PART 27 :






              The Bus finally arrived at the Forest Resort area, all the kids were over joyedLOL, after unpacking and the initial round of lectures, the teachers had advised them time and again to not explore the places around without guidance. After they all ahd their snacks, the teachers spilt the kids in six groups of 15 students each, each of them had to collect various leaves and flowers, the students were given 1 hour as time and which ever team won would be the winner of first round of game. Each group 3 teachers were assigned and now the batch of students parted for their games to beginLOL. The kids were so excited and kept questioning the teachers and jumping about, Maahi with her friends were very careful throughout, they almost stuck with their teachers and were scared to loiter far.Angry





           Maan had his breakasft Tongue, and then packed up his tent to place it elsewhere deep into the forests, he kept walking for hours trying to navigate further, his compass direction had told him he was still heading westOuch, and there was more to go in if he wanted to indulge in wildlife hunting, the trees started growing thicker and the light rays felt meager now…Sleepy




            Maahi had suddenly realized that her water bottle had slipped off her hands,  she signaled her friends to slow downCool and said them she will be back cos she could see her bottle lying down just 3 big rocks behind, they agreed to slow down pace and she started walking backwards to get her bottleOuch, when she got it and turned to her shock she couldn’t see any signs of lifeShocked, she panicked and tears were threatening to fallCry, she tried to look around but to her disappointment she couldn’t  see a soul around. Tears of fear and dsiappointment finally made wayCry. She tried to walk back he path for any trials, but she just couldn’t sight anyone , she kept walking walking aimlessly with the hopes of meeting someone or the other camping groupsBroken Heart, and she was crying non stop and still picking up flowers and leaves to add up for their team, she wanted to do her bit.Thumbs Up





           Maan had finally sensed movements across his area, he was sure of some wildlife involvement s per his maps, those were the wolves and Bear regionsAngry, He loaded his gun and started aiming at the area of noises, then he took out his Binoculars and aimed them to get one of his shocks, there was a small girl who seemed to have lost path and kept wanderingOuch, oblivious to the fact that to the other side of her path lay bunch of Bears, he focused on the fauna and to his surprise , there were no more species in the area except for the bearsAngryShocked, he started almost running in the direction of his eyesight to protect the girl from collinding  with a pack of Bears, when he neard the Bears side all he could see , were the nocturnal animals peacefully sleeping but his bad luck the girl had tripped over the rock and fell back rolling across the lands and finally went and being dumped straight on top of one of the bearSleepy, the bear roared in his sleep and moved his body and opened his eyes, the human blood smell awoke his senses and before he could act Maan’s jaw dropped it was MaahiDead, the very girl whom he had met at school he started shivering at the realisation, she was trapped .Angry





          Maahi’s wailing had reached a new height, Maan was wondering if she keeps shoutng at this range, she might awaken the other Bears tooAngryAngry, clenching his teethConfused, he closed his eyesDead, glanced up a short prayer, a first in his lifetime, and wishing from heavens that Either Maahi or the Bear don’t move he finally focused and without delay left the trigger buttonBroken Heart, the sound cracked up and before he could asses he saw her lying flat over the BearCryCry. Still, not moving, His Heart panicked and he took gentle steps forward.ShockedShocked



PRECAP : same like last : Maaneet n Maahi 3 in one stop ?Cry



PART 18 :



                           It was 6 and the Gross autopsy was done, Fred and Geet had penned down the Gross autopsy report Embarrassed, from gross they could tell that no major organs could provide any clue so they had to cut slices and make slides and microscopic examination would help them reveal the caseClap, They had taken extra care to examine the hearts for any signs of block but there was none, her heart was clear, the lungs were examined for any signs of hampering but it all seemed normal, the stomach juices were taken in test tubes for analysis of the medicines she had taken last. The finally sew down the Body after taking required slides and then with care had deported the Body with the officials to take back to FHDead. Now in front of them lay the main task to stain the slides and study each section of  it to detect any abnormality.Confused



