LVE – PART 41 –

Am really very disappointed with the drastic drop in ;likes??? what is the issue guysAngry.. i believe the exams are over too ??? still y this CryCryCry??? ve seen so many of my ex readers no longer commenting on my threads, well ive never cribbed about this, but today felt like saying soCryCryCry… I hope ppl give me back honest reviews on this..
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PART 41 :






            She couldn’t fathom her joy, her joy knew no bounds, she had topped the North Boards, what else she wantedLOL.. She was jumping with joy , when he placed a gift on her hand, literally this was the First gift he had given herWink, atleast the first time he officially gave it to her personally, before she could tear it open, she asked him his result, he smiled sleepishly, Geet ve not flunked in any subject Tongue, so you lose the Bet to Anni and got 85 percent Wink, she was more than happy and hurriedly opened her gift and tears wetter her cheeks when she saw her gift , it was entitled Oxford Pocket Medical DictionaryShocked, he came over her and spoke in her ears, for future Dr.Geet, your first Medical Dictionary and she completed the sentence by someone specialEmbarrassed and winked at himWink and ran away to flaunt her gift in front of everyone.








            The day was so blessed all of them were happy at the results, and since Maan’s classes too were starting the Khurana’s had to leave to HP, Dev had been shifted to IIT, Delhi and was happily settled with his studies, Geet looked upon him as her Mentor and Guide. The next day Maan was traveling back to HP, in the morning he sneaked in to her room and pulled her to the lawnOuch, she was so sleepySleepy, he made her sit and tried asking her something, he was like Geet don’t you want to talk to meAngry, I thought befor I would go , you would tell me somethingLOL, bolo Geet , kuch tho BoloBlushing. She lowered her gaze, she knew she was trapped, she had to answer him, it was like now or neverAngry,. She didn’t want to upset him fearing how he will take the rejection, but well she didn’t want o accept it too, thinking she had accepted now finally thinking about his health groundsShocked, she tried to beat around the bush, and saoid Maan we are just kids, we have time for all this later in life, right now we need to study firstClap , she turned the tables on her side, don’t you want to grow up as a top Businessman and help Kunla Papa? HE pouted at her question and said NoLOL‘ I dotn want to join Khurana’s , she did nt expect this from him, he went on to say I will bring up our own company, Geean ImpexROFL! Geet n Maan ka industry, she was floored by his revelation well the guy never seemed to disappoint him. Well who knew that in Future Maan would fulfil his promiseClap but only that his shona would not be able to see itAngry. Fate is the most cruel of all things that can happen on Earth!Cry






         As the car was being loaded she couldn’t stand there, all the memories flashed in front of her face, she kissed Anni with tears dropping down her cheeks, he wasseated in the passenger seat watching her andwaitng her to speak up somethingOuch, she just ran away to her room, after the elders bid farewell, the car drove off, Maan kept his gaze to the window of her room but to his disappointment he couldn’t catch a final glimpse of herCry. She on the other side waspeeking out from the terrace at the other end at seeing him watch her roomWacko, a small smile crept her lips inspite of the crying, she didn’t know how long she had been lookingat the long disappeared car till her mob buzzed with a msg, she opened it to read , Open your FridgeROFL. She ran downstatirs bumping down few stairs and dashed to the kitchen, the moment she opened ,the Freezer box was fully loaded with chocolates, Damm it this guy was mad insane, she cursed him and started licking the chocolates till Pari came over for her share, unwillingly Geet gave Pari some share of her goodies, hse did nt want to share anything that connected her and Maan, but Parri and her never ending Fuss., she had to give in.Confused

She went over to her room for a nap, when a notepad caught he r attention, she hurriedly went over to read ,Wink


Waiting for that fateful day,
when I can hold your hand and say,
my one and only love is you,
I know this love of ours is true,
to this one person you mean the world,
You make my stomach do twists and twirls,
I’ll always have a love for you,
no matter the situation going through,
no matter good or bad, nor right or wrong,
my love for you will always stay strong.
You mean so much to this one man,
I want to give you all I can,
I hope one day you feel this way,
for I am yours and here to stay.





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LVE – PART 40 –

Am really very disappointed with the drastic drop in ;likes??? what is the issue guysAngry.. i believe the exams are over too ??? still y this CryCryCry??? ve seen so many of my ex readers no longer commenting on my threads, well ive never cribbed about this, but today felt like saying soCryCryCry… I hope ppl give me back honest reviews on this..

