guys,… starting a new ff on April 5thDancing… The Barrier My Veil… It’s a story where maaneet are of different.religionBroken Heart and maan falls for geet one side love story 🙂ROFLshe doesn’t feel anything but due to circumstances they get married,ROFL and d sensitive life of inter religion develops,Hug how far will she keep him away thinking she’s not his caste Angry?? how far can he stay from her though he loves herDay Dreaming, is his love supreme enough to break the barrierCool ?? Her veil Cool??? His family despises her to d extent he loves herROFL, she breaks all d traditions since she doesn’t believe in themEvil Smile, but will his love surpass all d barrierCool ?? the veil ??? Cool

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Hello guys- this part is like an outline to how s story will shape as Maan & Geet grow!


To all Pm Queires – No leaps… Yes guys No leapssss….. !!!! I intend to show the childhood nd innocent love story before showing out the tortous course of adulthood!!!


Maan is celebrating his 4th Bday!! Nd Geet is 3 yrs Old!!!


*The’ll not grow soon – probably every 3 or 4 parts will cover 1 yr story*- now fasting nearing to end YES UPDATES will be frequent…. Ve scripted next 5 parts will keep posting frequetntly from now on but yes no gurantee on PMS!



If my style of writing faces any criticism kindly tell – I would love to improvise – since this is ma first attempt at writing Stories – ve written numerous poems , Nd once Maan & Geet start growing up will fill it here as per d situations!!


I haven’t thought of any Happy or Sad ending as of now- ve dreamt only till they r 20 yrs !!! So ll shape d storyline as nd wen time goes by – God this is d maximum Pm’s I receive 😛


Nd for PM – my memory is FULL*APOLOGIEsssss* so guys leave back ur Queries in comments nd ll definitely get back to u!!


Hope u r liking this FF even if not me gonna write *ROFL* since ma first attemot nd I want to complete it!!


PRECAP : School SChoool SChoooool……….

Hello world!

Maaneet have given me a virtual lifeEmbarrassed.. nd have got out the Best nd Beast in me! Wink 

There is more to write nd celebrate d paasion nd wat maaneet have got out from meCry, but d talent which i had buried due to time constraint is finally resurfacingSleepy.. Thakns to d epitome of love tat i decided tat my senses could no longer resist Angrynd here am writing my FIRST FFROFL! will not budge u all cribbing my nonsenseOuch : but taking a direct leap into d story! Angry



Hope i entertain u all 😛 ROFL



Well keepinf myself at reminderEmbarrassed d Devils me will be updating only on sunday’s nd other holidays!Cool 



Bear with all d nonsense i right!!! Hug