          It was 8 and still Geet hadn’t returned back, Maan started to feel restless and he dialed her only that the call went on answering machineEmbarrassed, le left a voice msg to her to call back at he earliest since he wanted to do some illegal stuff tonight and he needed her helpROFL. He tried to get back to bed at earliest to pretend that he was sleeping and then in the middle of the night he would sneak out from the house. Fervently he was waiting for her reply.Wink



         IT was midnight now, and Geet Fred having skipped their dinners still didtn feel hungry,. The findings of the case was beyond their comprehension, they had done a thousand autopsies in their experience , but this case was the most confusing of all, they could not find a single cause of deathAngry, Geet ran the spectrometer over and over again to detect any thing in the Stomach juices, but apart from the medications they couldnt find anything, well when they had successfully divided the medicines and tried to see at each of them they could finally conclude there was one medicine which they had found out Confused, but this was something new, a medicine never marketed or sold, Fred could relate it tat once when Mass patients were dying in a Health Provider Hospital, they had from autopsies concluded that the new Medicine which was given to the patients had worked adversely bringing about the death of the patients.Angry


         He narrated the incident to Geet and immediately her jaws dropped. She then put two plus two and concluded what must have exactly happened, she told Fred that Maan was a research Student since College days, and he was working on anti cancer drugs which worked in a way that would arrest cell growth Ouch, thus preventing from cancer cells to grow further, he didn’t have the actual fund to carry out clinical trials and hadn’t got license during his study tenure, but she was sure though he worked on many other research stuff, this cancer project was something he never worked on later, she worried now may be maan had made the medicines now and tried on Patricia bringing about the death of herAngry. She wondered may be Maan never knew this side effect of the drug, and now Fred and she worked on the various medicines they got from Partricia’s stomach and finally were able to retrieve a prodrug, when they studied the chemical  composition, Fred was astounded , it was a new protein , a new genreAngry. The most astounding fact they recovered was that this particular medicine must have been extracted from a Snake VenomAngry. Geet was perplexed, how did Maan get access to it, she was literally trembling in fear thinking to what extent Maan had gone. Fred suggested that they confront maan know since they know the real cause of death and maan’s immense involvementAngry, but Geet suggested that they first get hold of Patricia’s Medications from her house.Cry


PRECAP : Maaneet at Peter’s house. Cry




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PART 17 :



                 The father at FH after going through all the consent forms, told them to wait he said they would exhume the body and deliver to them to carry out the autopsy, Get was thrilled,LOL as the Father disappeared out of sight, she started narrating the whole story to Fred, Somewhere deep in heart he knew that he was losing GeetEmbarrassed, may be for the last time, he closed his eyes and listened to every detail that she had to give.LOL



                    Fred was upset due to her intense involvement in the case, she had just explained to him out of curiosity nad genorisity she had tried her level best to help MaanEmbarrassed, but Fred could sense or see things farther than thatSleepy, what he didn’t want is that someone break her heart again, she had sufferd enough after her parents demise, she was shattered and it took heaven lot of work for him to put her togetherOuch, how aloodf she used to stay , but now just 1 week he could clearly see the metamorphism, she had changed a lot from the last time he saw her, definitely this Maan was casting his spells on her, tat is what he could finally conclude off.Angry



              The court had been adjourned, since it was a 5 day trial, the Judgement was to be reserved for the 5th day onlyAngry, with submission of various proof, the case had finally taken a shape. The Judge had been very much convinced with Maan’s negligence involvement and pitied Peter for the outcome.Cry



                Maan was in a transfix, he could now see things clearly after Jasmine had enlightened on few minute details , he had finally cracked down the case, the only thing that was left to be done for him to be sure was have a trip to Peter’ houseAngry, he needed to check her medications bottle. He knew know what must have happened to Patricia , he shuddered at the thought, his mind seem to be worrying and working up in weird waysAngry, but the saddest past being his Hippocratic Oath, he cant deliver out the truth, not now but neverCry, He just hoped that his assumption of the Death be somehow proved wrong, he couldn’t deal with the guilt, never.Dead