PART 40 :




                   As he walked pastthe Main Hall, He saw Beena mom n Rano mom were talking endlessly, Anni was cuddled on Rano’s Lap and dev was playing some videogamesLOL. It was 1 o clock and the House was so fresh like daytime. He slowly sneaked out, telling he wanted a walk in the Garden. He went down and woke up the Driver andthey drove on the Roads of Delhi for an Ice Cream shop, Finally after half Hour they drove back home, Maan rang the Bell and Geet came over Running, she openedthe Door and was shoked to see him standing with Ice Creams ShockedShockedShocked, she blushed tight and put her heads sownEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed, she didn’t know what to speak. Rano mom came up to see and was startled , Before she could enquire further he thrust the ice creams to her saying Mom am feeling hungry serve me na, Me n kaka were driving and we found the shop and got some for all of us, Rano smiled and served all , Geet was a silent specatator to this entire scene, Anni too got up and all had the Ice creams , Geet ate many servings thanks To Maan who kept on filling her cups everytime it reached a low levelLOLLOLLOL. The smile on her face was everything that meatn for him. It waslike fate had entitledthem each other as caretaker, that one  would do anything go to any heights to pamper the other but be it far be it near, they never stopped thinking about the other or caring about the other, but how long will this continue, what fate didn’t know was how much ever it plays with them, it cant tear apart their hearts which beats for the other. Fate can succed in debonding them but it can never succedd in separating their entwined souls.Heart






                     Finally the day had comefor the Boards Results, MaanEet were anxcious to the power of inifinity. Geet couldn’t sleep full night ,and Maan was restless seeing his Shona like this, Morning after Bfast, he walked to her Room and palyed the Music Player…Embarrassed



Tumhein Pata To Hoga
Tum Hi Pe Main Fida Hoon
Tumhein Hai Jab Se Chaha
Hawaon Mein Udta Hoon
Tum Hi Mere har Pal Mein
Tum Aaj Mein Tum Kal Mein


                  She was having shower when she heard the Music Player, she was blushing tightEmbarrassed she knew it was him inside, why had he to ocme in everytime hse was on shower, she dreaded thinking of going out with her bathrobe!Angry





Hey Shona Hey Shona
Hey Shona Hey Shona






Tumhein Pata To Hoga
Ke Mere Dil Mein Kya Hai
Chalo Kahe Deti Hoon
Kabhi Nahin Jo Kaha Hai
Tum Hi Mere Har Pal Mein
Tum Aaj Mein Tum Kal Mein


                     She dressed up as decent as possible , trying to cover up as much as her robe did still with a hesistancy feeling she came out . She knew he was just tryiong to calm her mind which was evr tensed, but damm it he didn’t know he was arising some new sensations in her.EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed



Hey Shona Hey Shona
Hey Shona Hey Shona




Tum Jo Gussa Bhi Karo
To Mujhe Pyaar Lagta Hai, Jaane Kyun
Main To Jo Bhi Kahoon
Tumhein Ikraar Lagta Hai, Jaane Kyun
Chhodo Bhi Yeh Ada
Paas Aake Zara
Baat Dil Ki Koi, Keh Do Na


                  She stepped out  wit hwater dripping from her long straight hairs, Oh Gawd how much he loved her , he needed to confess before he loses his sanityEmbarrassed , how many times will he confess , will she not accept his love Angry??? HE felt sad, and the sudden change in his eyes alarmed her. She tried to be calm, and spke her voice cracking Maa n can you step out I need to change, he left the I Pod there and wlaked out blushing.LOLLOLLOL



Hey Shona Hey Shona
Hey Shona Hey Shona


Saari Duniya Ko Chhod Ke Maine Chaaha Hai, Ik Tumhein
Maine Zindagi Se Maanga Hai To Sirf Maanga Hai, Ik Tumhein
Ab Isi Chah Mein
Ab Isi Raah Mein
Zindagi Bhar Mere, Tum Ho Na




                   Well the song played and he stood on her door, evryword was what his heart felt and what his heart wanted to convey herEmbarrassed, wil she accept those feelings, he was scarded , scared of her rejectionCry. He knew his Shona can never reject him but Por Maan didn’t know what future had for them. He had chosen her above allHeart, above all relations and above all feelingsHeart, even before he knew thw meaning of Love he had loved her, he was madly in love with her and that was the universal truth. He just wanted her in evry day evry night of his lifeEmbarrassed, to see her to smake her smile was all that mattered to himLOL. He knoceked after lapse of minutes, and she opened the Door, he went in straight her …and Hugged her tight.Hug Congrats ShonaHeart… U topped the Delhi North board in the Boards, Tears were floeing down his chees, she was awestruck to see him in that stateEmbarrassed. Oh Man he loved her so much , why she had to deny him the love which was his birthrightAngry. She made up her minds, a few more Hide n Seek and then she will acknowledge himROFL.



