusion and glucose was being delieverd to her veins like water to fish, and they were all so engrossed in getting her heart right back in order that time no one bothered to worry why the sugar level was not going up, they could have easily raised the sugar level up later but that moment they wanted her heart to beat backShocked, now with Jasmine information about the bedside tests he felt uneasy, from the start he knew it was not heart attackConfused, she didn’t have the symptomsConfused, know very badly he wishe d there could be an autopsy not to save him but to know the real truth.Angry

PRECAP : Autopsy reports.Cool



I know am updating like after ages… but i apologise… the story is almost ending.Cry. in another4 parts it will endDead… if u like to see some changes in the story do comment backLOL! Thanks for al ld love n support u have all given me through this FF 🙂 Hug





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PART 15 :



                   Maan couldn’t sleep the whole night, he had decided and had called off the Autopsy, Vikram had literally barged on Maan for the turn of events and Maan felt utterly guilty for the incidenAngryt, it was decided that next day Anni n Pinky would pack off for a mini vacation. Vikram was not at all happy with any turn of events, he had wished that the case ended at earlirest so that Maan could go back to his homeAngry, at the turn of events Geet had decided to stay back longer till the case is over, she felt worried for Maan and know with the harassment she was even more worried, she had been on call with Fred almost whole night and had explained to him the entire situation, they both had finally decided that in front of Maan they would act as if the autopsy issue had been laid to rest, Fred would come there at earliest and assist Geet along with few Superintendents to carry out he Autopsy without any one’s knowledge.Wink



                   Maan was getting ready to go ahead for the 3rd day proceedings , he now had lost all hopes, especially after the incidents, he thought he wouldn’t discuss anything further and would oblige by the courtCry, the situation was getting tenser, he didn’t want any family members to be suffered due to his issuesLOL, he even told Geet to stay away, but then she countered telling she would go to FH and apologize to father and request him to not unearth Patricais’s body as they were no longer interested I n autopsyEmbarrassed, this statement gave him peace and only then he ordered her to go, She dialed Fred and gave him instructions as to how to get to FHConfused, his flight would be arriving in 2 hours time. And now Finally maaneet drove in opposite directions, both alone to face his future.Wink



              The court’s DAY 3 proceddings had begun, Rafal took over and started giving brief explanations about the case and how it had been discussed in past 2 days, he held the synopsis and then as they were discussing the 3 rd Clause of Medical Negligence Rafal spoke :Honour, The breach of Code by Dr.Maan has caused an injuryConfused: The breach of duty , by not attending to the patient in the most appropriate way had lead to a proximate cause of the injuryOuch., he also continued to claim that the alleged breach lead to be fatal taking out the life of his client Patricia, she had succumb to death due to his negligent attitudeSleepy. The Judge was all ears and it was no doubt that due to his failed behaviour the patient was no more and had met a fatal end.Wink



                 When Maan was questioned he chose to be silent, he just told that what best he could do at the complaints he did, on the phone call, what symptoms he was presented with he chose to do a house call rather than see her at hospital, out of pure instinct and his experienceOuch. He did admit of committing Negligence during his practice, nothing was fatal , there were cases of misdiagnosis and all, but he stresses that this case there was no issue of negligence from his side.Angry


           She had switched on the Bluetooth, and was on call ,Fred had landed few minutes ago, and she was giving him directions to the Forensic Lab, they both had decided that he would report to the Labs and explain to them the situation till then she would get the Body and make arrangements for the transfer to lab LOLand then they could with other neutral forensic Experts carry out he AutopsyWink, the main motive behind this secrecy was to withheld this piece of information from MaanAngry. All the while driving she felt unease, especially during the signal waits, she sensed a yellow Benz following her, well it appeared only during the blocksOuch, but as the car speeded up the roads she missed it, she shrugged off the thought thinking she was over imagining thingsShocked, but she did try to leave afalse trail, by switching lanes but that didn’t help muchLOL, the yellow was almost behind her every now and then, the driver was pacing close to her , and on line with his master, he took out his silencer and aimed at her during the next traffic signalAngry, she was just inches away to be shotDead, well he was close to accomplish his taskTongue.



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PART 14 :


                   Rafal turned the accelerator , and took turns to follow them, he made few calls while on drive and now finally the distance was closing down, Geet suggested they drive back homeLOL, but Maan thought otherwise he suggested they keep rounding the city and leave trails off and then switch cabs to fianally hand over the Signed Documents to Father at FHWink. The plan was made and once they met a sharp end Geet got down and before Rafal could see she had taken refugee in the Park , she crossed the pavement hired a Cab and drove to FH , it was almost 9 when she reached the FH, the staff had been changed but they got the papers from her, sealed it and left to hand over to the father next morning.Tongue



                   Maan dodged a lot but finally succumb to hours of driving, Rafal and his men had now circled him, he was left caughtAngry, he got down to face Rafal, Rafal demanded the papers and threatened him in case he doesn’t then he would beat him upDead, Maan was thoroughly searched for the documents, but they didn’t find any, it was then that Rafal realize the girl was missing, he got his jacket from Maan’s car, and they had a evil boy’s fightWink , maan’s nose got fractured in the process , and Rafal hurt his knees, the fight turned aggressive till some local passerby cared to stop and put an end to the happeningsLOL, Rafal threatened him once more before leaving dejectedly, now Maan was sure that the autopsy results would prove something, why else Rafal had to follow him and threaten him to this extent, he went to a clinic nearby got the dressings done and dialed Geet, she was shocked to hear the happenings, and then diverted her cab to reach maanEmbarrassed, once in clinic



                       Geet called up Anni to inform that they would be getting late but to their disappointment no one attended the call, Maan was getting furious, he just hoped nothing went wrongOuch, Anni had to attend a friends party Geet remembered that and consoled Maan not to worry till she drove back home but all the reassurance went crampling down when they stepped into their flatCry, the main door was broken and his heart sunk to see the sight in front of him, Geet almost shrieked seeing Pinky in such a condition, poor girl was horror struck and clinging and crying, luckily for them they hadn’t switched on any buttons from the switch board had they done the blunder then the consequences would be unimaginable.Angry Pinky was laid hanging to the fan on the main hallway, her hands and legs tied, her mouth wrapped with some clothes, and stood on a stool that was barely touching her legsDead. In case she slipped she hould have hanged herself in the process. Poor girl was sobbing endlessly, Maan immediately picked her up and untied the ropesAngry, there was a letter stuck to her pants, they recovered it and read to see the threatening letter, the letter had just 2 words – NO AUTOPSY.Broken Heart


                     Maaneet were shocked beyond words, Maan held his heads and sank down, he was literally shaking, what if something happened to Pinky he would have never forgiven himself,Dead this threatening letter was beyond him , he decided that they would not go ahead with the autopsy, Maan called up Roger and explained to him all the happenings, and Geet called up Anni n Vikram and called them back homeCry, Pinky was given some anti anxiety drugs and was pampered so much and told jokes and other things to lighten her mood, but the poor girl was perplexed to the core.Angry


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