                 After what seemed like a n Hour, the Father guised Geet n Fred to a Morgue Waiting room, after few minutes when they entered they saw the Body mounted and embalmed. There was silence, Geet looked from Fred to Father, and finally Fred spoke up, thanks for the Help Father, we shall perform the Autopsy and deliver back the body with due care and as soon as possible, the Security Personnels accompanied them to the State Forensic Laboratory (SFL).LOL



                Fred had gotten permission through his contacts and like 3 hours later the Body was ready on the gurney waiting to be autopsied at SFLCool. Geet Fred had their lunch with Chief  Medical Examiner of State and discussed the Foreign Policies, as the duo were both from Respected backgrounds the CME , had aggred for them to carry out the autopsy under the vigilance of their local Forensic Expert in case they need help, at evening 4 sharp, Geet started the autopsy.Embarrassed




                Maan reached home , and wanted to very badly pay visit to Peter’s house , but he knew he was not welcomed in there. He though he would wait for Geet and then they both can think of something to break into the houseROFL. Maan had enquired Ani about Geet, she had informed him that Geet was expecting Fred today and the couple must have been busy shopping and enjoying their holidays together. Maan’s mood dropped further.Angry



PRECAP : Confusion ! ROFL

the story is almost ending.Cry. in another3 parts it will endDead… if u like to see some changes in the story do comment backLOL! Thanks for al ld love n support u have all given me through this FF 🙂 Hug


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PART 4 :




            The door flung open, and there stood Muskan, She saw a shocked face of Maan and a girl running out with deathly stare and hasteLOLLOL,  Geet literally bumped into her and without apologizing just walked away, Muskan almost stumbled with the impact, balancing herself she walked into his room.Wink


“Maan what was that.”Shocked


 He kinda smiled back,


“sweety nothing of much importanceLOL, a new teacher who is worse than a student!”ROFL


 He chuckled thinking about her antics, and the Muskan started her train of verbal assaults,


” Maan you know What I was so damn confused as what to shopAngry, there was nothing I would actually like to gift you, its like Maan you have everything already,Angry


 she sideways hunged him.LOL


“Sweety but I don’t have you!”Angry


 She blushed with his remarks,


 “U pervert,”LOL


she punched him on his chest, and he went on,


“am serious Sweety, its like I cant wait to get married!”Wink


 Muskan broke from the embrace and was like


“Maan , its just a couple of days and we will be bonded in Engagement and in a month we will tie the knotOuch , am just so excited Maan, The guy with whom ve grown up and lived and phased all my life am finally going to be one with him in this Holy relation am just so excited.”Clap


 Sweety you are excited about the Marriage or the after ROFL😛 She literally gave him another punch, and was blushing tight, ok chalo I need to show you what we all had shopped for the Day,Angry. Sweety, no not know, you know am busy, the term has just started and ve got loads of workOuch, later Sweety please. Her face fell off, and she was like fine then am going , see you at dinner. Byee.LOL



The day went usual, well he was literally not that excited about the marriage the way he had falsely confessed to Muskan, somewhere deep in his unconscious minds there was this light of herAngry, he taunted at her which was never of his callibreWink, he would either bash someone for their mistakes or screw them out of their minds, taunting and day dreaming someone was definitely not in his dictionaryEmbarrassed, he know wanted to work out with a solution with Geet, he needed to confront and sort the turmoil in his minds.Ouch He had then after deep thinking decided that he would not rest emotionally with her being around, so the next best option would be to fire her offShocked. But how, he needed a valid reason, knowing the little bit about her he knew she was among the very very few people who would care a damn about his baseless ordersClap, he knew if he would fire her off she would inturn blast him offROFL…He made up his mind now to find fault in her to show her the exit, mentally cursing himself for appointing her the previous day he walked towards the staff roomOuch, all the teachers got up, he scanned the Time Table charts and noted down the classes for Geet. He signaled them to take their seats and once done he went to the corridors, all classes immediately rose from their seatsEmbarrassed, as he kept walking down the corridors, some teachers stepped out to have a word with him, but he walked apast, finally he reached his destinationEmbarrassed. The class stood up in silence, She turned around to witness the cause of the pindrop silence.Wink