Hey Shona Hey Shona
Hey Shona Hey Shona




Tumhein Pata To Hoga
Tumhi Pe Main Fida Hoon
Tumhein Hai Jab Se Chaha
Hawaon Mein Udta Hoon
Tumhi Mere Har Pal Mein
Tum Aaj Mein Tum Kal Mein
Hey Shona Hey Shona
Hey Shona Hey Shona
Hey Shona Hey Shona
Shona Hey Shona
Hey Hey Shona Hey Shona




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LVE – PART 39 –

PART 39 :



           Geet ran behind him, Rano saw this and was glad that her decision to call khurana’s to Delhi was proving fruitfulWink! The day was so chirpy, Geet jollying around with Maan.. It was evening when Dev suggested that Geet start her coaching clases for entrance, a 2 year course if she could enroll she would be able to stay focused, Geet had always listened to DevAngry, though he was a freak his decisions were like worth trying out , he would even as a kid never played with them much but would be engrossed in his books. After speaking with Rano, the kids went over to enroll Geet,mohinder accompanied them and he basic formalities were done, on their way back, Geet got the set of books that was prescribed in the institutions,.Dev fell in love with those books, he felt he was under previledged as staying in HP they couldn’t asses to this side if educatioDeadn, he had studied from what was available at his disposal and had topped the entrance, had he access to these he would have done better but no complaints atleast he was going to start IIT he was happyEmbarrassed….





      A week passed by and Geet was relaxing, she though didn’t bring up the issue, nor did he but there was a deep level of understanding with each other like beforeLOL, his epilepsy attacks had almost come down these days, he was enjoying the holidays to maximum, and Geet’s classes had begunSleepy, it would be 3 hour class daily, he would go every morning with her to drop her and then go to park and play with the local boysOuch and then when her classes are over would pick her at 10 Embarrassedand they would go back home, one side Geet kept on studyingAngry , working hard to fulfill her ambitions to become a doctor and other side Maan would not leave a single chance to jump around with the local guys and play non stopLOL, full day he would go visit them and play, at nights Geet used to sit and study for the daily testsLOL, it was these times that Dev would sit with her so that she doesn’t doze off, she would pull Maan also, he would keep staring at her and then sleep off over the couch looking at herWink.



                    It was the Physics test next day ,she had been studying whole day, even Anni stayed away that dayWink, engrossed in movies and Surfing outside, Finally after Dinner Geet pulled Dev to her study room and started solving all the derivations, poor Dev had hard time explaining it all to herAngry, Maan was going restless he hadn’t seen her the entire day, finally he went over to the room tosee her diped n books, Dev gave a save me look ROFL, Maan whispered him to go sleep it was half past midnight, she didn’t even tatke her head up to lookEmbarrassed , he kept staring at her waiting her to respond n finally at 1 she looked up and made baby faces searching for Dev since she was struck up in some equation, Maan just pulled her books and kept it asideAngry and went close to her, she gave him a deathly stareDead, he chuckled at her , and pulled her to his emrace, enough Geet I know you have studied enoughLOL… now go lseep, he said it tilting his face over her ears, she was blushing tightBlushing, with great difficulty she pushe him, Look Maan she tried thinking to speak something and then burted out suddenlyOuch.. I wanna  eat ice cream Evil Smile!! He opened his mouth wide, she faked tears, am hungry I want Ice cream now that’s itParty… Give me…. He was like mentally banging his headAngry, and after some more tantrums he got up, Geet ok wait for few min, ll be back!!Embarrassed




And I sit here staring at all the Ice they’ve presented me

And I frail,

I freeze,

I flounder around wondering what all this means.


Why have you brought me this?

What have I done, that no one else has, to deserve any of this?

Why do you look at me like I am bliss?

The incarnate of some emotion in your eyes…


And why are you

oceans away?
Have your pupils dilated or have mine expanded?

There is distance here

And I am not the top of your pedestal.


To stay

I must shatter something.

I must   combust              a little,

And spill some ice cream all over the room.

I throw a few handfuls of marble and chocolate batter at the ceiling

I twirl a little in a fury, getting my skirt stuck on everything

And spread some of this icing on the silverware, the refrigerator, your faces.


I have to cover them      a little.

Because I am not so great.

And this? Theseice creams?

I don’t know why you brought them to me.

So I have to throw them,

In a fireball-girl-twirl     -ing

I have never been able to sit still well with this much attention.

So I stamp out the next Sanctuary,

Stomp, stomp

And go back to my normal self,

Not screaming.














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LVE – PART – 38 –

PART 38 :





                 She lost all colors of life, she had been doomed , what had she done , destroyed her life from her own hands, she couldn’t mend ways not now atleast, she couldn’t face him and confess the truth, he would think she’s under obligationAngry, why is life so full of hardships, she sat all through the night and kept crying, her calls to Anni had been stopped abruptly, she didn’t want to talk to her either, she knew Anni would sense her turmoil and this would reach MaanCry, so she thought he bets solution now was to stay away till things ae set right,Anni had tried calling her but she kept on ignoring telling she was busy with her exams and didn’t want to talk till its all overCry, Maan sensed that something was wrong he had to make her come out of sadness, he stopped posting on her timeline for a week but Geet never responded, she had in short completely cut off from every thread that bond them together, but its fate how long can we run from each other, and even if we keep running fate makes us run to make us stand in front of each other at the end of the destination.Embarrassed





             The exam dates had come and Geet was trying hard to study but to her avail it was getting difficult, she stresse herself and kept studying she felt the exams were prima uno one, once a while her thoughts drifted to his lifeless body but then she knew she cant break nowAngry, her career her dreams where important, or atleast that is how she kept telling her mind. The exams went through in its own accord, but to her dismay there wasn’t any satisfaction or joy , she had turned numb to everything, she was living life deathly way, Rano had observed the change and mistook it to be exams pressure and thought she would be fine but Geet proved her wrong when for the first time in her life she cancelled their trip to HP during the Holidays, Ran owas dumbstruck, Geet would crib and cry year long since she was a kid to meet Anni n Maan and enjoy those beautiful days of her life, but this decision was so contradictory to her Geet .Cry



               Mohinder I think something is wrong…Angry



What happened Ranoo…LOL




             Its just that Geet is not the same, she changedWink, he hugged her sideways,



Oh Rano stop worrying, Geet is no way different now, may be its just taat she’s tensed with the exams, everything will be fine, after the results…Embarrassed




           But Mohinder she’s not willing to go to HPAngry



Oh then don’t take her, if she stays away may be she’ll miss u all n realize… Give her time Rano she’s just a kid, she’s worried for Maan may be she’s scared of what she sawCry, may be she doesn’t want to see him suffer again that is why she’s opting to stay back here…Cry




Rano nodded and slept, next day morning she called up Beena and had decided some change of plans, she thoughtif Geet doesn’t want to go back to HP then no issues, we’ll get the Khurana’s homeROFL.. I cant see my baby sad! With a wink she called n made arrangements and convinced Beena to drop in to Delhi to spend the vacations, Dev was to shift to Delhi for his University was going to begin shortly, he’d been preparing for his entrance exams and had topped the IIT Entrance ExamsAngry, having stood as number one he sought admissions to IIT, Delhi. Anni had her special classes for boards the next year, so she joined them a week laterWink. AT Delhi Geet met the first shock when she saw Maan at her Room sleeping, she had been out with her friends and when she came back, him sleeping cozily over her bed at first she thought may be she’s hallucinating and went over to fresh upEmbarrassed, she came back with her bathrobe only to her dismay he was still sleeping, she gaped at him utter shock and almost shrieked when he got up to see her petite body, he got up and came close to her she closed her eyesWink, Maan are u here for realEmbarrassed, he was laughing ans she hit him hard, dnt laugh you fool, he caught her hands tightly so madam how were your examsAngry??? She turned away and was like hun super cool thaLOL,…. But what am so unlucky cant ask u back the same Qn cos I know you would be failing in one paper for sureROFL, she giggled, he roared Geet listenAngry, hun baba am listening , which is that fortunate paper which the Great Maan Singh Khurana will be repeating ???ROFL He was fuming in anger now, he left her hand and went away.Angry