PRECAP : Heart MaanEet taking classes 😛 Heart

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            Rafal started his monologue again after minutes of silence, Honourable Judge as all the clauses of have been laid in front of you which prove Dr.Khurana guilty here is the final testimonyAngry, the final clause which will rest this case, Dr. Khuranas’ negligence had caused a damage. Without damage (losses which may be pecuniary or emotional), there is no basis for a claim, regardless of whether the medical provider was negligent or not.! Damage here  had been the death of Patricia, and the loss was emotional agony, mental distress and what not for Peter, his life has been torn apart from this damage.Sleepy



         The Judge had asked Maan /Roger to defend but it seemed pointless at the current state for Maan to speak anything ,all that encircled in his mind was what ever happened to him was his fate his head ache he didn’t want anyone else to suffer or bear the brunt, Pinky Anni Geet all have suffered wnough and he didn’t want hem to suffer more nto atlaeast due to his indesiciosnConfused, in this moment when he stood silent the last 1 week shadowed his brains, it had Geet eclipsed all overWink, how she had entered his lifeTongue and changed everything, how her entry had been like thae rays of sunWink, but darkness was permanent in his life, that her light could not brighten up the darknessAngry, he felt how he had ignored her during the college days, but he chiry girl stayed back just the same , she didn’t change and now too when she had taken avacation and had been here she was all the time worrying for himAngry, what was it that they both were attracted to each other, in few days she would be married off to Fred, the thought it self was disgustingConfused , his life had slipped, in his college days he had ignore her cos he kept his profession first and today when his profession ditched him she stood like rock beside him and supported him selflessly expecting nothing in returnClap ,was this love, he couldn’t judge his feelings, th e Judge’s voice brought him out of this thoughts  and he felt like kicking himselfLOL, when his whole world was crashing down all that he bothered to think was about her and the unseen unsaid LoveHeartHeartHeart, truly unbelievable he smiled off.



              The bullet made its way out of the barrel it was held captive ofCry , the speed had even would left Einstein at a gaze, but she pulled back the accelerator in the time that it missed her by few nanoseconds and the windshield cracked into a million pieces, she couldn’t shout back too, but in the rear view she knew it was the Yellow ho was behind herAngry, she panicked first time, she switched lanes, dodged him or say tried to but he yello was speeding up like crazy, she called up Fred and briefed him, he changed his route and came for her rescue, she kept aimlessly driving till a point she noticed the tanker almost emptyOuch, it was a death situation for her, her car seemed to skid down towards the pavement, and just in time a Black Mercedes flung open, she left a happy smile nad jumped into it and they were successfully able to dodge off and reached the FH ..Ouch





            The Judge gave his almost final Judgement, he spoke out of respect that looking at the Pros n cons of the case, it seemed the case had taken its full shape by the 4th day of trial. Dr. Maan didn’t have much to prove him self innocent Cry, but the quantum of prrof available to prove him guilty had mounted upAngry, there had been one last witness today after which the Judgement would be delivered, a Nurse from Life Line Nursing Home made way, she was of the last witnesses who had come, Certain collegues of Maan too had reported to tesify his sincerity in profession but some jealous one too mocked at his instincts going wrong over all it was one to one situation, but Jasmine was calm as she made way. Maan remembered her , she was the Nursing chief who had called for the Code and was from the team who had done everything possible to safeguard Patricia.Ouch



                    The Hospital Reports were already submitted to the Judge, Jasmine just spoek a little, she clarified the situation that night and finally said the one small piece of truth which would have mattered the most, she told when they were trying to retrieve there were 2 moments when Patricia had responed to the surroundingsSleepy, the first time Jasmine was so involved in the Emergency procedures she could not make out , but the second time when Patricai responed , Jasmine had tried asking her symptoms and Patricai had just told this that her heart didn’t pain a single minuteOuch, but all the while the Emergency Code where trying to install beats to her heart and punching out to get it to beat Confused , Jasmine felt it odd and she had immediateldy checked bedside Sugar values to see if it was high that would mask the symptom of pain but to her utter astonishment, her sugar levels were dropping, it was like her system was not taking in the sugar contentOuch, Maan heard carefully this was new piece of information , he remembered she was put on various lines for infusion and glucose was being delieverd to her veins like water to fish, and they were all so engrossed in getting her heart right back in order that time no one bothered to worry why the sugar level was not going up, they could have easily raised the sugar level up later but that moment they wanted her heart to beat backShocked, now with Jasmine information about the bedside tests he felt uneasy, from the start he knew it was not heart attackConfused, she didn’t have the symptomsConfused, know very badly he wishe d there could be an autopsy not to save him but to know the real truth.Angry

PRECAP : Autopsy reports.Cool



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PART 26  :







               He went home half day and tried to calm himself but those memories never seemed to leave himAngry. He packed his stuffs and took out his hunting kit and went away with the idea to hunt down animals to lessen the painful past he was dwelling upon, to diverge his thoughts to divulge his memories to be buried in those deep forest he always went down for huntinOuchg. He had sent over some undone files to the office and finished up with some work before sun set as he drove away.





             Sam had been busy all day with her upcoming Boston trips, she was making those designs a hundredth time so that their collection would be selected, she had been very particular about each detailsSleepy, it was when she was packing up to leave home she got the call again, maam Geet had been in office whole day and afternoon went ot pick up someone and dropped them and returned back office, all the while the spy’s where living in the idea that she had been doing this picking up and dropping by the neighbours daughter as courtesy or some deal and thought to not waste Sam’s time over it withheld such minute intricate details, they had to just have a watch over her and track down her family that was the task they had been bestowed upon.Clap




           When night had fallen he had finally halted and went down to start with his hunting, he had hunt down two birds and then put up a tent for shelterWink. The cold winds covered his body , his tiredness would have worn out anyone for sleep but his already confused mind prevented him from falling asleep, why was life so harsh, he had to face the guilt trip and it was getting worse with matter of time, but something was better, atleast on the right time he had saved an innocent’s life from being tarnished soothing himself of that thought he slept unknown to him the ironyOuch, that he had indeed tarnished an innocent life not one but twoDead, one who was accidentally trapped and the other who bore the brunt of the mistakeShocked!





           The sun’s rays played hide and seek to enter his tenBroken Heartt, may be worrying to whether lighten up his life or let it drench in dark miles apart Angry, she opened the curtains allowing the full sunlight to enter her houseWink! Hoping each day that as the rays brighten up her home it will brighten up their future tooWink, and yes today it would in many ways, she didn’t know what today hold for her but a restlessness had made it way since she woke up, something bad was going to happen , she felt bad vibes around her.Confused




           Shrugging off the thoughts she got ready and her baby tooEmbarrassed! The evening had been tiring after a long day at work but thankfully he wasn’t present at office and that by itself was a big boon for her, but she missed him and all their fake fights oh yes she missed him, did his absence meant a bane for herOuch??? She was excited that today she would meet him and try to ask forgiveness and not mess up with him further and try to maintain straight in terms with him, but would that be possible ? Would they meet today and even if they did on what circumstances…Angry




               Packing all the excursion stuff for the baby and giving her some warnings about not wandering about without teachers and all she kissed her tight and dropped her at schoolLOL, she called up Adi and explained that she would be running a bit late today, she actually wanted to see her departure in school and then only get back to work. Maahi was excited, it would be an understatement, the girl was too much over joyed and so where the other kids, after the school bus left she drove back to officeEmbarrassed. This was so not correlating, why should she drop the neighbours kid daily , now this worried them and thought too better discuss this with their Madam.Ouch






            A call brought her out of her slumber sleep, she looked at the caller id and attended the call at one go, why had they to disturb her so early in the morning,Angry


Guards : good Morning mam…Embarrassed


S: Yes morning.. say ..


G : Actually there is something that is bothering us.LOL


S: Yes go on.


G : Of what we are observing of her for the past 2 days, certain things are a misfit.Wink


S: Like Whattt… she was growing impatient now.