Even though we fight a lot, I love you.
We fight, I think, because the stakes are high.
I sometimes get so mad I cannot stand you,
But underneath my anger I could cry.
I have an uncontrolled need to control you,
To be your only destiny and guide.
I know it isn’t fair to try to mold you,
But my poor love’s entangled in my pride.
Ah, love! Please love me even in my fury,
Which rises like a tide beneath the moon.
I plead before my only judge and jury:
I want to change, but know change won’t come soon.
Love finds it hard to let the loved one be
The person who is loved so passionately.






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LVE – PART 37 –

PART 37 :







                               Her eyes were fized at his hand which was lying down lifeless, the G tattoo glitteringWink, tears fell down her cheeks, she remembered last time when she went to HP, he came and showed her the tattoo, she felt so happy seeing G engraved on his forehand, she went near him and trying to caress the tattoo sheasked him what is this maanEmbarrassed, anni jumped from no where , Geet u know na Maan is slected in d National Basketball Team, his team Great BarriersWink, he was so escited so got the G engraved, mom yelled at him for getting the permanent tattoo, I didn’t tell you last week since you were coming here na so thought face to face tum uski acchi se class logiROFL, saying so she went out. Maan looked at her, and winked , she asked maan is anni telling the truth, he came near her, nope geet I got it done for someoneEmbarrassed, her heart beating accelearated with his looks, she never understood those unsaid feelings. He said I got it done for my crushWink… u know what Geetu I wanted to tell u first, but then her Bday is coming up so got the tattoo as surprise for her,she chuckled blushing tight… ohhh… she couldn’t speak much, he continued… Geetakshi Arora , she is my classmate and is epitome of beautyCry, her looks went numb with this confession of maan she didn’t know why but she hated this or had this jealousy thought brewing up, what is it maan>?? Yep she had her bday yday so to surprise I got the tattoo done ls tweek, but my bad luck she’s gone to Paris for vacations and I couldn’t show and propose herLOL… her heart beat stopped now, she turned What are you talking maan, he smiled yep I think am in love GeetWink! Love with her… just waiting very badly to see her, and I had to lie everyone that this G was for my Team name, n u know na I cant hide truth from you, so told u, promise me u’ll never tell anyone, tears spilled her face and she ran out.Cry






                                She kept wiping her tears when she remembered tha party on his Bday, looking blankly at his lifeless body she recollected , she had not gone to the midnight party she was upset with the G confessionEmbarrassed, she pretended to be asleep when he came over to her room to wake her up and take her to the celebrations, but she acted almost in sleep. That evening when she went to Khurana House to wish him , he came over and gave her tha cake, she wished him politely and took the bite he came over her ear and told this was the first piece of d cakeEmbarrassed, her eyes parkled and asshe was chewing it he pulled her to the terrace, she was breathing harsh, and running out of air when they finally collided near a pillar and she halted for breath, he holded her hands tightly, and spoke, Geet I dnt know what it is but I feeli the world is complete when you are around meEmbarrassed, last night I cut the cake but there wasn’t a single joy in me, I missed u immensely , your presence makes life beautifulEmbarrassed, I think I love you, she looked at him flabbergasted and pulled her hands away, and spoke, Maan please this is the last I expected from youCry, I mean we really at are ease with each other but hat does not mean we are in love are weCry… Saying so she ran away, she had to be harsh she thought, oh God she couldn’t love him, it was all wrongCry… Love before marriage… chi hci… she thought of all those movies and kicked herself for thinking perverted!