G : She drops a kid to school and picks her up too during office hours, The earth slipped under her feet , she had lost all color taste vision everything of her life with that one sentence.ROFL


G : Mam Does she have a kid ??Tongue



S: It was your work to find out , you Scoundrels, how could you just not notice e this fact for the last two days .Angry


G : Mam, we were confused.OuchConfused


S : To hell with your confusion , bas***ds good for nothing, get lost.Angry



G: Mam plz listen we could work it out .LOL


S : Oh well, she mocked, how would you work it out .Dead


G : Mam 24 hours, and we would give you the full history of that kid and would present to you the details so that you could decide her future.Angry



This sentence was soothing, Sam felt a bit relieved.



S: your time begins now, 24 hours and I will write her fate thenOuch. Saying so she cut he call, today was going to be along wait, her doubts were clarified Geet had delivered a girlAngry , Khuarna Heir, and now working in their close proximity, what if they truth surfaced some dayOuch, her world will go crashing downDead, she had to act fast not just fast but smart and clean too.Angry



PRECAP : Maaneet n Maahi 3 in one stop! Wink




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PART 3 :



 The minute the Assembly was over , he marched into his Room, her memories playing in his perverted mindWink, she was toppling over like a chalthi phirthi disasterAngry, she finally made way to his Room to apologise for running late, the minute she entered he made up a strange straight face like nothing mattered , his face was beyond any expressionAngry. She struggled to stay silent and finnaly he spoke ,



“don’t you have manners ?”Ouch


“What did I do Sir”Cry


“Running late to Assembly on the very first day of your inception and what manners would you instill upon the children if you yourself need moral policing all the time around”Evil Smile


Her jaw dropped into a big O as how he could threaten her like this, this was so not appropriate.Ouch



He was trying hard to concentrate between her looks Winkand his angerAngry, his anger had taken the upper hand though, her face was more than mesmerizingDay Dreaming. HE found it hard to vocalizeROFL, well this beauty was something he hadn’t dreamt about Maan Singh Khurana had everything at his disposalEmbarrassed, he never had to choose between two things in life cos it was always the perfect that he stumbled uponLOL, this Lady was definitely going to make him break his promises and rulesROFL, if alone he could actually what love isOuch, with Muskan it was different they were like buddies, shared every single secrets it was like they both were meant to beLOL, he would read her mind and she would cater to his all needs, if that was love then what was this restlessnessShocked, he really needed to redefine his definition, trying to calm himself ignoring to look into her eyes he spoke again,Ouch


“Am so disappointed with you Ms.Khan, couldn’t you’ve had a little bit respect when the National Anthem was playedAngry“, he stressed on the Word Khan Evil Smileand wished the Earth would consume him the very instant to have outrightly offended her.LOL


She held her head low, still struggling to stand straight, she was almost wagging her body that meant no less than seductionROFL, he was definitely having a hard timeHeart. He was trying hard not to focuss, when she almost leaped into his arms clinged to him tight, Angry, jumping over him like an animalROFL, he was bewildered or say shocked at her behaviour. Her legs encircled his kness, she was clinging on to him like how a snake on a tree lying loosely but grippingDay Dreaming. He closed his eyes at her scent, she was tempting and her ways were making it even more temptingROFL, he had to put her down when she shouted for a no, it took him few minutes to grasp the situation it was then he saw a cockroach run throught the carpets outside the door Angry, so this creature had hold her captive and un attentiveEmbarrassed, he almost chuckled imagining to see her starian the way she was doing during the assemblyROFL, Man poor girl was having a tough timeROFL , with cockroach leisuring around her body, he couldn’t help but giggle.LOL


She stepped out and away, his words were like draggerAngryLOL, and out of pure disgust she spoke the next set of words which pricked him harsher, ” My name is Khan Winkand am not a TraitorAngry, ” He could clearly see how deeply she had taken his verbal assaultCry. She went on ” Let me see someday if you could stand still while an arthropod feeds your skin when the Anthem is played and that time you cant say My name is khurana and am not a TraitorAngry, she stressed on the Traitor word and left the room in silence,Ouch it was when the door flung open that she saw Muskan, though Muskan couldn’t identify her without the Veil but she very well did.Sleepy


PRECAP : The Engagement Invitation! Broken Heart

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