                        As she looked at the Drs who had come rushing in to Handa House to see him, she saw Beena weeping and Rano cajoling her, instantly her thoughts drifted to the day when Rano had asked her about her feelings for maanEmbarrassed. It was after the love confession by him, when the dolidays were over and they were back to Delhi, she was very silent for few days, one day rano came over to her room and asked her if everything is allright… she told she wanted to speak to her, rano had asked if she n maan were in love, geet mocked at her mother for thinking so baselessly and approaching her with such stupid questionsROFL, she had clearly told rano tat maan and she shared a great bond and it was not loveEmbarrassed, it was friendship it was mutual understandingEmbarrassed, it was some feelings but definitely not loveEmbarrassed. Tears dripped her eyes seeing him like tat, couple of days she couldn’t concentrate on her exams it was getting all the more difficult, but then once maan was fine he was prescribed some Meds, and they went back to HP, it was very difficult for her to part from him especially now when she knew that she loved him and knew he loved her too, but why did she runaway from accepting those feelingsWink, its only when things fall out from your hand , you realize the true value, tat is what happened with her, when she saw him like tat is when she realized he completed her life in all circumferences and she was making a mistakeAngry, mistake of denythng their holy loveDead. Her life turned worse after he left, those 2 days changed her life, she would steal his glances, sneak into the room when he would be asleep, she made herself invisible to him, the point was she didn’t want to face him this way, and only after he left it hit her hard….Embarrassed




Since you been gone
I been hangin’ around here lately
With my mind messed up
Jumped in my car tried to clear my mind
Didn’t help me
I guess I’m all messed up now baby
Soon as I jumped into my ride
Those memories start to play
A song comes on the radio
And there you are baby once again

It’s just another sad love song
Rackin’ my brain like crazy
Guess I’m all torn up
Be it fast or slow
It doesn’t let go
Or shake me
And it’s all because of you

Since you been gone
I keep thinkin’ about you baby
Gets me all choked up
This heart of mine keeps dreamin’ of you
And it’s crazy
You’d think I’d had enough
As soon as I get you out my head
I’m in your car again
Just one request from the radio
I’m back in love sugar once again

It’s just another sad love song
Rackin’ my brain like crazy
Be it fast or slow
It doesn’t let go
Or shake me
And it’s all because of you

Here comes the strings
Then somebody sings
Only takes a beat
And then it starts killin’ me darlin’
Only takes one note, I tell ya,
From that radio
It’s just
Love song.
It doesn’t let go.


guys,… starting a new ff on April 5thDancing… The Barrier My Veil… It’s a story where maaneet are of different.religionBroken Heart and maan falls for geet one side love story 🙂ROFLshe doesn’t feel anything but due to circumstances they get married,ROFL and d sensitive life of inter religion develops,Hug how far will she keep him away thinking she’s not his caste Angry?? how far can he stay from her though he loves herDay Dreaming, is his love supreme enough to break the barrierCool ?? Her veil Cool??? His family despises her to d extent he loves herROFL, she breaks all d traditions since she doesn’t believe in themEvil Smile, but will his love surpass all d barrierCool ?? the veil ??? Cool

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LVE – PART 36-

Thankas for all the love n support!!!! Have started penning down a new FF with lot of interstLOL, the idea had long kept me captivaitng , and now gave form to it, ! I know ve been away for 2 months but am i not showering with updates daily 😛 Believe me my life is not easy, n still i come here to relive maaneet! aage u ppl decide… ll be starting the FF on APRIL 5th, our 3 rd anniv day! it will be entitled THE BARRIER – MY VEIL!!! the new story is about how maan falls for geetEmbarrassed, who is from a differnt religionDead, circumstances get them married (god my first story where maaneet are getting married so sooon hayeee) but then the barrier of religion is what they get crumpled too at all timesCry, its a differnt style of writing n if u wnat to read do tell me for that i need to see 175 likes at my future updates n the ni start posting the new FF! love ya …


PART 36 :



             It was the Pre Boards Exams, how time flew after Nano’s demise only the families could tellCry, the grief was eating them in and out, the cherishing atmosphere was eclipsed by sufferings, something that didn’t deter was the love they held for each other in such distressing timesCry. Geet used to study late night till 3 and always would bother Maan, literally every day, she would call Anni and pester her to forward Maan’s notes.ROFL, though Maan was an year elder to her, they both were studying the same class, since his Polio attack and the year long rest ,he was enrolled a year later on school, and now during the Pre Boards , she was thanking Almighty for making them styudy the same classes though miles apartEmbarrassed, Maan had the habit to miss his every exams, he would come up with some tournament, being exceptionanlly Athelete, he would always browse for tournaments and make a point to see that he definitely attend those Meets which had clashed during Exams timeROFL, in hsort he hated studying and didn’t want to sulk studying, he would just pay attention to his classes and appear for exams, and now Pre Boards too he couldn’t make it due to his National under 19 BasketBall Meet.Angry



              Geet used to always fume in ager cos he made a point that she was unaware till his departureWink, only after he left Anni would call her and give the bad newsLOL, Geet would immediately log in her FB account, and start her bashing sessions, both their profiles were interconnected with he daily posting a friendship quote and different shades of flowers each day on her timelineEmbarrassed, and she showering his timeline with unlimited threatenings and bad mouthingLOL. It was a year they had both created the account and there was not a single day in which he failed to flower up her timeline, the most astonishing thing would be that there wasn’t a single species of flower he would repeat almost 300 daysShocked, and he had posted a different flower for her each day, how would he explain to her, how much he loves the flowers his gardenLOL, it was his repentance for shouting at her when she had plucked the tulip from his garden, he had promised himself he would give her every flower on earth in exchange of those shoutingsEmbarrassed, and here he fulfilled it by posting each one at her timelineEmbarrassed… Truly their love was beyond imagination but hey never knew that this love was so crystal clearly deopicting in their eyesEmbarrassed, that the very same eyes which would search for the other in a group too get a visual assurity who knew fate will take a 360 degree turnAngry,  her eyes speak d truth n \he reads it like map spread out, n she can’t utter lies, may be that is why she started to avois eye contact… Angry






               It was her Maths Exams, and she had the model papers practicing, all the model papers from her sieniors, the papers Maan had courierd, she was growing restless, she dialed to find out that he hadn’t returned from the National Meet, knowing himLOL, expecting him before Maths exam was like a jokeLOL. It was a tough day , may be cos of her exans, or the emotional connection she didn’t know, the exam went well next day and when she came back home, the site slipped her off her sensesAngry, Beena was sobbing and Rano trying to keep things calm, she wanderedaround to see an unconsiouss Maan in the guest roomCry, she didn’t have te courage to speak, but before she could say anything, she tried walking near him trembling in fear, but to her dismay, his body was jerking Cry, she hadn’t seen such a visual torture all her life, she shrieked and Beena came iver running, all suddenly appeared from no where , and started rubbing his legsAngry, Kunal tried stuffing something in his mouth to keep it open, it was 2 min event and everything subsided to normalcy, Kunal had silent tears, Mohinder hugged him don’t worry, Kunal said but Mohinder he’s got it again twice in 2 daysAngry… Just hope the Dr comes on time, Geet asked faintly what is it Dead? Kunal took her out , she immediately realize d her Maan was having Epileptic Attack.Shocked


PRECAP : MaanEet studying for BoardsAngry !! studies walla loveEmbarrassed! The end of the love story poisoned with ego…Cry


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LVE – PART 35 –


Thankas for all the love n support!!!! Have started penning down a new FF with lot of interstLOL, the idea had long kept me captivaitng , and now gave form to it, ! I know ve been away for 2 months but am i not showering with updates daily 😛 Believe me my life is not easy, n still i come here to relive maaneet! aage u ppl decide… ll be starting the FF on APRIL 5th, our 3 rd anniv day! it will be entitled THE BARRIER – MY VEIL!!! the new story is about how maan falls for geetEmbarrassed, who is from a differnt religionDead, circumstances get them married (god my first story where maaneet are getting married so sooon hayeee) but then the barrier of religion is what they get crumpled too at all timesCry, its a differnt style of writing n if u wnat to read do tell me for that i need to see 175 likes at my future updates n the ni start posting the new FF! love ya …

PART 35 :



               It was Pari’s 3 rd Bday, The Rathore Mansion was all very excited, the day was auspicious in many ways, Mohinder had signed few Foreign DelasLOL, Khurana’s where going abroad to set up business thereWink, the kids where as usual pulling each others legs, 3 years and nthing had changed in between the families nor the kids, late night Geet Anni calls were on full swing to be only stalked by MaanROFL, Dev was as usual going deep into his studies LOL, Rano and Beena where making sweets when Geet stormed out of no where little drops of water threatening to fall, Maan behind her as usual taunting her and reminding her how she felt insecure about Pari the days when she was bornWink, and what all maan had to do to make her relax, he would always keep black mailing her, she went and was about ot lock herself when he entered on time and close the door behindEmbarrassed. Geet please don’t behave like a baby, you are 12 years old stop being a kidConfused, how will you take care of my kids if you are like thisWink, there was a spark in her eyes, she smirked and turned away he caught hold of her, Maan let go, its paining, he loosened his grip, she said naaCry… not there.. Well he understood it was her PMS, he should have seen the signs previously her mood swings from 2 daysEmbarrassed, he laid her on bed and closed her eyes, Mishty sleep now ll see  to the decorations, she smiled thanks pakkaWink?? Haan baba pakka… cant I do this much also for my saaaliROFL??? Or wait cant I do this much also for my jaanEmbarrassed… he bent kissed her cheeks and before she could hit him back he ran outsie the roomWink, he dashed Anni on her way, who came into play with Geet and they started their usual talks, anni I hate it.. I know Geet me too… but we cant help na… ummm.. she hugged her and help her sleep….Embarrassed




        The summer holidays were going super fun, when nano was suddenly hospitalized one day after a sun stroke, his health deteriorated , Beena once again shifted to Rathore Mansion, taking care of the kids while Rano stayed at hospital with MummijiCry… Th e days turned week and there was no recovery, one day Geet n Maa n went over to meet nano, he used to lay on bed all dayCry.. The stroke had made his muscles weak, the moment he saw baby Geet he was very happy, Maan sta by the side of Nano… He hugged him and tried kissing him, Geet’s eyes welled with tears she couldn’t see her nano so silent and stillCry, she started talking nano, you know what I keep watering your garden dailyLOL, don’t even pluck a single flowerCry, maan kills me even if I think to do soCry, and you know what now a days we don’t even wet each other like beforeCry, we are well mannered she told all in one go, he had silent tears, he looked at maan, maan… yes nano… he kissed her … keep her smiling always, I cant see tears in her eyesEmbarrassed… its my wish and prayer to god to keep her away from all painsoflife, he silently nodded yes nano I will, I cant let my princess cry any time, don’t worryTongue. Ll take complete cae of her, little did he knew that he was making a breaking promiseCry, he would always fail to keep her happy and he would always be the sole reason for all her tears, destiny played games Angryor say they became pawns at hands of fateAngry, actually love is not the only thing in any relation. In fact its what people relate to and make mistakes…Cry




      2 months passed by, when Mohinder got the dreadful call, he was to travel to Portugal that evening, Brij had called him to inform that Nano was very critical and Drs lost all hopeCry, he immediately made arrangements to go  to HP, Rano was no where near being consoled , nor Geet , she stopped eating for how long, the sad demise of nano had put their lives at halt, Rano was out of emotions hse had become silent and had stopped responding, Mummiji was deeply upsetCry, it was Beena and Kunal who had take care of all the arrangements and then the last rites were performed, unlunkily Maan ncouldnt make it, he had fractured his legs durin the tournounment last week and was in castCry, he couldn’t even move, he kept cursing himself for his fate of not being able to perform the last rites, he was shattered in all ways, his role model his nano who had ben a pillar to him at all times, and he failed him failed for the last journeyDead


              Maan’s health started deteroitaing and he never complained, it was 3 weeks after the incident when he got another setbackAngry, he and his friends went on bike race, he was almost healed and his friends bet him to joinAngry. He couldn’t deny, as they were driving their bikes at full speed his best friend met with a crash, they were driving uphill, his bike had skidded and fell down the mounty terrians and yet again he saw his best friend lose his life in front of himAngry. Probably it was the End for his friend, but it was the beginning of the end for his mental traumaAngry, at such a tender age of 13 he witnessed 2 shocks of incomaparable situation and fate changed their life after this,Angry



PRECAP : EmbarrassedMaanEet studying for BoardsEmbarrassed !!Embarrassed studies walla loveEmbarrassed! The end of the love story poisoned with ego…Cry

Guys am sorrieee… i know am pretty late in giving this updae, but believe me i was in fix what to write in this FF, i had loads of ides but didnt knew how to give words to them, finally i started writing the story which i had in mind when i first dtarted this FF, believe me guys after 2 parts the story will change drastically, all the warnings i had been giving from first update will come true now, i know u ppl will throw slippers at me, but please i cant change the story, i had lot of demands from u all to modify the storyline, may be because of it i couldnt concentrate to change to your wishes am sorry guys, am really sorry, life is not full of good things na??? so this F F will have d bad phase now, am sorry but does not the sun rise evry morning, so i pakka promise after the drastic change and all downs u will see loads of ups in the story!! i just am assuring u all, i will write the story the wasy i had initially decided too, n would appreciate if u lall shower me love like before…
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